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Bradley Beal in local car dealership ad

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Continuing our search for great local ads starring NBA players, here’s a clip from a Washington D.C.-area car dealership starring injured Wizards guard Bradley Beal. He’s not exactly singing — he’s lipsyncing. And he’s not exactly dancing either. But as far as local ads go, it has all the classic hallmarks.

VIDEO: Beal Syncs

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Ben McLemore is Sacto’s new pizza guy

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — One of the joys of watching games via League Pass is seeing local commercials you might not otherwise come across. As such, it was fun last season watching Kings guard Isaiah Thomas star as the Pizza Guy.

But alas, Thomas left this summer and found a new home in Phoenix, meaning the coveted Pizza Guy slot in Sacramento was vacated. To fill it, the Pizza people looked no further than Ben McLemore, who apparently used to actually order the pizza.

And now he’s not just a customer, McLemore is the new pizza guy…

VIDEO: McLemore Pizza

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Local Ads: Joakim Noah, Jimmy Butler Will Always Be With You

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — The Chicago Bulls might be in the midst of reconfiguring their roster, but that doesn’t stop the players still with the Bulls from being as consistent as ever. And that determination is displayed in this ad from a Chicago-area bank, where Jimmy Butler and Joakim Noah show off what it must be like to have a Chicago Bulls bank card. Better than having Tom Thibodeau yell at you everywhere you go.

VIDEO: Bulls Bank Commercial

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Local Ads: LaMarcus Aldridge and Robin Lopez Want To Sell You A Car

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — We love local ads here at the All Ball blog, and this latest spot from Portland starring LaMarcus Aldridge and Robin Lopez is indicative of all the reasons why. First of all, the acting chops are nothing short of…well, hey, at least they’re trying. The music, strangely, is the same music as in the epic Norman/OKC Thunder commercial from two years ago. And the final shot where Aldridge and Lopez stand back-to-back and gingerly swivel toward the camera is just sublime…

VIDEO: Lopez and Aldridge local ad

And as a bonus: Bloopers. Because everyone loves bloopers…

VIDEO: Lopez and Aldridge bloopers

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Local Ads: The OKC Thunder Are Back Selling Cars

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Last season we found several members of the Oklahoma City Thunder trying to help move some cars in a hilarious ad that aired in and around the Oklahoma City area. Well it’s a new season, and the Thunder players are back with a new commercial. Different dealership, a few different players, but mostly the same guys and a similarly wacky concept.

As Kendrick Perkins asks, “Why do I always get these silly songs?”

VIDEO: Edmond Hyundai Thunder Commercial

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Danny Green Is Quite A Shooter

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Spurs F Danny Green took a while to find a home in the NBA, but he’s now firmly established in San Antonio as a three-point sharpshooter. That apparently carries over off the court as well, as we see here in this video that suspiciously resembles a viral spot from BurgerFi, a burger chain committed to natural ingredients and environmentally sustainable practices.

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Local Ads: The OKC Thunder Has A Car For You!

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — As part of our continuing hard-hitting series celebrating the best in local advertising, let’s take a moment to say farewell to the Oklahoma City Thunder. After losing star PG Russell Westbrook in the first round to injury, the Thunder soldiered on without him, even winning a game against the Grizz in dramatic fashion, but eventually, the Grit-N-Grind Grizz sent the Thunder fishing.

But before they go home, let’s take a moment to recognize the Thunder supporting cast who did their best even if it wasn’t quite enough — guys like Thabo Sefolosha, Serge Ibaka, Kendrick Perkins, Nick Collison and Reggie Jackson. They may not be headliners like Kevin Durant and Westbrook, but that doesn’t mean they can’t move product, as we see from their performances here in this ad from a few months back for Norman Chrysler Jeep and Dodge.

And hey, I’d like to see you try to get Perk to sing “that goofy song.” Good luck with that.

Local Ads: Scottie Pippen For Mr. Submarine

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Moving forward here on the All Ball Blog, we need some running items. What I mean by that is, I want topics that are evergreen, where you, our amazing readers, will see a photo or video or tweet or something that fits into that category, and send me the link right away.

To begin with, we definitely need to celebrate local ads. It’s hard these days with the internet connecting us all for ads to be truly local, but these are still plenty of spots created to serve a local audience, that when viewed out of context can appear awkward and usually hilarious.

So let’s kick this series off with former Bulls star Scottie Pippen, who back in 1991 starred in a local advertisement for Mr. Submarine, a Chicago-area sandwich shop chain. There’s so much going on in this ad that I really don’t even need to break it all down, but make sure you notice:

• The catchy theme song

• Pippen doing dribbling drills through a row of huge vertical submarines

• The party segment where they sit cross-legged at halfcourt and eat subs

• Pippen dunking a basketball that mysteriously morphs into a sandwich

All in all, it’s a real tour de force. By the way: Have a favorite local ad? Let us know about it by emailing me via the link above, dropping a comment down below, or hitting me up on Twitter. Take it away, Scottie…

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