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Sixers find unique draft lottery lucky charm

By Lang Whitaker,

VIDEO: Relive Darryl Dawkins’ top 20 career dunks

ALL BALL NERVE CENTERDarryl Dawkins is famous for several things — among them claiming to hail from the Planet Lovetron and going by the nickname “Chocolate Thunder.” But Dawkins may be most famous for some of the dunks he threw down, including two that shattered backboards during games. (You can see one of the instances in the video above.)

Dawkins’ former team the Sixers is in the NBA draft lottery tomorrow night, and they were looking for a little luck. And after holding a contest in Philadelphia, they found a pretty unique good charm, which was created courtesy of Dawkins.

According to, the winning submission came from a fan who owns some of the glass from one of Dawkins’ broken boards. As the fan wrote…

Attached is my family’s submission for the Sixers Lucky Charm Contest. We have two pieces of a backboard broken from the December 5th, 1979 game against the San Antonio Spurs at the Spectrum.

These backboard pieces would make the perfect lucky charm and bring back the Sixers good mojo from the late-’70s and early-’80s championship years. The pieces are small enough so that they will easily fit into the pocket of our Draft Lottery representative. We would love if our family’s item could bring a top pick to the Sixers!

For supplying the winning entry, the fan will receive two season tickets for the Sixers next season. Pretty nice swap.

Milwaukee Bucks ask fans for Draft Lottery luck

By Lang Whitaker,

ALL BALL NEVER CENTER — It wasn’t supposed to be this way. The Milwaukee Bucks were supposed to field a team this season that would be competitive and fight for a spot in the playoffs. And then there were injuries, and losses, and the next thing you know the Bucks are headed to the NBA Draft lottery.

Which, all things considered, isn’t the worst place for a team in need of talent to be. It’s just not the postseason destination of choice.

How to make it more desirable? Turn it into a contest for the fans. The Bucks want their fans to send them photos of their good luck charms to help them tr and repeat what happened in 2005, when they jumped from sixth to the first overall pick. The winning fan gets a pair of season tickets, which is a pretty sweet prize.

In the meantime, the Bucks have sent out ping pong balls to some of their fans to help drum up interest. Teams used to #FeartheDeer. Now Milwaukee is looking for a little bit of #BucksLuck…

Lucas Nogueira In Best Draft Photo

ALL BALL NERVE CENTERJuxtapostition Juxtaposition, you guys.

2013 NBA Draft

David Stern Loves Your Hate

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — I wrote a post last night from the Draft about NBA Commissioner David Stern‘s final Draft, and how he seemed to really embrace the hate from the Brooklyn fans. Sitting there in the building, it was pretty hilarious to see him troll the crowd along throughout the evening. And now someone has put together a supercut of Stern drinking in the hate.

Stop! Stop! Don’t you see? IT ONLY MAKES HIM STRONGER.

(via The Big Lead)

NBA Draft Prospects Visit 9/11 Memorial

NEW YORK CITY — It was one of those fall mornings that made all the aggravation that comes with living in New York City completely worth it. Even by the time I rolled out of bed, right around 9:00 AM, the sun was high in the cloudless sky, and a cool breeze promised to stick around through the evening. My girlfriend and I were making breakfast, and making plans for the days and weeks ahead, and then everything changed forever.

The day was September 11, 2001, and what happened that day was the single largest terrorist attack on American soil. I lived through it, and I still remember the raw emotions, the way people on the street looked at each other, the way a smell of burned wreckage lingered in the city for weeks after the attack.

911oneThe experience is something that affected all of us in different ways. For me, initially there was confusion — trying to get a grip on what was happening around us. Then there was fear — wondering if other parts of the city were safe. Then there was sadness — processing the massive loss of life. There was anger, and there was resilience, and… well, there were about a million other emotions, and they came and went without warning.

In the years that followed, Ground Zero became a place that visitors to New York felt compelled to go and see, both to pay their respects and, for younger people, to learn about what happened. A few hours ago, the players in town for tomorrow’s NBA Draft paid a visit to the National 9/11 Memorial and Museum. The players were all children when the attacks occurred, and as far as I could gather, this was the first time they’d been able to visit Ground Zero.

NBA Cares set up today’s visit in conjunction with Tuesday’s Children, a non-profit organization that “has made a long-term commitment to meet the needs of every individual impacted by the events of September 11, 2001.”

The players wandered the memorial plaza in today’s blazing sun, walking around each of the memorial pools. It was mostly quiet, as people on site respectfully looked at the names of all the victims ringing the pools and reflected on all that the memorial represented. The visit was also educational, as the players weren’t old enough at the time of the attack to fully remember the experience of living through 9/11.

“I remember being right in front of the TV set,” said Kentucky C Nerlens Noel. “I forget what I was watching, but it just took over every channel. It was really an emotional time, and I was young and was not really sure what was going on. I’m grateful to be here. To see all the names here, it makes you cherish life, and be thankful and not take things for granted.” (more…)

NBA Style: Draft Spotlight

NBA Style

by The Style Crew

The NBA Draft is a life-changing event, and many players dream about the chance to walk across the stage after hearing their names called. While the memories will stay with them forever, so will their fashion statements. Some players stick to the basics, while others rock styles that are talked about for years after.

As the NBA gears up for the 2013 Draft presented by State Farm, let’s take a look at the Top 12 picks from 2012. While their games eventually did the talking during their rookie campaigns, it was their style on Draft night that made the first statement. As always, keep up with the conversation using #NBAStyle.

1. Anthony Davis

1_Anthony Davis (more…)

Vote For Nerlens Noel’s Draft Night Suit

NBA Style

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Through the years we’ve seen the NBA Draft turn into a memorable night not only for hoop dreams, but fashion statements as well. The suit you choose on Draft night will be captured forever in pictures and on film, so it only makes sense to take care with what you wear.

One of the top picks in this year’s Draft looks to be Kentucky big man Nerlens Noel. And while he waits to find out which team will be drafting him, he’s currently figuring out what to wear. Which is where you come in.

Nerlens has his choices narrowed down to three suits, pictured below. The first two looks are by Jhoanna Alba, and the third is by Roger Mischel. All three look great, but Nerlens can only rock one on draft night. Cast your vote down below and tune into the 2013 NBA Draft on Thursday night at 7:00 ET on ESPN to see the winning look.







UPDATE (6/27, 12:45 PM): Voting is now closed. Watch the Draft tonight to see the winner!