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Mamba Takes A Fall, Fans Grimace Along

by Zettler Clay IV

Earlier, Kobe’s season came to a halt on a typical Kobe spin-toward-basket-before-rising-to-launch-patented-16-foot-shot. He wasn’t going to rest under his own volition, so his body finally gave way. Is this our last time seeing Kobe make a move toward the basket in an NBA game? If only pictures could scream:


Swag: An All-Star Definition

By Nick Margiasso

NBA All-Star Party Dictionary — Volume 1, Dwyane Wade
Swag (s-wag, adj.): Having a party which includes samples of your own brand of shoes floating in an aquarium full of live stingrays.

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...What a pants!

My #WayofWades swimming with the stingrays at my #LiNing party tonight. This is how u #MakeYourOwnWay

Mamba Gives The Stare In Toronto

by Zettler Clay IV

Around here, we like to freeze-frame moments that encapsulate a pivotal moment in basketball time. From the Lakers’ camp this season, Pau Gasol already gave us the shrug. What do we have this time around? How about a peeved, er, contemplative Kobe isolated while the rest of the team is gathered:


This was early in the Lakers-Raptors contest, before Dwight Howard got himself ejected, before the Lakers’ furious late-game rally, before…another loss.

With Chicago and Memphis looming next, this still visual might get more company.

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Durant Gives Scola A Holiday Photo

by Zettler Clay IV

The Kevin Durant tour is steadily rolling. His latest stop was last night’s matchup in Phoenix against the Suns, where he put on a…well, show doesn’t quite do the description justice. Perhaps the picture helps:


Sending another player (Luis Scola) into complete capitulation is a surefire sign of dominance. What about scoring your last points of the game on a facial?

Durant’s final line: 41 points, 15-30 field goals en route to bolstering a league-best record and giving a couple of Suns a case of Monday night doldrums.

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Pau Gasol Gives Us…The Shrug

by Zettler Clay IV

Welp. Last night the Lakers fell again in a fairly spirited affair (Steve Nash and Pau Gasol got technicals), this time to the Nuggets 102-95 in L.A. If you are searching for a still visual to precisely depict Gasol (11 points, five boards) and the Lakers at the moment, you’ve come to the right place:


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An Ode To The Avery Johnson Era in Brooklyn

If there was one person to provide early premonition of Avery Johnson’s fate, it’s the sage Metta World Peace. Johnson was 60-116 (winning only 34 percent of his games) in his Nets’ tenure.


Here is video of the head rub from the Nov. 20 Lakers-Nets contest in L.A. Brooklyn was 6-2 going into this game. They have gone 8-12 since.