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Kevin Durant Takes To The Gridiron

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Word started getting out on Friday night: Kevin Durant was coming to New York City to play a game of pick-up…football?

It wouldn’t be the first time: A few years back during the lockout, Durant took to Twitter to find a flag football game, and he eventually found a game at Oklahoma State. He did it for the fun of it, and it went a long way toward cementing KD’s reputation as a guy who likes to have fun.

So it was probably no great surprise yesterday when KD turned up yesterday in NYC under the Manhattan Bridge to play a game in a Nike-sponsored flag football league, the Nike Football Society. And because we live in a society where everything is photographed and filmed and posted online, we had visual evidence of KD’s big day out on the gridiron pretty much immediately. At least Kevin seems to have had a better day than his beloved Washington Redskins.

Who's #35 with the Redskins cleats?

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Money Makers brought in Kevin Durant to play us today. #nikefootballsociety

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NFL Madness Continues: You OK KD?

By Nick Margiasso IV

The only thing more entertaining than the first week of the NFL so far has been NBA players’ reaction to it. And what better way to cap an extended weekend of madness than the NBA brotherhood taking out the Redskins Monday night meltdown/Eagles ascension on renowned Washington fan Kevin Durant.

Teammate Russell Westbrook, busy this weekend at New York Fashion Week and celebrating his Cowboys’ big win, took time out to rub it in on pal KD…

Durant wasn’t happy…

And LeBron James, well, just thought it was pretty funny…

James Harden Catches 49ers Opener

By Jeff Case

Before James Harden was the All-Star guard for the up-and-coming Houston Rockets, he was a standout basketball player at Artesia High School in Los Angeles, Calif. The Golden State native, born in 1989 in Bellflower, Calif., may have grown up watching the San Francisco 49ers squads of the 1990s make deep playoff runs and amass successful seasons.

Or, maybe, he just likes the 49ers because they are a pretty good team now.

Whatever the case may be, Harden found his way to the 49ers home opener against the Green Bay Packers yesterday afternoon. As is almost custom in these scenarios, Harden posted a quick photo to his Instagram account of himself with coach Jim Harbaugh before the game.

49ers game with Coach Jim Harbaugh before the game!! We ready!!!!!!!!!

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And he got a video of the Niners coming out of the locker room, as well:

#CandleStick Season Opener.

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Much like Paul George and LeBron James did on Sunday as well, Harden is enjoying the last few weeks of the offseason by taking in some NFL action.


Paul George An Out-Of-The-Blue Surprise At Colts’ Home Opener

By Jeff Case

LeBron James has long pledged his NFL fandom with the Dallas Cowboys. He backed that talk up last night by watching and taking part in last night’s Giants-Cowboys game in Dallas with the kind of access that only a four-time NBA MVP can enjoy.

But the man who proved to be one of his greatest challenges in the 2013 posteason, Pacers star Paul George, also got into some NFL action yesterday. The young All-Star was on the field for the Indianapolis Colts’ home opener against the Oakland Raiders, but not in the conspicuous form that James took. Watch the video below to see what we mean …

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LeBron Wants To Be A Cowboy, Baby

By Nick Margiasso IV

Still no NBA? Well, at least the NFL has started.

Not that excited, eh? Well, you are DEFINITELY not as excited as LeBron James, who took in a Sunday night Cowboys-Giants game with about as much fanfare as the actual football game itself.

LeBron (who might very well soon be actually) playing QB:

LeBron and some legendary Cowboys “fans”:

LeBron and, umm, country singer George Straight — the real cowboy:

Even King James is bigger when he’s in Texas. Just ask San Antonio…