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Jeff Teague Finishes Insane Dunk That Doesn’t Count

by Zettler Clay IV

At the Highlight Factory in Atlanta on Friday, all eyes were on James Hardenand rightfully so. But early in the game, Jeff Teague compiled a highlight that will live on in video archives, among hoop junkies and Teague family dinners.

Just not on the stat sheet in the points column.

I’m going to go on record and say that Teague will record a few more fouls in his career. I doubt any of them will be as impressive as this.

Crawford Puts World Peace On Spin

By Zettler Clay IV

Jamal Crawford is kind of good at disrupting a defender’s sense of equilibrium. There was this beauty on Wednesday night against Rudy Gay:

With altered — some may say higher — stakes against the Los Angeles Lakers on Friday night, J-Crossover decided to give Metta World Peace a piece of the action:

Shorter Crawford: “I’m only getting started.”

Aerial Specialist Gerald Green Does It Again

by Zettler Clay IV

Buzz is high on the Indiana Pacers for the upcoming season. So it’s only right that they — mainly Gerald Green — take their act above the ground to reflect such:

Generally when people use the term “above the rim,” a visual of a full head above the rim is not what actually happens. This is something you expect to see on Space Jam, not in an empty gym where the rules of gravity are supposed to apply.

Between Green, Blake Griffin and That Guy in Miami, Mr. Calloway might have his work cut out for him this season.

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Stuckey Gets Posterized And Drummond Takes Offense

by Zettler Clay IV

In the first quarter of the Bucks-Pistons preseason matchup Saturday night, Rodney Stuckey decides to play the deterrent to new Buck Samuel Dalembert. The result wasn’t pretty:

In the second quarter, new Piston Andre Drummond seizes an opening and brings the wrath of your favorite deity upon the head of Ersan Ilyasova and his newly-signed multiyear contract:

Just your regular night of preseason basketball.

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Gerald Green Provides An Aerial Taste

by Zettler Clay IV

In one of the most underrated moves of the offseason, the Indiana Pacers snagged Gerald Green and his potential for jaw-dropping theatrics. Against the Timberwolves in preseason action Friday night, he didn’t wait long to scintillate:

Earlier in the game, Paul George reacted rather angrily to being picked:

This is the type of Pacers basketball I can get used to.

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Jarrett Jack gets a load of Steve Nash as a Laker

by Zettler Clay IV

Who’s ready for some good ole Lakers Pacific Division basketball? How about this as a trailer, starring roundball wizard Steve Nash and capable, veteran point guard Jarrett Jack:

Season tip-off is less than a month away, folks.

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Trampoline artist puts Blake Griffin to shame

by Zettler Clay IV

Amidst the hoopla of Dirk returning to his hometown for Dallas’ first preseason game, a guy at halftime decided to end the speculation of the world’s best dunker once and for all:

Of course, the guy had help. No matter. The world record for longest dunk is his. Now, I fully await the day when Blake Griffin finds a way to stuff the roundball from halfcourt. Don’t doubt it. He did this. And these. Along with these.

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Shaq freely embraces traffic

by Zettler Clay IV

The NBA season is just under two months away and it appears that The Big [insert your favorite Shaqism] has found no shortage of material to keep the world — the part that finds a 7-foot-1 bass-voiced Hall of Famer infinitely enjoyable — in stitches.

Yes. You just witnessed Shaq walk across traffic…in his boxers…with impunity. The rub: I can’t say I’m the slightest bit surprised. Keep it rolling, Dr. O’Neal.

For your next “trick,” I propose a Shaq-Gallagher bit. You know, any way to bring the Chappelle Show back into the forefront memory.

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Charles Barkley Sings Karaoke With Boyz II Men

by Micah Hart

This is not the first time we offer video evidence of Charles Barkley singing karaoke. We can only pray it won’t be the last.

Here is Chuck hammering Boyz II Men’s classic hit “End of the Road,” with a surprise twist:

As to why Boyz II Men showed up to rescue Sir Charles, I have two thoughts:

1) They were in Raleigh, NC, to participate in the Jimmy V Celebrity Golf Classic, like Charles, or

2) They were scattered around the United States, but the pull of Charles destroying their timeless classic* was so strong they dropped what they were doing and hurtled at the speed of light to rescue their precious material from certain death.

*Timeless at least to anyone who was in 8th grade when the song was released.

Either scenario seems plausible to me.

H/T HoopsHype

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All Ball Fave Five: Players Who Should Host Saturday Night Live

by Micah Hart

You may have noticed it’s the offseason, which means we have plenty of time to sit around and think about many of the things that make it fun to be an NBA fan. Here at All Ball, we’ll be passing the time until the start of the season with a new series, the Fave Five. Each week will count down a list of the five best, or worst … somethings. We’ll try to get creative with it. Plus we’re taking requests! If you have a suggestion for a Fave Five post, give us a shout and you may see it appear in this space over the next several weeks.

You may not know this about me, but if you have read enough posts on All Ball you’ve probably seen enough links to surmise that I am a big fan of Saturday Night Live.

And with the start of the new season just around the corner, it got me to thinking: When will the next NBA player get a chance to host of the show?

Historically speaking, SNL invites a “sports figure” on average about once a year (this includes broadcasters, professional wrestlers, etc). Last year our own Charles Barkley became the first athlete to host for the third time, but overall basketball representation on the show has been sparse. Aside from the Chuckster, only Michael Jordan and LeBron James have ever hosted. Clearly, Lorne Michaels does not think much of the NBA’s collective comedic talents. But is that deserved, this allegation I’m making up on the spot?

It seems to me in this day and age there are more NBA players being funny than ever, and it’s just a matter of time before someone else gets a crack at being not ready for primetime.

But who? In this week’s Fave Five, we rank the top candidates to take to the stage in Studio 8H:

5. Roy Hibbert

The bonafides: A rising star on the NBA’s comedy scene, Hibbert has aligned himself with some very funny people in his burgeoning career. He’s guested on Parks and Recreation (the funniest show on TV for my money), hung out at Roscoe’s Chicken N Waffles with comedian Chelsea Peretti, and topped it off with Ben Schwartz‘s hilarious audition video for Hibbert’s cheering section. He seems pretty comfortable on camera — here he is from last year’s playoffs on Jimmy Kimmel:

Has he been featured on Funny or Die or Taiwanese animation? Not yet, but given who he hangs out with, it can’t be too long.