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NBA Movies

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — It has been the summer of NBA Twitter. After the fun of NBA Musicians and NBA Superheroes, the NBA teams (and some NBA fans) returned yesterday to give their takes on NBA Movies…


What did your NBA team sell for?

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — The folks at Hardwood Paroxysm had an interesting post earlier this week about the evolving nature of NBA ownership. Basically, the article delves into the history of each NBA franchise, examining how each team ended up with its current owner or ownership group, and how those owners made their fortunes.

It’s an interesting article and well worth your time, but one of the most interesting bits is this chart that shows what each team sold for. Obviously, inflation has played a part in the team’s prices rising, but more importantly you can see how the overall strength of the NBA has contributed to franchise values going through the roof.


Jeremy Lin smashes birthday cake in mom’s face

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — The best way to celebrate a birthday? With cake, of course.

The best way to make that cake a surprise? Smash it in the birthday celebrant’s face.

A cake to the face is funny, in theory. In practice it sometimes loses some of the humor. But in the video below, in which Jeremy Lin celebrates his mother’s birthday by hitting her in the face with a cake, everyone seems to have a good laugh. Enjoy the cake, Mom!

Michael Jordan takes ALS ice bucket challenge, calls out Dream Team, Phil Jackson

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has been a huge success — raising money and awareness about the devastating disease. Plenty of people around the NBA have already taken part, but today the biggest name the in NBA got involved: Hornets owner Michael Jordan. Answering the challenge from David Beckham, Ray Allen and Derek Jeter, Jordan not only takes the bucket of ice water, he also calls out Phil Jackson and his Dream Team teammates to take the ice bucket as well as donate cash…

VIDEO: MJ Ice Bucket

UPDATE: One of MJ’s Dream Team teammates has already taken the plunge…


Stephon Marbury to star as Stephon Marbury in stage show

Stephon Marbury Studio Portrait

ALL BALL NERVE CENTERStephon Marbury‘s NBA career was full of exciting moments, including a couple of NBA All-Star appearances. But after a dozen years and five teams, Starbury went to China, where he’s won a couple of titles and, judging by his social media posts, seems to have found a league and a country that he loves and where he is loved. His popularity in China seems to be at an all-time high, where they erected a statue to honor his title-winning run, and what better way to recognize his Chinese career renaissance than by going from the court to the stage?

According to a report from Sports Illustrated, Marbury will soon star as himself in a stage show entitled “I Was Marbury.” has the details

The play will cover Marbury’s life during the 2011-2012 Beijing Ducks season — when Marbury led the team to its first championship over the Aaron Brooks-led Guangdong Tigers.

The play’s director, Zhou Wenhong, told Chinese media that the main theme of the play will be “never give up” and will incorporate choreographed basketball moves with dance. Marbury, however, describes the play’s story in grander terms, saying in a press conference the play focuses on “Sino-US relations”.

Marbury will play himself in the production, but will only appear in a few scenes — the story apparently focuses on other Chinese characters who have been inspired by Marbury.

According to the production’s official website, the show will have a different guest star each night, including Yao Ming and former NBA journeyman Wang Zhizhi.

For more information, the play’s official site is here.

Matt Bonner selects official car of Matt Bonner

2014 NBA Finals Cares Events

ALL BALL NERVE CENTERMatt Bonner may be a career NBA player who has made plenty of money throughout his career, but above all else, he’s a practical dude. He likes playing chess (above), sandwiches, baby carrots — the simple things in life.

So it’s no surprise that when it came time for Matt Bonner to get a new ride, he didn’t go with a fancy sedan or some luxury vehicle. After trying a few foreign cars, the new official car of Matt Bonner is… an American-made 2014 Chevy Impala. He gave his reasons to the San Antonio Express News

“The leg room is far superior, which is basically No. 1. No. 2, it has over 300 horse power, which is plenty for me. And it still gets 29 MPGs, which is pretty good for a mid-size model. It had all the same technology packages. It has ventilated seats. It’s very luxurious.”

Bonner is obviously completely satisfied with his new car. Until, that is, a media member who shall remain nameless floated the idea of having his semi-famous red mamba snake head painted on the hood.

“Wow, I didn’t even think of that,” he said. “That’s awesome. I feel if I did that my car would be stolen in a week, though. Everyone would want it.”

Lang and the NBA Rookies: Movie time

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Just like last year, at the recent NBA Rookie photo shoot I showed up with a camera crew and a burning desire to get to know these guys as well as I could, courtesy of some non-traditional questions.

Here is part eight, the final installment: Who would play you (and your love interest) in the movie of your life?

VIDEO: NBA Rookies: Movie casting

Lang and the NBA Rookies: Karaoke

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Just like last year, at the recent NBA Rookie photo shoot I showed up with a camera crew and a burning desire to get to know these guys as well as I could, courtesy of some non-traditional questions.

Here is part seven: What is your go-to karaoke song?

VIDEO: NBA Rookies: Karaoke

The NBA takes the Ice Bucket Challenge

By Jeff Case

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has taken social media by storm the last few weeks and according to, the campaign has raised immense awareness for ALS (which stands for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, but is better known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease).

Here’s more from the ALSA:

In the last two weeks, the Ice Bucket Challenge has quite literally “soaked” the nation. Everyone from Ethel Kennedy to Justin Timberlake has poured a bucket of ice water over his or her head and challenged others do the same or make a donation to fight ALS within twenty-four hours.

Between July 29 and today, August 12, The ALS Association and its 38 chapters have received an astonishing $4 million in donations compared to $1.12 million during the same time period last year. The ALS Association is incredibly grateful for the outpouring of support from those people who have been doused, made a donation, or both. Contributions further The Association’s mission to find a cure for ALS while funding the highest quality of care for people living with the disease.

“We have never seen anything like this in the history of the disease,” said Barbara Newhouse, President and CEO of The ALS Association. “We couldn’t be more thrilled with the level of compassion, generosity and sense of humor that people are exhibiting as they take part in this impactful viral initiative.”

With only about half of the general public knowledgeable about amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), also known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease, the Ice Bucket Challenge is making a profound difference. Since July 29, The Association has welcomed more than 70,000 new donors to the cause.

Everyone from celebrities to, perhaps, some of your friends on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are challenging each other to dump a bucket of ice-cold water on themselves to further awareness of ALS. That list of participants includes NBA players, who have taken on (or doled out) the Ice Bucket Challenge, too. Here’s Team USA, Kevin DurantBradley Beal, John Wall, Damian Lillard, J.R. Smith and more taking the plunge:


Lang and the NBA Rookies: Dunk Contest

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Just like last year, at the recent NBA Rookie photo shoot I showed up with a camera crew and a burning desire to get to know these guys as well as I could, courtesy of some non-traditional questions.

Here is part six: What NBA player would you most like to dunk on?

VIDEO: NBA Rookies: Dunk contest