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Timofey Mozgov continues making awesome local ads

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Cavaliers center Timofey Mozgov is no stranger to local advertisements, as he made a splash (at least in social media) last year with a spot for Cleveland eatery.

But what about when Mozgov wants to get out and be active? When he wants awesome, when he wants healthy, when he wants fun? Well, that’s when Mozgov visits Sky Zone, of course.

Because if Timofey Mozgov can dive into the foam pit, then surely I can, too.

VIDEO: Mozgov Sky Zone

(via r/NBA)

LeBron takes a mid-game selfie

VIDEO: LeBron selfie

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — During last year’s Hang Time Road Trip, when Sekou Smith, Rick Fox and I spent a week visiting NBA teams, we learned at least one important lesson: When taking a group selfie, let the former NBA player with long arms take the photo. This helps with making sure the camera is as far away as possible, so many people can fit comfortably into the picture.

Last night in Cincinatti’s, during the Cleveland Cavaliers’ preseason game against the Atlanta Hawks, when there was a break in action, LeBron James took a seat on the scorer’s table and found a stray phone, so he picked it up and got the people behind him involved in taking a selfie.

As LeBron said after the game: “The refs were looking at a play and we had time in between. Just being cordial with the fans. Like I said (Wednesday morning) these guys (in Cincinnati) don’t get an opportunity to see us all the time. It just popped into my head.”

You can see video of the funny moment above. And as for the picture? Not bad, King James…

LeBron and Cavaliers begin The Quest

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — The NBA regular season tips off in just a few weeks, with the Cavaliers against the Bulls on TNT (Tuesday, Oct. 27, 8:00 p.m. EST). And to get people ready for the new season, TNT today dropped their new ad campaign about The Quest for a title. This first spot features LeBron James and a few of the Cavaliers (along with a special guest) as they begin their drive to return to the NBA Finals…

VIDEO: Cavs quest

Also, here’s a little behind the scenes video about how this was made, including Kyrie admitting he looked up flag-waving on YouTube…

VIDEO: Cavs Quest Behind Scenes

Julius Randle rejects kid’s layup

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — With the Lakers in Hawaii for training camp, Lakers forward Julius Randle made an appearance at a local Boys & Girls Club. If social media is our main form research into these visits from NBA players, they nearly always devolve into a game of one-on-one between the NBA player and a kid. Sometimes the kid gets lucky, sometimes the NBA player drops the hammer on the kid. On this video, the kid gets to the rim and gets up a shot…and it doesn’t end well. My favorite part, by far, is the reaction from all the other kids in attendance.

(via FTW)

Larry Bird, Dennis Johnson and their special connection

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — In Bill SimmonsThe Book of Basketball, the longtime Celtics fan wrote about how Larry Bird and Dennis Johnson shared a “secret” play in the 1980’s. The play isn’t so much a play as it is a backdoor cut or pass, before anyone else on the floor has a chance to get ready. This video edited by Colin Stanton shows exactly how the play worked, and more precisely, just how well it worked. Pretty cool stuff…


J.R. Smith hits $30,000 shot for military member

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — If you needed an NBA player to make a halfcourt shot with high stakes, J.R. Smith would be a good option, considering his ability to make shots from anywhere on the court. And last night in Cleveland, at the Cavaliers’ Wine and Gold scrimmage, J.R. Smith had the chance to take a halfcourt shot worth $30,000 for a military member. So I guess we shouldn’t be surprised that J.R. calmly stepped up and drained the jumper from halfcourt…

Steph Curry is giving out pre-emptive high fives

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Check out this video a fan shot at the Warriors/Raptors exhibition game. The Warriors have the ball on a fast break, and after the ball gets whipped around a bit, the ball ends up in the corner in the hands of Steph Curry. How good a shooter is Curry? Look closely, but it’s clear: As the ball leaves Curry’s hand, he turns and gives a high five to Andre Iguodala on the bench…while the ball is still in the air.

Hey, when you know it’s going in, you know…

Here’s another look at the shot:

LeBron dancing during warm-ups

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — During the Cavs warm-ups before last night’s open practice, LeBron just couldn’t help it and broke out the dabbin’ dance. We’re all excited for the start of the season, Bron…

Detroit Pistons roll out new “chrome” uniforms

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — As we get closer to the start of the regular season, teams are unveiling their newest uniforms to be broken out this season. The Detroit Pistons last season had cool “Motor City” unis, and this year they’re again nodding to the city of Detroit’s automobile heritage by introducing jerseys that they’re calling “Detroit Chrome.”

According to the Pistons…

The inspiration for the Detroit Chrome jerseys came about as a way to honor our coolest cars from the past and the cars of the future. Detroit is universally known as the auto capitol of the world, where chrome leaves an indelible mark on the cars we create. The uniforms feature a matte chrome base color with clean simple lines inspired by the classic muscle cars that have roared up and down Woodward Avenue for decades. The navy trim and Detroit emblazoned across the chest represent the blue collar work ethic that the auto industry and region was built on.

Here’s a view of the jersey as modeled by Pistons guard Kentavious Caldwell-Pope. What do you think?


Utah Jazz rookies put to work immediately

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — The Utah Jazz left Salt Lake City behind for training camp and instead went to Hawaii. I know, tough for them. But while they may been training in paradise, it hasn’t been so nice for the Utah Jazz rookies, as we see in the videos below.

Following a team dinner on the beach, Gordon Hayward called up the Jazz rookies, and had them sing “Happy Birthday” to Joe Ingles and assistant GM Justin Zanick

VIDEO: Happy Birthday Rooks

So, nice enough job. It was kinda funny, and the guys were embarrassed, which is probably actually the most important bit of the whole thing.

But was that enough? Nope, not for Gordon Hayward, who also wants the guys to do “a little Hawaiian dance.” Get your groove on, fellas…

VIDEO: Jazz rookies dance