Spurs’ Team Selfie Takes Twitter By Storm

By Nick Margiasso IV

Hey, Oscars … anything you can do, the San Antonio Spurs can do better. Tuesday afternoon, the Western Conference’s top-seeded squad took a cue from last month’s now infamous and star-studded selfie posted by daytime talk show celeb Ellen DeGeneres at the aforementioned award show, posting one of their own to kick off the team’s upcoming fan night festivities.

So, eat your heart out Ellen and friends!

–Coach Pop & the crew

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The NBA reacts to UConn’s Final Four win

By Lang Whitaker,

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — With no NBA games on the schedule last night, plenty of NBA players tuned in to the NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship game. Not only did many of them play college hoops, but UConn coach Kevin Ollie played in the NBA as recently as 2010 with the Thunder, one of a dozen different NBA teams Ollie spent time with. After the game, the NBA took to social media to share their thoughts on the big game…


Orlando Magic players read mean tweets about themselves

By Lang Whitaker,

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — One of the signature comedy bits on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” is having celebrities read mean tweets about themselves. The Orlando Magic took a page from Kimmel’s playbook and had Tobias Harris, Maurice Harkless and Kyle O’Quinn read a few things that had been tweeted about them…

VIDEO: Magic read mean tweets

Atlanta Hawks briefly become Atlanta Death Hawks

By Lang Whitaker,

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Yesterday, in order to shake things up a bit, the Atlanta Hawks handed over their Twitter account to Deadspin writer Drew Magary, who was in town for the Hawks/Raptors game to sing the American and Canadian national anthems. Magary spent most of the day working to rebrand the Hawks with a more fearsome image…


Twitter Reacts To LeBron Scoring 61

ALL BALL NERVE CENTERLeBron James‘s record-setting 61-point night against the Bobcats tonight was remarkable enough to have Twitter buzzing…


LeBron: I’d Win Dunk Contest

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — One of the downsides to social media is that in the constant race to post fast and first, sometimes context and subtlety are hard to discern. I mention that in this case only because we don’t know exactly how LeBron James said what we’re about to read. Was he joking? Was he serious? We don’t know exactly. But for some reason I don’t think he was kidding.

Anyway, just the other day we saw LeBron putting on a dunking exhibition after a Miami Heat practice in Phoenix. Since LeBron’s never actually competed in the NBA’s Sprite Slam Dunk contest, this is about as close as we’ve seen. If you read the comments on that post, there’s an epic argument still raging about how LeBron would do if he entered the dunk contest.

But how does LeBron think he’d do in a dunk contest? The Miami Herald‘s Joseph Goodman says LeBron addressed it…

Metta World Peace Writes New Children’s Book

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Knicks forward Metta World Peace is not new to the literary game, having co-written a book of bedtime stories for children last year. But yesterday on Twitter, MWP announced that he’s done it again, co-writing a new book for children called Metta’s World Peace And Love Stories. Let’s let Metta explain…


Roy Hibbert Sticks Up for Anthony Bennett

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — The Cleveland Cavaliers used the first overall pick in the 2013 NBA Draft to select Anthony Bennett out of UNLV. This was considered something of a surprise — even though there was no real consensus number one overall prospect, Bennett was not being projected by many experts as the top pick.

It was thought that the Cavs drafted Bennett hoping for an immediate contributions, yet as of today he was averaging just 2.8 points per game, to go along with 2.5 rebounds per game. So last week when Bennett had a 15-point, 8-rebound game against the New Orleans Pelicans, many wondered if Bennett was finally breaking out and showing why the Cavs drafted him first overall. Was this just an aberration? Was Bennett just having one good game? (In the two games after his big night, he scored a combined 6 points.)

Someone out there took to Photoshop to poke fun at Bennett’s big game by crossing it with the iconic image of Wilt Chamberlain after he scored 100. And that’s when Pacers big man Roy Hibbert got involved. Hibbert himself had something of a slow rise to prominence in the NBA, averaging 7 points and 3.5 rebounds per game as a rookie, but through hard work and dedication has been able to turn himself into an All-Star center and dominant defender.

And as Hibbert explained, it’s still way too early to judge Bennett…

(via B/R)

Magic Johnson Tweets That He Will Stop Complaining About The Lakers

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Over the last few years, as the Lakers have tried to get back to championship level, Lakers legend Magic Johnson has not been shy about sharing his thoughts about his former team. Johnson, who owned a portion of the Lakers before selling it in 2010, has been particularly outspoken in recent years about the failings of Lakers management to assemble a title-worthy team and staff, as well as their game play. Just last week, when the Lakers lost in overtime on a last second lay-up against the Bulls, Johnson tweeted…

Earlier this week, Johnson appeared on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno,” where he was sharply critical of Lakers coach Mike D’Antoni

VIDEO: Magic On The Lakers
Since then, however, Magic appears to have had a change of heart. He took to Twitter yesterday to explain that his days complaining about the Lakers are over…

What do you Lakers fans think? Is Magic right? Should he stop complaining about the Lakers? Or do the Lakers need criticism from one of their all-time greats?

Terrence Ross Gives 51-Point Ball To His Mother

VIDEO: Ross goes for 51 Points

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Perhaps it was a bit overshadowed by Carmelo Anthony‘s 62-point explosion just one night earlier, but on Saturday night, Raptors swingman Terrence Ross had himself a huge game, going for 51 points and 9 rebounds in a loss to the Clippers. This after scoring a combined 4 points in the week leading up to the game, averaging 9.2 points per game on the season, and sitting on a career scoring high of 26 points in a game.

After his big night, Ross announced that he was going to give the game ball to his biggest fan and former coach, his Mom. And since Ross had plans to see her at the Raptors next game, at Brooklyn, he just carried the ball to the meeting himself. Thanks to Twitter, we can report that the presentation has been made.