Vince Carter apologizes to Frederic Weis

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Fifteen years ago today, at the Sydney Summer Olympics, during a men’s basketball game between the United States and France, Vince Carter did something pretty spectacular: He jumped completely over seven-footer Frederic Weis and dunked the ball. It was, arguably but quite possibly, the greatest in-game slam dunk of all-time.

VIDEO: Carter dunks on Weis

And now, fifteen years later, in an interview on TrueHoopTV, when asked what he would say to Frederic Weis, Carter apologizes…

You can watch the full interview here and there’s a great oral history about the dunk here, too.

Have to say, still seems like yesterday to some of us.

Happy birthday to a few Hall of Famers

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Here at the All Ball blog, we like to wish the occasional happy birthday to NBA players of varying importance. And today just so happens to be a day where a trio of Hall of Famers (well, two are in and one is likely to be in) all share a birthday.

Let’s start with Chauncey Billups, a.k.a. Mr. Big Shot, a five-time All-Star and the MVP of the 2004 NBA Finals with the Detroit Pistons. Billups retired in 2014, and considering his extensive accolades, the Hall of Fame seems like it should be on the horizon sometime soon.

VIDEO: A look back at Chauncey Billups’ career

Also, happy birthday to Bob McAdoo! McAdoo won two NBA titles as a player with the Lakers, and then two more recently as an assistant with the Miami Heat. The NBA’s MVP in 1975, McAdoo was the NBA’s scoring leader three times and was enshrined into the Hall of Fame in 2000.

VIDEO: A look back at Bob McAdoo’s career

Finally, happy birthday to Scottie Pippen! One of the most versatile players of all-time, Pippen won six titles as a member of the Chicago Bulls. A member of the 1992 Dream Team and an eight time member of the NBA All-Defense First Team, Pippen was enshrined to the Hall of Fame in 2010.

VIDEO: A look back at Scottie Pippen’s career

Shaq is no Katy Perry

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — We know Shaq has dropped a couple of albums that went platinum, but that was as a rapper. In this Instagram video below, Shaq (along with actor Randall Park) shows off his vocal abilities by singing Katy Perry’s “Firework,” and well…as a singer, Shaq’s a pretty good rapper?

DJ Diesel singing some Katy Perry with actor Randall Park…

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LeBron’s son does a pretty good imitation of Dad

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — We’ve seen a few athletes in different sports pay tribute to LeBron James by breaking out “The Silencer,” his in-game celebration. But can anyone do it as well as LeBron? How about his son, Bryce, as in this video LeBron posted to Instagram…

Nik Stauskas, weatherman?

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — NBA players get into all kinds of things in the summer, from vacations to workouts to, sometimes, trying something completely new. Sixers guard (and Canada native) Nik Stauskas recently turned up at a Canadian television station and attempted something new: Being a weatherman. Let’s just say there’s room for improvement. Next time perhaps he should use his alter ego “Sauce Castillo,” which actually sounds like an Anchorman name…

VIDEO: Stauskas weather

(via Crossing Broad)

Jeremy Lin explains how to fit in the NBA

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — If this NBA thing doesn’t work out for Jeremy Lin — and for whatever it’s worth, it seems to be going just fine, thank you very much — perhaps Lin should look into a back-up career in the world of video. Because Lin sure does seem to enjoy, and be good at, making viral videos. And while the videos of him pranking people are always funny, this latest Youtube video is also great. Here Lin gets a little help from fellow NBA players like Stephen Curry, Tyson Chandler, DeAndre Jordan and Kemba Walker, in this video about how to fit in the NBA…

VIDEO: Lin fits

The 200 best dunks from Gerald Green

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — It’s the summer, and there’s not much happening around the NBA right now. Luckily for all of us, someone decided to edit together some of Gerald Green‘s best dunks.

The top five?

Oh no, no, no.

OK, the top ten, you ask aloud?

Why are you thinking so small? No way!

Well then, the top 50, you wonder?

No, my friend. Someone edited together the top 200 dunks from Gerald Green.

Two hundred!

Grab a seat. This is gonna take a while…

VIDEO: Green 200

Chris Bosh videobombing is in NBA 2K16

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Video games continue to get more and more realistic, and in this trailer for NBA 2K16, which is out next week, this is perhaps one of the most realistic things ever in a game: Chris Bosh photobombing a teammate during a postgame interview. We know he does it in real life; now Bosh does it in a video game, too.

Kevin Durant, JJ Watt cheer on their fans

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Fans spend a lot of time cheering for their favorite athletes. But this new commercial flips the script, as Oklahoma City’s Kevin Durant and Houston Texans defender JJ Watt turn into cheerleaders for some of their biggest fans. Some pretty great reactions from the fans here…

VIDEO: Durant and Watt

Sonny Weems is a rimwrecker

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Swingman Sonny Weems has played for a couple of NBA teams, but has a new home after signing with the Phoenix Suns over the summer. What will Weems bring to the Suns? Presumably several skills, but for certain, he looks ready to do some incredible dunking.

Here is cell-phone footage from a recent workout at the Suns facility, where Weems goes baseline and dunks, and brings the rim along with him. Think this means we’ll get Weems in the dunk contest this season?