Stephen Curry’s range is unbelievable

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — We know Steph Curry can make shots from deep — he won the three-point contest at All-Star Weekend and routinely makes shots from deep behind the arc. But yesterday, before Game 1 of the Western Conference Finals, during his warmups, Curry went out to midcourt and showed just how easily he can knock down shots from the halfcourt logo…

The Spurs celebrate their season with a costume party

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Even though they won 67 games in the regular season, the San Antonio Spurs’ season ended before they wanted it to end, with a second round loss to the Oklahoma City Thunder. But that doesn’t mean they hung their heads in shame. According to the Instagram account of Boris Diaw, the Spurs held a costume party to say goodbye to what was a truly special season. Pretty good King Tut costume, Manu Ginobili

Still celebrating an historical season with the team. It was a great ride!!! #sundayfunday #madmonday

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Derrick Rose and son throw out first pitch

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — While a couple of NBA teams are still playing, most of the league has gone fishing. And with the baseball season in full swing, we’ve reached that time on the calendar when we start seeing NBA players pop up with some frequency at major league baseball games to throw out the ceremonial first pitch.

This weekend in Chicago, Bulls point guard Derrick Rose had his turn on the mound at Wrigley Field. D-Rose brought along his son, who was rightfully a bit overwhelmed, at least initially, by the moment…

But once they got out there, the kid threw a fastball…

And as the son of another Chicago sports legend pointed out, there were some definite similarities to another first pitch decades ago…

Who is the Dunk King?

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — The NBA Dunk Contest is a contest that helps us crown the best dunker in the NBA.

But being the best dunker in the NBA doesn’t necessarily mean that person is the best dunker in the world. There are plenty of people out there who are amazing dunkers, but maybe not good enough at basketball to play in the NBA. And tonight a new show debuts to give those guys some shine.

Tonight on TNT, following Game 1 of the Western Conference finals (9:00 pm ET, TNT), you can catch the debut episode of the new series, The Dunk King. There are four episodes, debuting after the first four games of the Conference Finals. Who’s dunking? You can check out some of the contestants here, but let me set my man Guy Dupuy as an early favorite — I actually saw him win a dunk contest in person in Paris a few years ago, and the kid can fly.

Then again, he’s going up against people who can do this…


So who is the Dunk King? I don’t know, but I’m looking forward to finding out.

What it’s like to go through a Draft combine workout

By Jeff Case

Few (if any) of us know what it’s like to be an NBA Draft prospect and go through the various tests and trials that it takes to go from talented unknown to NBA player.

With the NBA Draft Combine in full swing, the Boston Celtics are one of many teams eyeing prospects (particularly because they have a solid shot at a top-three pick come June).  So what is it like for a prospect to go through the rigors of combine and team drills? beat writer Marc D’Amico got a shot at it and gives a look at just how grueling it can be …

Steph Curry and Adam Silver finally get their handshake

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Before last night’s playoff game in Oakland between the Golden State Warriors and Portland Trail Blazers, NBA commissioner Adam Silver was in attendance to present Stephen Curry with his second consecutive NBA award. But with all the noise and excitement, Commissioner Silver accidentally left Curry hanging when Curry tried to get a handshake.

But following the game, Silver and Curry were able to laugh about it and finally connect on that handshake…

Steph Curry is (almost) perfect

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Golden State’s Stephen Curry has been about as good offensively as anyone we’ve ever seen this season, shooting 50-percent from the field and 45-percent on threes on his way to a unanimous second MVP award. And to celebrate Curry’s historic season, the folks at 2K Sports have teamed up with Steph’s shoe sponsor, Under Armour, for a quick tribute. In honor of Steph’s jersey number 30, for 30 hours only, Steph Curry’s in-game rating will be bumped to a 99, the highest in game history. Eventually his rating will drift back to earth a bit, for a little over a day, it will be a ton of fun to play as Steph Curry…

Shaq pays tribute to Canadian firefighters

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Recent wildfires in Alberta, Canada, have devastated the town of Ft. McMurray, as firefighters have evacuated the area and battled the blazes. Over 88,000 have escaped the region, and Shaquille O’Neal recently took to Facebook to pay tribute to the brave firefighters who have saved so many lives as they fight the fires…

Steph Curry’s top plays, animated

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — We’ve enjoyed the work of artist Patrick Truby over the years, as he creates animated versions of great NBA moments. His latest project is a series to honor the newly crowned MVP, Stephen Curry, as Patrick animated Steph’s top ten plays of the year for ESPN.

You can check out the entire series here


Kyrie Irving is latest NBA player with a glitch

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Perhaps it’s the busy schedule, or maybe it’s the stress of playing games with so much on the line. Whatever it is, players during these playoffs have shown a bizarre tendency to glitch out. If you didn’t see it, last week during a postgame press conference, Golden State’s Draymond Green had a bizarre glitch in which he just froze for half a minute. And then last night in Atlanta, after a whistle stopped play, a Kyrie Irving glitch occurred in the corner of the court. Do we need to call the Geek Squad?