Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade each have their own tie brands

ALL BALL NERVE CENTERChris Bosh and Dwyane Wade may be teammates on the Miami Heat, but they’re competitors on store shelves.

About a year ago, Wade announced a collaboration with The Tie Bar, an online tie retailer. (And, fellas, a great place to get stuff for reasonable prices, FWIW.) Wade’s collection has regular ties, bow ties, pocket squares, even cuff links. Now about a year later, Chris Bosh is getting into the same game. Bosh has linked up with the company Armstrong & Wilson to launch a company called Mr. Nice Tie. Bosh’s brand isn’t as diverse as Wade’s, but it’s a bit higher-end.

The NBA Style wars continue…

Jeremy Lin posterizes his mom

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — One of the popular trends last summer was posterizing, in which unsuspecting people are dunked on and it’s filmed for prosperity. We saw people posterized at the NBA rookie photo shoot, at the White House…but now how about in the kitchen?

As part of what he’s calling “Fan Appreciation Week,” Lakers guard Jeremy Lin has asked for his followers to submit videos with them posterizing people. To show them how it’s done Lin posted the following clip where he posterizes a few people around the house. Including, yep, his own Mom.

Dikembe Mutombo and Amir Johnson dancing

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Thanks to the Toronto Raptors, here’s a video of Amir Johnson and Dikembe Mutombo dancing while visiting the SOS Children’s Village in Johannesburg as part of the NBA’s Basketball Without Borders initiative. I think Mutombo wins this dance-off…

John Henson eats Wisconsin State Fair food

Jon Hartzell,

VIDEO: Eat it or nah with John Henson

The Wisconsin State Fair is, uh, interesting. The 11-day event takes place in a Milwaukee parking lot that features farm animals, questionably safe amusement rides and food. Lots and lots of food, most of it the kind you would quickly regret putting in your body. (Cajun shark on a stick, anyone?)

The Bucks convinced third-year forward John Henson to venture into this terrifying food realm and the slender big man comes out alright. Relatively. The video doesn’t show how that Loaded Twister Dog treated him the next day.

Want more Wisconsin State Fair? (You do.) Check out this list of every food they’re putting on a stick in the great city of Milwaukee this week. The deep-fried bacon-wrapped tater tots on a stick won’t eat themselves, folks.

Michael Jordan loses shooting game to Kawhi Leonard

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Just yesterday we checked in with Michael Jordan at his eponymous basketball camp, where we saw that he still has a sweet shooting stroke. Well, today video has emerged of MJ at that same camp, teaming up with a camper and playing a two-on-two game of hot shot against another camper and his partner, gulp, NBA Finals MVP Kawhi Leonard. It really gets going around the four-minute mark…

VIDEO: MJ vs Kawhi

(via SLAM)

Comparing Kobe and Jordan

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — For years now, fans have noted the similarities between Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan. Not just the way they shoot, their moves, etcetera, but all the way down to little things like how they run and celebrate.

That’s really all I need to say. Just watch the following video, which is the last in a series of remarkable videos created by Youtube user Youssef Honnoun, and shows many of MJ’s moves juxtaposed against Kobe’s, and just how similar their games can be…

VIDEO: MJ vs Kobe

Joel Embiid on his “relationship” with Rihanna

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — One of my favorite NBA stories this summer has had nothing to do with basketball: Philadelphia rookie Joel Embiid has taken Twitter by storm by using it as a public forum in his quest for a relationship with pop singer Rihanna.

After a brief flirtation with Kim Kardashian, Embiid settled upon Rihanna as the object of his affection. After a few apparently unrequited tweets, Rihanna followed him back and soon Embiid announced that he and Rihanna were officially an item. Never mind that she hadn’t responded to him. He then posted a photo that seemed, um, heavily altered, of the two of them on a “date”…

Embiid even combined their names into its own hashtag: #Johanna.

While their actual relationship status is unclear — OK, they probably haven’t even met — it is clear that Embiid understands how to use Twitter to have fun. I asked him for the lowdown on the relationship on Sunday during the NBA Rookie photo shoot, and Embiid showed that if this basketball thing doesn’t work out, he may a career in improv…

VIDEO: Embiid on Rihanna

What if Damian Lillard was a bust?

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — In this latest spot from adidas, we catch up with Portland’s Damian Lillard. His latest shoe is the Crazylight Boost, which features adidas’ new Boost cushioning technology. From the press release…

In the video, Damian Lillard shows us he would be great at anything in life by portraying a popcorn-slinging, movie theater employee serving customers before show time. In a dramatized portrayal of the world without Boost, Lillard is interviewed by Turner Sports sideline reporter Rachel Nichols after completing an intense session of serving concessions. Following his interview, the world of “Bust” transforms into the world of “Boost,” where Damian is back to All-Star form on the court.

Have to admit, he’s pretty quick on the popcorn…

VIDEO: Boost or bust

Michael Jordan can still make shots

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — One of the best scenes in the movie Blue Chips is when former Celtics great Bob Cousy calmly walks to the free throw line and calmly drains 15 free throws in a row, all during one take. It’s all about muscle memory and technique, which apparently the greats can recall on short notice.

A few weeks ago at his Flight School basketball camp, Michael Jordan stepped onto the court and, in front of what appears to be hundreds of people, strolled around the court and knocked down 11 jumpers in a row. He may be 51 years old now but hey, when you got it, you got it…

VIDEO: MJ Shooting

Pippen, Barkley teach Harden to have a short memory

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Foot Locker keeps rolling out the NBA-related commercials. In this latest spot, Houston’s James Harden gets advice from Charles Barkley and Scottie Pippen on how to keep his mind right while playing in the NBA. I didn’t say it was necessarily good advice…

VIDEO: Short Memory