Steph Curry wins shooting contest from bench

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — One of the reasons USA Basketball has people around with cameras filming everything is just in case a situation like the one below breaks out. At a Team USA practice in Barcelona, an impromptu shooting contest happened between Kenneth Faried, Stephen Curry and James Harden. That in and of itself isn’t all that rare. But in this case, their shooting station was the bench.

VIDEO: Bench shooting

Gheorge Muresan is your new Stat Boy?

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — For a while now, Tony Reali has pulled double duty on ESPN, serving as both the host of “Around The Horn” as well as having a role on “Pardon The Interruption,” where he was been known as “Stat Boy,” the guy who pops up at the end of each show to correct whatever the hosts have gotten wrong.

But Reali is moving on, at least from “PTI,” so on last night’s episode, they replaced Reali with…7-foot-7 former Wizards center Gheorge Muresan? According to their tweet above, it was only for a day. Still, it’s always great to see Gheorge doin’ work…

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Jeremy Lin can’t stop pranking people

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — It’s been a busy summer for Lakers guard Jeremy Lin, who spent time creating a high-concept music video, as well as dunking on his Mom, and then getting her with the ol’ pie in the face.

Well, Mama Lin got got again recently, along with Jeremy’s uncle and a bunch of random people. The Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum in San Francisco recently unveiled a statue of Jeremy, and Jeremy decided to put on his uniform and show up and, well, just watch. If nothing else, you have to give this dude credit — he’s definitely committed to pranking people. The other Lakers better keep their heads on a swivel…

VIDEO: Lin Wax Museum

Nick Young can’t turn off the swag

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Lakers guard and All Ball all-star Nick Young was in New York this week to take in part of New York fashion week, and if there’s anything we learned from Nick Young, it’s too expect the unexpected. So even when Nick Young is in town to take part in off-court activities, if he sees a court, he’s liable to hop out of his car and get in the game.

As Young wrote in the caption to this post, “Lol surprise some lil hoopers while driving thru these NY streets decided to stop and join they 3 on 3 … I had to swag on them tho #JustBecause #NYFW #BallIsLife #BasketballJones”

Roy Hibbert witnesses policeman’s act of kindness

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — It may seem like all news is bad news these days, but that isn’t exactly true. There is good news to be found out there, too, and sometimes it comes from…Roy Hibbert?

Yesterday on Instagram, Hibbert posted a photo of a policeman handing a pair of shoes to someone on the side of the road. As Hibbert wrote in the caption, “Just seen an Indy police officer pull over. Go into his trunk n give a homeless guy a pair of shiny boots. #COPS”

Later, Hibbert spoke to Buzzfeed about what he witnessed.

The homeless man shook his head in disbelief and appeared to thank the officer, Hibbert said.

“He just walked back into his car and drove away,” Hibbert said.

The officer couldn’t have known the NBA center was just a few cars away and would share the encounter to his 180,000 Instagram followers. The Pacers have also reached out to the police department to try to identify the officer; Hibbert said he’d like to give him a few tickets to show his appreciation.

At a time when the excessive force of some officers has caught headlines, Hibbert said he wanted to bring attention to the acts of good that aren’t as visible.

“Not all police officers are what you hear about in Ferguson,” he said. “This type of stuff you don’t hear about too often.”

James Harden falling off a Segway in Barcelona

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Team USA is in Barcelona now with a couple of days off before the knock-out rounds of the FIBA Basketball World Cup start tomorrow. And with some free time in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, James Harden decided to take a Segway on an excursion around the town. And apparently a Segway is tougher to ride than one might suspect…

VIDEO: Harden falls

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Ty Lawson pokes fun at James Harden and the Dallas Cowboys

ALL BALL NERVE CENTERJames Harden is one of the best offensive players in the NBA. His defense, however, has sometimes left something to be desired.

So who better to joke about coordinating the Dallas Cowboys defense, the team that yesterday gave up four touchdowns to the San Francisco 49ers? Someone online created an image of Harden wearing a Cowboys headset, and Denver’s Ty Lawson posted it to Instagram with the caption, “Cowboys defensive coordinator”…

Michael Jordan shows respect to Derek Jeter

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — New York Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter is in the final weeks of an historic career, and all season long, teams around Major League Baseball have been honoring Jeter. On Sunday, the Yankees held a ceremony to honor Jeter, and they invited several Yankees greats and former teammates. They also invited Michael Jordan, who has had Jeter as a member of Brand Jordan for years and, apparently, has become close with Jeter. As you can see in the video below, Jordan was clearly moved to be part of the celebration…

VIDEO: Jordan and Jeter

What if Morgan Freeman read Allen Iverson’s “Practice” rant?

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — A few months ago, comedian and impressionist Frank Caliendo went on ESPN’s “Mike & Mike” show and performed a memorable trick: He read LeBron‘s “coming home” essay in the voice of Morgan Freeman. And it was great.

So yesterday they had Caliendo back, and this time he read Allen Iverson‘s “practice” rant in the voice of Morgan Freeman. Practice, man.

VIDEO: Freeman/Iverson

Andrew Wiggins discovers just how small airplane bathrooms are

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Airplanes, relative to most things in the world, are small. And the airplane bathrooms are scaled down even smaller, as number one draft pick Andrew Wiggins discovered. As Wiggins wrote, “Clearly these plane bathrooms aren’t made for anyone 6ft or taller😒”

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