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Day 2: NBA Style With Damaris Lewis

damaris-lewis-mughsotBrooklyn native Damaris Lewis has appeared in the 2009, 2010, and 2011 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issues. In 2012 she toured with famed musician Prince as his muse / dancer, all the while keeping up with the happenings of the NBA.  She’ll be reporting on all things NBA Style during 2013 NBA All-Star in Houston.

All-Star Saturday | Style Guide
By Damaris Lewis

Photo 1: Carmelo and Dwyane Wade

  • Where do I begin? Love Carmelo’s outfit, the suit fits great and the shoes are spot on, but the sunglasses on the court GOTTA GO.
  • I preferred Dwyane’s cow shoes outfit from Friday, but this will have to do.

Photo 2: Kevin Durant

  • Yesterday on, Kevin Durant shared his opinion on style and stated “I choose inspiration over imitation every time.” I personally wouldn’t have chosen the fedora with this look, but that’s what makes it individual. This look surely has not been seen before and for that he gets a plus in my book.
  • Anybody else curious about what the pins say?

Photo 3: Kevin Garnett

  • If there was a race for best style this weekend I’m shocked to say that Kevin Garnett might just be at the top of the list.  Clean and sharp with a great pair of Jordans will always be a style win……unless there are camouflage pants around (cc Russell Westbrook).
  • Is it cold in Texas?

Photo 4: Maya Moore

  • I approve of Maya’s corporate style.  The WNBA players have been coming out in very non-tomboy looks which I think is great.  Keeping it classy at all times.

Photo 5: Kyrie Irving

  • This is what happens when the Cleveland Cavaliers jerseys all get thrown into the wrong washing machine.
  • I can’t be fully mad since he had these on during the 3-point contest that he DOMINATED in and won.
  • Tony the Tiger wants his socks back.

Photo 6: B.o.B.

  • If I have to squint my eyes and ask myself “what is that?” regarding someone’s fashion choice , it could only mean two things…..1. I need new glasses or 2. You need a new outfit.

Photo 7: Spike Lee and Alicia Keys

  • Besides the fact that Spike looks like he’s imitating Alicia playing the piano, I have nothing negative to say about either of their style choices.  I’m happy to see Spike in something other than head to toe Knicks gear.

Photo 8: Kiyan Anthony (‘Melo’s son) and Jeremy Lin

  • Did anybody see when Kiyan caught the ball and rebounded it back to one of the player’s during All Star Saturday night?? Just because of that kind gesture he get’s an A for Style AND Character.  Jeremy gets an A by association.

Photo 9: Russell Westbrook

  • NOW WE’RE GETTING SOMEWHERE!…………Don’t get too excited, I didn’t say we’ve reached our destination yet. Much better outfit than Day 1’s Jurassic Park pants in my opinion.
  • Russell is doing the indoor sunglasses trend that I noted on Carmelo as well.  We want to see your eyes!

Photo 10: Drake

  • Drake is yelling……I’M FROM TORONTO TOO!!!!!.  I’m pretty sure he was just super excited for Raptors guard Terrence Ross, who won the Sprite Slam Dunk competition.  He’s also dressed in head to toe Raptors colors, so I can’t fault him on that either.

Photo 11: Chris Paul, Nick Cannon, Dwyane Wade

  • Nick Cannon is probably asking Dwyane if Chris borrowed some of the leather from his pants and put it on his blazer.
  • Nick Cannon is also asking Dwyane Wade, “Gagnam Style or Hammer Time?”
  • Nick Cannon’s pop of color brightened up this photo

Photo 12: Kobe

  • Kobe said to himself that morning “I’ve been here 15 times, I’m too old for  this young folk fashion trend.”
  • Kobe’s thoughts “You kids can have your fashion, I want my ring.”
  • I ask again….is it really that cold in Houston?….Inside an arena?

Photo 13: LeBron

  • LeBron and Dwyane Wade should have been wearing these outfits for their karaoke event last month, and at the end of the night busted out singing CAN’T TOUCH THIS.
  • I like this outfit……on a female…or Kanye.


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