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50 Cent, Kobe Bryant and Meryl Streep Walk Into An NBA Arena…

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — There was a story last week in the New York Times about the way celebrities are handled at Knicks games. According to the Times, celebrities aren’t just seated any old place.

The Garden, it turns out, has an ad-hoc celebrity-handling team whose members determine who in fact counts as a celebrity and to what degree; pursue relationships with those people (or their representatives); and deflect demands from lower-level personalities who wish they were celebrities but in fact are not. On game nights, the team also has to contend with such tricky questions as, is Katie Holmes more important than Liam Neeson? And, when you have two rappers with the same last name — Mike D. from the Beastie Boys and Chuck D. from Public Enemy — should you seat them near each other?

Yesterday the Knicks hosted the Lakers. In past years this has historically been one of the NBA’s marquee match-ups, but this season, with the Knicks struggling and Kobe Bryant on the chilling list, the game didn’t make as much noise as it has before. Still, it was a big enough game to draw out celebrities, and this meant we got to see the incongruous and awesome pairing of 50 Cent and Meryl Streep sitting together on the front row.

They got along well enough that after the game they apparently stopped to hang out with none other than Kobe Bryant. Kobe posted a photo on Instagram, calling Streep and 50 “legends”…

#50 #merylstreep #respect #legends That's All..

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Although I kinda prefer the image 50 Cent shared on Instagram, where he noted, “Things got a little gangsta”…

Things got a little gangsta. Lol TURN UP, Turn Down for what!#smsaudio

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