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Swag: An All-Star Definition

By Nick Margiasso

NBA All-Star Party Dictionary — Volume 1, Dwyane Wade
Swag (s-wag, adj.): Having a party which includes samples of your own brand of shoes floating in an aquarium full of live stingrays.

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...What a pants!

My #WayofWades swimming with the stingrays at my #LiNing party tonight. This is how u #MakeYourOwnWay

JB Smoove Cleans It Up At All-Star Friday Night

by Micah Hart

We can only hope this is the start of a long and productive relationship between Leon JB Smoove and the NBA:

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Don’t know about a thousand, but this picture talks, Part V

by Zettler Clay

Remember when the outspoken filmmaker Spike Lee called Kevin Garnett out a few weeks ago?

But this last time against Boston — you know that game where they disallowed Stoudemire’s 3? — Kevin Garnett lost it. He was cursing me out for no reason. Maybe because Stoudemire gave him 39 points, but take that vulgarity to Stoudemire. I’m not holding you and I did not even say s— to Garnett the whole game. That really surprised me. He lost it. He was cursing at me the whole game. He needs to calm the f— down.

Because the memory of Reggie Miller and Michael Jordan and Ray Allen (Bucks days) squabbling with Spike is still fresh, I circled March 21 – when Boston visits New York again – immediately.

So you can imagine my disappointment when I saw this:

Photo by Ned Dishman/NBAE via Getty Images

Welp. The festive mood of All-Star weekend can get to the best of them, even our favorite villain in Green. But something tells me that this scene will be forgotten when these two gigantic personalities square off in a month.