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Swag: An All-Star Definition

By Nick Margiasso

NBA All-Star Party Dictionary — Volume 1, Dwyane Wade
Swag (s-wag, adj.): Having a party which includes samples of your own brand of shoes floating in an aquarium full of live stingrays.

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...What a pants!

My #WayofWades swimming with the stingrays at my #LiNing party tonight. This is how u #MakeYourOwnWay

Everyone Needs To Join The Will Ferrell For All-Star Facebook Group

by Micah Hart

Facebook has the power to harness public sentiment and turn it into action. We’ve seen it before with Betty White and Saturday Night Live, and many attribute the recent Planned Parenthood reversal by the Komen Foundation to people’s reaction to it on the Social Network.

Given how much everyone enjoyed Will Ferrell’s performance introducing the Hornets’ and Bulls’ lineups the other night, someone took to Facebook to create the “Will Ferrell Should Announce The Starting Line-Up At The NBA All-Star Game” group, which everyone should go join immediately.

I cannot think of a single reason this shouldn’t happen, can you? Maybe bring Cal Naughton, Jr. in to assist?

Power to the people, people — let’s get cracking and turn this fantasy into reality.


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2012 All-Star Jerseys Unveiled

by Micah Hart

Along with the release of the starters for the 2012 NBA All-Star Game, the jerseys they’ll be wearing were also released today. Made by adidas, they are meant to hearken back to the 1992 All-Star Game, also held in Orlando, which I’m sure you picked up on right away.

Dwight Howard and Derrick Rose, both adidas endorsers (remember, Fast Don’t Lie), will both be wearing special orange versions of their latest shoes, the adiPower Howard 2 and the adizero Rose 2.5, during the All-Star Game.

I go back and forth on whether I like special All-Star jerseys or when the players wear their own team threads.

What do you think of the jerseys?

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Shaq’s best off-the-court moments

by Micah Hart

With Shaquille O’Neal retiring, we will certainly miss his on-court talents. He was truly one of the most dominant players in NBA history in his prime and still a potential difference-maker well into his twilight. And while his game will be missed, the good news is that Shaq was just as incredible off the court as he was on it, and I don’t imagine he’ll be retiring from the limelight any time soon.

As he embarks on whatever post-career plans he has (I am biased, of course, but I’m hopeful he’ll join the Inside the NBA family at TNT), let’s reflect on some of his greatest hits from over the years:

Shaq Dancing

Shaq was a big kid at heart, and to me one of his most lasting legacies was his ability to rope his fellow NBA players into participating in things that might make them look silly at first glance. His organizing of an impromtu pop-n-lock competition with LeBron James and Dwight Howard at the 2007 All-Star practice session illustrates that perfectly.

The Diesel may have been the largest person (in terms of height and weight) to ever play in the NBA, but that doesn’t mean he was a plodder like many of his fellow behemoths. Shaq had some moves on the dance floor, and he was rarely shy about showing them off, like he does here in his memorable dance off with Justin Bieber.

And as mentioned yesterday, who will ever forget his intro at the 2009 All-Star game (which was ultimately Shaq’s last All-Star Game)?:

That wasn’t it though — Shaq was a man of many talents. Remember more of them after the jump.


Top 10 Top 10s for 10/10/10

by Micah Hart

Today is October 10, 2010. There is nothing particularly notable about this date, except that if you were writing a check to someone, you might notice that you’d write the date as 10/10/10. In honor of this confluence of 10s, here are 10 Top 10 lists for your viewing pleasure:

10.Top 10 Plays from 2009-10
As good a place to start as any.