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Allen Crabbe’s golf debut doesn’t go so well

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — In this week’s Morning Tip column by David Aldridge, Blazers guard Damian Lillard talks about how before the season started, he helped organize a team outing to San Diego to promote camaraderie. And just because the season started, it doesn’t seem the team outings have stopped. Yesterday, Lillard posted this video of Blazers forward Allen Crabbe along with several teammates at Topgolf, where Crabbe steps to the tee and, well…

In his defense, Crabbe says this was his first-ever attempt at swinging a golf club…

NBA Rooks: Diaries … Allen Crabbe

Allen Crabbe was picked No. 31 by the Cavaliers in the 2013 Draft, and later traded to Portland. (Jesse D. Garrabrant/NBAE)

Allen Crabbe, picked No. 31 by the Cavaliers in the 2013 Draft, was traded to Portland. (Jesse D. Garrabrant/NBAE)

By Allen Crabbe, Portland Trail Blazers

Back to Cali

Hey everyone, from Los Angeles! I’m staying at a hotel until I leave for Rookie Transition Program and then Portland in a few weeks. Even though my family’s house is only 10-15 minutes away, I prefer to have my own space. It’s time to grow up anyway. Truth is, I spend most of my day working out, and then hang out with my family in the evening. Some nights I’ll go over there for dinner, other nights we’ll go out to eat together. My mom is the cook of the family, and I definitely eat at the house when she’s making my favorite; fried rice with biscuits. That has been my favorite food since I was a little kid.

I have been busy keeping up with my training and at this point I’m putting in four to five hours of training a day and feel like I’m getting stronger. I’m seeing progress in our workouts each and every day, which is cool. Since I’m training near home, I’ve been able to hang out with friends and family once I finish my workouts and have some downtime. Most of the time I try and relax at night so I’ll either catch a new movie or kick back with friends. It’s been like a little reunion at home since my friends are back from college.  I keep a small circle of friends — my boys are friends for life.

 What Happens in Vegas

NBA Summer League in Las Vegas was a real learning experience for me. I was disappointed with how I played and definitely wanted to play better, but I understand it’s a transition process and I am learning from it. I’m adjusting to the NBA level and trying to learn how I can be most effective on the floor. It’s early, and I’m glad I had the chance to get a feel for the NBA game because it’s a big difference from college. I expected a high level of competition, and that’s exactly what it was. And everything was new — new team, new style of play, new kind of chemistry. I am just using that experience to improve and prepare for training camp.

Ready to Go

I’m really excited and can’t wait to get to Portland and start working. Of course I am also nervous because everything will be new.

I only spent a few days  in Portland before we left for summer league. I’ll be back soon though since I am planning to get out there a little early to find an apartment.  I’m also looking forward to experiencing the city, which I don’t know too much about yet.

I’ve always lived very close to home, so I’m glad to start my NBA career near my family and on the West Coast.

One more thing … I’ve been posting some videos of my workouts on Instagram, so make sure to check them out! And follow me on Twitter and Instagram @allencrabbe. Thanks for your support!

Draft Diaries: Cody Zeller

Cody Zeller (Pete Monsanto photo)

Cody Zeller (Pete Monsanto photo)

By Cody Zeller, for

Livin’ The West Coast Life

Hi, everybody! Last time I blogged I was finishing up classes and finals at Indiana University. Today, I’m blogging from the comfort of my temporary home in Los Angeles. About a month ago, I moved in with my agent and his family, and I’m living here while I train for the upcoming NBA Draft.

It’s going great living here in LA! I’ve made myself at home, and I feel like I’m part of the family! I was even helping my agent’s daughter with her math homework the other night. Let’s see, I believe we were learning about obtuse and right angles. I’m trying to help out where I can! Since I like things to be neat and organized, I’m making sure my room is clean.

I usually work out in the morning, so I have the night pretty open. I’ve been hanging out with one of my buddies who used to play at Indiana and recently got a job in Los Angeles as a video coordinator at UCLA. We’ve seen a couple movies — Great Gatsby and Iron Man 3. Between my friends and living with my agent and his family, I always have the open invite to tag along with someone!

Another thing I’m loving about this city is In-N-Out burger! We don’t have that where I’m from! I’ve been there about three or four times since I got to town — and come to think of it, I really need to go more often! I usually order a couple double cheeseburgers and a shake. It sounds like a lot but I’m a big boy, I can handle it!

Working Hard

Don’t get me wrong. While I really like it out here, I’m also extremely focused on basketball and working really hard to prepare for the Draft. I’m living about 20 minutes from the practice facility, but with this crazy traffic, I leave early so I don’t get stuck in it. I’m working out with Ed Schilling, a trainer from Indiana that I’ve worked out with before. My brother Luke also worked out with him when he was in Indiana. Ed is also training fellow Draftee Allen Crabbe, and he does a great job helping to prepare guys for the Draft.

I’m continuing to work hard and get better every single day!

 Rewind to Chicago

The Chicago Pre-Draft Camp was fun and went well for me. It was a very busy week with a lot of interviews, but I knew what to expect since my brother Tyler went to the camp last year and I asked him a lot of questions about it.

The interviews were a big part of it for me. I interviewed with 14 NBA teams within a couple days, and each interview was about 30 minutes long. It got pretty intense! They asked me a number of different things — from my strengths and weaknesses on the court to my personal life. Each team pretty much asked the same thing, so by the 14th time, I knew all the questions and the answers!

I didn’t participate in the skills section (based on my agent’s recommendation), but I did do the weight testing, agility drills and vertical measurement. I saw a stat that my standing vertical of 35.5” was the highest ever recorded for a player 6’9” or taller in the last 10 years or so. Some people seemed pretty excited about that. For me, I am always striving to get better, so I won’t settle for those numbers.

Chicago was a great experience and it was also fun to hang out with the other guys attending the camp. We all know each other pretty well from playing against each other in AAU, high school and college. I roomed with Reggie Bullock, who was a familiar face. This class is a great group of guys!

Thanks for reading. I’m sure I’ll have more to tell you next time!. It’s all about hoops for me, so make sure to track my journey to the 2013 Draft on and follow me on Twitter @CodyZeller.

Draft Diaries: Allen Crabbe

Allen Crabbe was a standout performer at the University of California-Berkley.

Allen Crabbe was a standout performer at the University of California-Berkley. (Courtesy UC-Berkley)

By Allen Crabbe, for

I was at Berkeley last week for the men’s basketball awards banquet. It was almost a month since I had been at Berkeley. I left for L.A. shortly after declaring for the NBA Draft. Going back was great, though it was a little weird. The guys on the team filled me in on their new workouts and how they’re improving and I was able to let them know what I have been doing. The coaches told me that even though they wish I had stayed for my senior year, they will always support my decision and will be rooting for me.

At the banquet, I received the team’s MVP award, voted on by my teammates. It meant a lot to me to know that my teammates thought that highly of me. It was quite a nice surprise since I did not realize I had won until they called my name at the banquet. A lot of players on our team were capable of receiving the award, so it truly was an honor.

Looking back at the three years I spent at Berkeley, I made a lot of new friends. I played with some of the guys on the team for all three years, so it was kind of tough to only have a couple hours with them last week.  When it is all said and done, I am happy with my decision since getting drafted to the NBA is a once in a lifetime opportunity. I will miss everyone, but my relationships will always be there.

Putting in the work

Since leaving school, all I’ve been doing is working out at the gym. Right now, I’m working with a few trainers doing two-a-days which include strength training and basketball workouts. We’re really focusing on my ball handing, working off the dribble and creating space. The rest of my workouts are focused on the strength aspect — getting quicker laterally, getting more athletic and explosive. We are definitely making progress, and I feel my body changing. All of this preparation is helping me gain confidence. I recently changed my diet and I am learning to eat more vegetables and stay away from fried and fast food. There aren’t too many options in college, so it was hard to eat healthy every meal, every day. Now I’m eating the right foods and I definitely like the results!

After workouts, I’m so tired that I usually go home, watch TV and catch up on the playoffs. I’m living in an apartment in Santa Monica, about 10 minutes away from my family’s house in Los Angeles. When I get bored, I just hop in the car, drive down the street and I’m there. It’s my first time living alone, so it can get boring pretty fast! My mom does a lot of cooking for me and she’s a really good cook. My favorites are her steak, lamb chops, vegetables and pasta but pretty much anything she makes is great. She always makes sure to send me home with a lot of leftovers!

Chicago, here we come

This week, we’ve been preparing a lot for the Chicago pre-Draft camp. I have to do the best I can, relax, keep calm, go hard on all the drills, compete … and do what I know how to do, which is play ball!

I’ve been dreaming of playing in the NBA since I was a little boy. And now that the opportunity is here, it feels like it came so fast! I am both nervous and excited!

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The NBA Draft is June 27 in Brooklyn at the Barclays Center.