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Steven Adams gives football a try

ALL BALL NERVE CENTERSteven Adams of the Oklahoma City Thunder was one of the breakout performers of the NBA playoffs, repeatedly displaying toughness and fortitude. So what better place to show off that toughness than on the football field? Recently Adams and teammate Andre Roberson surprised some students at the Heritage Hall school in Oklahoma City. I have to think Adams was slowed a bit by wearing flip-flops, but then again I wouldn’t want to have to line up against him…

Steven Adams and Andre Roberson want it that way

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Several members of the Oklahoma City Thunder traveled to New Zealand to hang out with teammate Steven Adams, and while they were there, apparently a road trip went down. And you know what that means: listening to the radio and singing along at the top of your lungs, as Adams and Andre Roberson showed…

The Oklahoma City Thunder are selling cars again

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — I haven’t been to Oklahoma City in over a year, but thanks to some of the Thunder’s reserves, I can’t stop hearing about a local car dealership. We’ve seen Edmond Hyundai’s funny advertisements in the past, and this year’s latest ad, starring Nick Collison, Andre Roberson and the beautiful singing voice of Mitch McGary, doesn’t disappoint…

VIDEO: Dating Game

Oklahoma City Thunder players love Halloween

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Every year around Halloween, it seems as if we see a lot of pictures of members of the OKC Thunder in full costume, ready to go door to door for candy. I’m sure many teams do it, but the Thunder sure seems to have a high rate of participation, as we saw last year. We’re still a week away from Halloween, but the Thunder started getting dressed up early, as a bunch of Thunder players posted pics from a Halloween party on social media this weekend.

Russell Westbrook as Officer Mendez from Orange Is The New Black

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Mendez is the man!!! Lol

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Steven Adams as Tom Hanks in Castaway

Nick Collison and Andre Roberson as Ghostbusters…

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Who you gonna call? @mcg5 @therealwilsont @flydre21

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Mitch McGary as Bane and Lance Thomas as Finn…

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