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NBA Players in Halloween costumes

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Halloween has come and gone, which means it’s time once again to see what some NBA players went dressed as this year. We already checked in on the Oklahoma City Thunder, but let’s check out the costumes of some other NBA players…

LeBron James went as Flo from the Progressive Insurance ads…

Carmelo Anthony was…I don’t know what this costume is…

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Happy Halloween #OfficerFriendly

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Paul Pierce was Captain America…

Deron Williams and his wife went as Khal Drogo and Khaleesi from “Game of Thrones”…


Clippers Cap Sunday’s Bona Fide Jam Fest

Every night, the NBA yields a jaw-dropping play, or 10. But certain nights give you more. With “only” eight games on Sunday’s slate, the leapers — particularly in Brooklyn — loosened their limbs and decided to occupy more space on the Dunk HQ and Top Plays Theater. From All-Stars to bench warmers to the guys in L.A., many hoopers around the Association ascended high and crashed hard:

VIDEO: Poster dunks abound from a eight-game Sunday in the NBA

Which Nickname Would You Want On An NBA Jersey?

'Pistol' Pete Maravich of the New Orleans Jazz

‘Pistol’ Pete Maravich wore this jersey during a 1971 game as a member of the New Orleans Jazz.

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — News broke last night that the NBA was considering allowing some players to wear nicknames on their jerseys. Now, before the Fun Police show up and try to ruin this for everyone, let’s make clear that according to the story, this is just a one-time thing — one game, two teams (Miami and Brooklyn), for only one night. But it’s clearly indicative of an idea that the NBA is at the very least open to considering, even if only on a limited basis.

Nicknames on jerseys has happened in other sports — soccer players around the world do it now, and closer to home, former Braves owner Ted Turner once tried to give pitcher Andy Messersmith the nickname “Channel” so that his jersey would read “Channel 17,” a free ad for Turner’s nascent broadcasting business.

This has also taken place in the NBA and ABA, back in the day, as seen in the photo of “Pistol” Pete Maravich up top on this post. But as the NBA has grown in popularity and become more corporate, the wiggle room for fun stuff like nicknames on jerseys has been squeezed out.

As a person who is an avowed opponent of the Fun Police, I am one-thousand-million percent in favor of this idea, if only because I’m sure fans of different players would love to rock jerseys with nicknames on the back. Above and beyond the jerseys we night see in a Miami/Brooklyn game — KING JAMES, for instance — off the top of my head, here are some nicknames that would be neat to see on the back of official NBA jerseys…

BIRDMAN BIRDMAN — Chris Andersen

BIG SHOT — Chauncey Billups

BONES — Brent Barry throwback edition

MAMBA — Kobe Bryant, or…

VINO — Kobe Bryant

BIG BABY — Glen Davis


MANIMAL — Kenneth Faried

BOOBIE — Daniel Gibson

AK-47 — Andrei Kirilenko

LINSANITY — Jeremy Lin

KRYPTO-NATE — Nate Robinson

Now you tell us, which nickname jerseys would you like to see?

Day 4 of BWB Europe caps off with All-Star Game

by staff

Andrei Kirilenko, along with a handful of other NBA players headlined the 11th edition of Basketball Without Borders Europe in Russia this weekend. Below is a recap of Day 4 — and the final day — of the event. This is the first time this clinic has been held in Russia.

The final day of Basketball without Borders Europe got off to a very colorful start at Children’s Home #59 in Moscow, where NBA Cares partnered with Kirilenko’s Kids to refurbish a basketball court. Ten children from the home greeted NBA/FIBA players and coaches with a traditional Russian welcome of bread and salt. The children were all dressed in bright Russian folk outfits and entertained the audience with a traditional dance. The director of the children’s home spoke and thanked Kirilenko, his foundation, and the NBA for their involvement in refurbishing the court, now complete with four baskets, bleachers and several basketballs to get the kids started.

Back at the Igrovoy Sport Complex there was a girl’s clinic, organized by the Russian Basketball Federation, in partnership with the NBA. After getting some exercise and playing advice from several of the Basketball without Borders participants, the girls all filled the stands to get ready for the All-Star game. The camp’s final and most anticipated event, the 2012 BWB Europe All-Star game featured the strongest players who were selected the night before by the coaching staff with input from the scouts in attendance.

The teams, simply known as ‘Red’ and ‘White,’ were evenly matched at the start, both coming off the bench strong. The Red squad was coached by Minnesota Timberwolves Player Development Coach David Adelman, assisted by NBA player Brian Cardinal and NBA Legend Sarunas Marciulionis. Denver Nuggets Assistant Coach Melvin Hunt led the White squad, along with Turkish Basketball Federation coach Ozan Havuzlu.

The crowd got the first All-Star moment at the end of the first quarter, when a long three-point buzzer beater fell, to put the Red team at 18, leading by four. Half-time saw the Red team with an even bigger lead of 39-22. While the coaches talked strategy, fans made some noise for the little volunteers in the Dress and Dribble contest and a couple players who tested their accuracy in the Three-Point contest. The whistle blew and the second half was underway with the White team chipping away at the Red team’s first half lead.

Cheering on the White team, the girl’s clinic participants clearly wanted Hunt’s team to come from behind for the win. Only down seven points with 2:10 on the clock, the White team pushed hard, but just couldn’t close the gap. Adelman’s team took the win, with a final score of 65-60.

Trophies were then given out to the game’s MVP, the camp’s MVP and the Three-Point contest winner. Each took a photo holding their prizes from Nike with the Kirilenko, Shved and Mozgov. The 11th BWB Europe concluded with players saying goodbye to their teammates and competitors, having played hard, fought language barriers and made the four-day camp count. Until next year!

Catching up: NBA entertainment

by Micah Hart

As we continue to look back at some of our favorite off-court activities of the long offseason, here is a top five of our favorite NBA-player excursions into other areas of entertainment:

5. Dwight Howard dances in Mongolia

That is just adorable.

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Blake Griffin, the latest NBA Superstar to lose to a busboy

by Micah Hart

Yeah, Blake Griffin is the Rookie of the Year, and can hold his own on the comedy scene. But you didn’t really think he could beat “Busboy Ricardo” at pop-a-shot on Jimmy Kimmel Live, did you?

To Griffin’s credit, he comes much closer than some of Ricardo’s past victims, though he did get a little help from the blindfold handicap.

I would love to see a full-scale NBA pop-a-shot competition. Strangely, I think Andrei Kirilenko would be the favorite. He’s got long arms, and his new tattoo would distract the competition.

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So, what has Andrei Kirilenko been up to this offseason?

by Micah Hart

For the teams not in the playoffs, there is a lot of time to kill between now and the start of next season. It’s a time when players can focus on themselves, spend some quality “me” time. Some go back to school, many go on vacations, and all use the time to take care of projects they just don’t have time for during the regular season grind.

I wonder what Jazz forward Andrei Kirilenko is doing with his time?

Yowsa! That’s quite a tat. Apparently, it took just 12 hours to complete, too. I am positive that he in no way ever regrets that, nor scares any future little AKs when he tucks them in at night.

H/T SLC Dunk, art by vicback

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10 NBA-related costumes for Halloween

by Micah Hart

If you are like me, you have presumably waited until the last minute to decide what to dress as for Halloween this year. If you are also like me, working with the NBA so much has made it almost impossible to come up with costume ideas that don’t somehow relate back to my day-to-day activities (ok, that probably doesn’t apply to you as much).

With that in mind, here are 10 costume ideas for you to consider before heading out to trick-or-treat on Sunday night:

10. Lawrence Frank-enstein

More costume ideas after the jump…