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Atlanta Hawks unveil new ad campaign

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — On the heels of last season’s 60-win campaign, the Atlanta Hawks are still aggressively courting new fans. In this new ad campaign for their 10-game season ticket flex package, the Hawks take advantage of a recent hacking scandal and a name that was in the news to ask new fans to give them some attention…

Congratulations, Dikembe Mutombo

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — This weekend, Dikembe Mutombo is being inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame. I thought I’d share a story.

Two years ago, on Saturday afternoon at the All-Star Weekend in New Orleans, I swung by a hotel ballroom that adidas had transformed into a lounge for the weekend. You spend so much time running from event to event at All-Star, finding a place where you can just sit and chill for ten minutes is honestly a real treat.

So I strolled into this room, with a DJ spinning in the corner and dark, dramatic lighting, and made for a big couch I spotted in the corner. As I approached, I realize there was already someone sitting on this couch: Dikembe Mutombo.

I covered the end of Mutombo’s time as an Atlanta Hawks center when I was just beginning my career, and always enjoyed getting a chance to catch up with him.

Mutombo was holding an oversized muffin, and was just taking his first bite as I sat down next to him.

“What’s up, Deke?” I said.

Mutombo, his mouth full, silently nodded greetings back.

“Have you been running around all weekend?” I asked.

More nods and chewing. No words.

“Wow, you must really be hungry. You’re really doing work on that muffin.”

Another nod. Another bite. Chewing.

“Well, I’d shake your hand but I’m afraid I might lose a finger.”

And at that point, Mutombo reached up his right hand and gave me his signature “no” finger wag. And we both laughed.

Here’s a claymation tribute the Atlanta Hawks posted to Twitter. Congrats on getting elected to the Hall of Fame, Dikembe. Couldn’t happen to a better person.

Dennis Schroder stars in new commercial

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Atlanta Hawks guard Dennis Schröder had a breakout season in 2014-15, his second NBA campaign. And now, while he’s playing for his native Germany in Eurobasket 2015, he’s making a star turn in a new commercial for a German shop. Pretty cool stuff…

VIDEO: Schröder commercial

(via Hawks)

Raptors unveil new unis for 2015-16

By Jeff Case

A day before the 2015 Draft, our main man, Lang Whitaker, wrote a post detailing the new uniforms the Atlanta Hawks, Philadelphia 76ers, Milwaukee Bucks, Los Angeles Clippers and (kinda/sorta) Charlotte Hornets will sport in 2015-16.

And just when we we thought we were all done with uniform posts, the Toronto Raptors go and pull us back in again.

The team initially debuted news and photos of the new uniforms in a post on their web site and per the news release, team ambassador Drake unveiled the unis at  OVOFest in Toronto:

Raptors Global Ambassador Drake unveiled a Cory Joseph alternate black jersey with gold and white trim during his OVOFest concert tonight at Toronto’s Molson Canadian Amphitheatre. Joseph, a native of the Toronto area who joined the club as a free agent in July, will wear number six to honour his Toronto roots

Anyway, here’s a look at all the uni options in their full glory …


The Toronto Raptors’ new uniforms for 2015-16.

As well as a photo of Drake unveiling them on stage …

And, as a refresher, here are the looks the Hawks, 76ers, Bucks, Clippers and Hornets revealed this summer …







So, which look do you like best now?


Dennis Schroder has improved his range

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — NBA players work on their games in the summer, and try and find ways to be better than they were when the season ended. Last season, Atlanta Hawks guard Dennis Schröder had a big campaign, becoming the Hawks’ back-up point guard and getting regular playing time. Schröder shot 43-percent from the three-point line on the season, well above the league average of 35-percent. But Schröder apparently wants to extend that range.

How far? To about the sixth row…

Hawks’ Bazemore tries hand at pro tennis

By Nick Margiasso IV,

So, the NBA offseason means downtime away from the court, right? Not exactly for the Hawks’ Kent Bazemore.

The Atlanta guard headed across town to the BB&T Atlanta Open, a top-tier professional tennis tournament in midtown Atlanta, to try his hand at the sport with a fuzzier ball.

Bazemore took on top U.S. tennis star and four-time NCAA champion Steve Johnson on a mini court to test his mettle in a sport he’s apparently started to take up. It wasn’t a total rigged playing field for Bazemore, though, as he also challenged the former USC Trojans tennis star to a best-of-three horse competition on a mini-mobile court set up at the tournament in Atlanta’s Atlantic Station.

Outside an early string of nice shooting by Johnson, Bazemore pulled away in the end though because, well, he plays in the NBA.

“I had to bring my ‘A’ game, he was pretty good,” Bazemore said of Johnson and his hoops stroke. “He got out here and shot so well that I had to turn it on and lock in to take him.”



Giannis, Schroder show off soccer skills

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Besides being two of the best younger players in the NBA, Milwaukee’s Giannis Antetokounmpo and Atlanta’s Dennis Schröder both grew up in Europe, where soccer is a big part of everyday life. And even though they both grew up to have careers in the NBA, Giannis and Dennis both have soccer skills that they like to show off when they have the chance…

Here’s Giannis recently in China…

VIDEO: Giannis soccer

And here’s Dennis, I guess back in Germany, showing off what he can do with no hands…

Dennis Schröder mixes soccer and hoops

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Atlanta Hawks guard Dennis Schröder is a native of Germany, where despite the best efforts of NBA players like Dirk Nowitzki and Schröder, soccer remains king. After all, Germany won the 2014 World Cup. So leave it to Schröder to figure out a way to combine soccer and hoops in this Instagram video, where he shouts out German National Team member Jerome Boateng

Yo @jeromeboateng !!! What You got next 😎😎 #SchrodersSwagTeam #DS17 #FG #FlexGanG #TheGoldenPatch #NiceWithIt

A video posted by Dennis Schröder (@dennismike93) on

Which team’s new uniform do you like best?

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — The NBA Draft is tomorrow, which means NBA teams have the opportunity to change their fortunes quickly. Another way teams can change their futures? With new uniforms. Today the Atlanta Hawks announced their new brand identity, making them the fourth NBA team this offseason to debut new uniforms/logos. Below we present all four, with your chance to vote for your favorite new look at the bottom…







UPDATE: New third jersey in Charlotte!

EJ, Shaq featured on Hawks’ kiss cam

By Jeff Case

The Atlanta Hawks are in the Eastern Conference finals and the series is being broadcast on TNT, which makes for an in-town jaunt to cover the Hawks’ home games in the series for the “Inside the NBA” crew of Shaquille O’Neal, Ernie Johnson, Charles Barkley and Kenny Smith. That quartet had a perch in Philips Arena to watch and broadcast the game and, as is tradition at Hawks games between quarters or during timeouts, the “Kiss Cam” was had its moment in the sun.

The Hawks had a great Kiss Cam moment in the East semifinals against the Wizards, but they may have one-upped it when they got Johnson and O’Neal on there last night and, well, just watch below …

(h/t SI’s Extra Mustard)