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What’s eating Gilbert Arenas?

by Micah Hart

Apparently, the role of Al Czervik from Caddyshack was performed last night by the Wizards’ Gilbert Arenas, who claims to have faked a knee injury to allow Nick Young to get some run with the starters in the team’s preseason game against the Hawks.

Seems like a noble gesture, but for a guy trying to work his way back into the good graces of his franchise and his community, it looks like another giant misstep. As Ball Don’t Lie’s Kelly Dwyer explains:

“You can’t do it because it’s duplicitous. You can’t do it because you’re lying to your boss. Actually, forget that. You can’t do that because you’re lying to your co-worker. And Flip Saunders is your coach, and your co-worker. You have to talk to Saunders. You have to deal with him as an adult. There has to be a better way of finding Nick Young minutes — even if you think Flip Saunders can’t stand Nick Young — than lying about a nagging knee injury and taking a seat on the bench.”

I kind of feel for Arenas. He clearly thinks his time in DC is limited, yet he seems to be doing everything he can (unintentionally, in my opinion) to sabotage any opportunity the Wizards might have to trade him.

Of course, based on what’s happening with Ron Artest right now, it’s still entirely possible Agent Zero turns this thing around.  But it might help him out a bit to go on radio silence for a little while.

Gilbert Arenas sits with phantom knee injury (

UPDATE – Flip Saunders talked about Arenas after Wizards practice today:

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