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Ray Allen plays golf with Obama

By Jeff Case

After the Miami Heat lost in The 2014 Finals, there was some talk that the NBA’s all-time leader in 3-pointers made, Ray Allen, might hang ‘em up for good this summer. A recent report indicates that Allen, an unrestricted free agent, is ready to play next season — although he hasn’t decided where.

While he makes up his mind, Allen has taken to the links and gotten in a few rounds the last few days. First, he held his Ray Allen Golf Tournament at the TPC River Highlands in Cromwell, Conn. From there, he managed to get in some golf with the leader of the free world, President Barack Obama

Guess who I'm playing golf with today? #farmneck

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Playing with the POTUS

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18 holes with Cyrus Walker, Ahmad Rashad, and The POTUS. #74

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Kobe’s scouting report on President Obama

By Lang Whitaker,

Los Angeles Lakers Championship Education & Service Project

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — The Los Angeles Lakers have had a nightmare of a season, with injuries eliminating most of their core and forcing the team to plan ahead to next season. Which might explain why in their just released team photo, Kobe doesn’t look like the happiest fellow, although Kobe meeting with the Wish kids seems to brighten his day.

But yesterday while on The Dan Patrick Show, Kobe was asked about playing pick-up ball with President Barack Obama. To whom would Kobe compare the President? How about Tiny Archibald?

To hear Kobe on this and more, check out the entire interview below…

VIDEO: Kobe On Dan Patrick Show

The Miami Heat Visit The White House

VIDEO: Miami Heat celebrate 2013 championship at White House

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — One of the perks of winning a championship in American sports is the annual trip to the White House. Earlier today, the Miami Heat made a return trip to the White House to visit President Obama. As with all things Heat, they did a thorough job chronicling the trip through social media…

@kingjames @dwyanewade @rayn34 & I ready to meet the president. Always a privilege. #distinguishedgentlemen

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Hotel Hallway selfie pt2… presidential flow…#justmeandmygirlfriend #unionwade #whitehousebetterbeready

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Your 2013 NBA Champion @MiamiHEAT are moments away from being honored by President Obama!

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Presenting the president with his nickname jersey…

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On stage with President Obama!

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President Obama after receiving his @miamiheat gifts

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Obama Imitates John Starks At The White House

by Zettler Clay IV

If your mind immediately went to the 1994 NBA Finals after reading this headline, then me and you are best friends probably too familiar with:

a) the New York Knicks
b) John Starks
c) the Houston Rockets
d) the New York Knicks, Houston Rockets, and John Starks

At the Oval Office for Easter Day festivities, president Barack Obama dropped in on some children and Washington Wizards and decided to show them how much game their POTUS has. Except he didn’t.

Missing his first 18 shots, he shot an impressive 2-of-4 the rest of the way (unofficial report). Good lesson to part with for the kiddies: *Bad starts happen to the best of us. It’s how we finish that determines our character how many bad YouTube comments we can engender.

*Knicks fans, don’t hate me for making that Game 7 reference. I’m your friend, I assure you.

Dwyane Wade, Fashionista Extraordinaire: White House Edition

By Nick Margiasso

Monday afternoon, the Miami Heat were hosted by President Obama at the White House. It was an honor for, you know, being the best professional basketball team in the world last year. In return, it was an honor to be in the company of Dwyane Wade’s outfit — especially his shoes. President Obama even said so himself in good humor … I mean, how could he help himself.

Believe this:

“White House look…” — Dwyane Wade

Person not as on point as Dwyane Wade (PNAOPADWade): “What are you wearing to the White House?”

DWade: “You mean, besides a grey suit?”

PNAOPADWade: “Yeah.”

DWade: “Oh, just a classic pair of gangster wingtips that had a threesome with a pair of skateboard shoes and bowling shoes in a five-toned room made of gloss and suede.”

PNAOPADWade: “Ha ha. Oh yeah?”


PNAOPADWade: (Eyes explode, turns to sand)

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No One Is Above The Kiss Cam, Not Even President Obama

by Micah Hart

The President of the United States is often referred to as the leader of the free world. The most powerful man on the planet. But even he, with the fate of the universe in the palm of his hands, is unable to resist when the Kiss Cam comes calling.

At Monday night’s exhibition game between Team USA and Brazil at the Verizon Center, President Obama and the First Lady were featured on the Jumbotron during everyone’s favorite timeout activity:

Michelle Obama wasn’t having it at first, but give the First Basketball Fan credit for being persistent.

UPDATE: Here is a view from the stands courtesy of Truth About It that shows the First Lady giving the First Rejection during Kiss Cam at first before the President finally wins her over.

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Shawn Marion poses how we all would pose at the White House

by Micah Hart

From ‘Trix’s twitter feed, taken at the White House this afternoon during the Mavericks’ visit with President Obama:

Yeah, I’d take the same picture too.

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NBA lockout affecting Basketball-Fan-in-Chief

by Micah Hart

President Obama makes his feelings known on the NBA’s labor situation yesterday at a rally in Orlando:

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NBA players react to Osama news

by Micah Hart

It’s a big day in the USA, with the news breaking last night that the U.S. military finally got public enemy No. 1, Osama bin Laden.

As with any big event nowadays, the bulk of the country took to social media to share their thoughts and feelings on the historic news — and that includes professional athletes.

Many NBA players had a reaction to the news, spanning a wide range of emotions and reactions to a day that many will never forget.


@MrJonBrockman (Jon Brockman) Ain’t that America! (photo above)

@jtthekid (Jason Thompson) Shoutout to ALL the Troops n Soliders That Sacrafice Their Lives to Make Us ALL Safe!! Luv Yall n I Saluate You!! #USA. Yessir

@hdubb21 (Hakim Warrick) Ok on a serious note #salute to all of our branches of the military….

@mopete24 (Morris Peterson) Tonight is a great night for our country…..

@Leon_Powe (Leon Powe) We got Bin Laden, this is a Historic day for the U.S.


@KingJames (LeBron James) #WoW!! Obama words are earth moving and inspiring.

@ATolliver44 (Anthony Tolliver) Unbelievable…we finally got Bin Laden! Thats some GREAT news to wake up too :)

@DeJuan45 (DeJuan Blair) LOL GOT eeemmmmmm!!!

@Hoya2aPacer (Roy Hibbert) Obama’s swag is thru the roof!

@mogotti25 (Mo Williams) We got his ASS. Osama Bin Laden is DEAD……… Obama that’s impressive


@SteveNash (Steve Nash) Since we caught Osama do I still have to take my laptop out at security?

@rudygay22 (Rudy Gay) Ok so we killed Osama. Now all we have to do is find Waldo and Carmen San Diego! Then I will be impressed!!!!


@George_Hill3 (George Hill) I’m glad we found him cause he deserved to get whatever he got for what he did the world hasn’t been the same since then…..

@mikejames7 (Mike James) The only worry Osama has now is his judgement day came.that’s what we all should worry about is our own judgement.none can run or hide 4eva

@BooBysWorld1 (Daniel Gibson) An Amazing victory for the families who lost someone close from those tragic coward attacks.. #PrayedUp

@TheReal_TMAC (Tracy McGrady) to the families that lost loved ones on 9/11, we keep you in hearts and prayers

@CDOUGLASROBERTS (Chris Douglas-Roberts) It cost us (USA) roughly $1,188,263,000,000 to kill that………..guy. But we #winning though. Haaaa. (Sarcasm)

@jrich23 (Jason Richardson) Now that we have confirm deaths on both Bin Laden & Sadam a few yrs ago, can they bring all of out troops home now?


@ReggieEvans30 (Reggie Evans) I feel like that dude Osama Bin Laden is not dead.

(UPDATE) This is a basketball blog people, and we cover the NBA, which is why we posted how many NBA players reacted to yesterday’s historic events. We are not trying to stir up controversy or start political discussions — there are plenty of other places to have those conversations if you want them. If you can’t be nice to each other, your comments will be deleted.

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