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Utah Jazz mascot challenges Trevor Booker

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Earlier this week we took a look at Trevor Booker‘s incredible buzzer-beating shot, and watched as several humans tried to recreate the shot. But we didn’t see a bear try to recreate the shot, not until now.

Here’s Utah Jazz mascot Bear not only giving The Booker a shot, but also calling out Trevor Booker and challenging him to sink one of Bear’s trademark over-the-head-from-halfcourt shots. Your move, Booker…

VIDEO: Bear Booker

Jazz try out interesting fundraiser

by Micah Hart

Jazz coach Jerry Sloan is an old school kind of guy. Listening to his postgame press conferences, you can tell that he’s not the type to mince words, especially during games. The Jazz decided to have a little fun with Coach Sloan (with his buy-in, I assume) and poke fun at his, shall we say, sometimes gruff demeanor.

If Bear really wants to raise some money, he might want to check out Washington Capitals coach Bruce Boudreau. As anyone who saw  HBO’s recent 24/7 documentary series about the NHL’s Winter Classic  can attest, he could probably afford a whole fleet with that guy.

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