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Benny the Bull rides a bull

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — The Chicago Bulls are in the middle of a terrific battle with the Cleveland Cavaliers in the Eastern Conference Semifinals, with the last few games all coming down to last second shots. So of course, given the option, people would definitely want to attend a game or two. How far would they go to get free tickets? Would Bulls fans ride a bull?

Sure, at least, a mechanical bull. Benny the Bull brought in a mechanical Bull and had a few fans go at right there on the court…

VIDEO: Benny rides bull

Benny the Bull wears a GoPro camera

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Being an NBA mascot is like belonging to an elite fraternity, where you and a few dozen furry friends are responsible for the happiness and joy of tens of thousands of fans. But what is it like inside the costume? Chicago Bulls mascot Benny the Bull wore a GoPro camera recently and filmed what it’s like inside the costume for a night. The coolest part might be how many people smile at you. Also, how easy it seems to be to scare people.

VIDEO: Benny GoPro

NBA mascots are running wild

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Let’s agree on this: Someone needs to do something. Because NBA mascots seem like they’re starting to get a little full of themselves. They’re running wild, their behavior unchecked, and we don’t know where they will strike next. Well, actually, we have a pretty good idea where they may turn up next — messing with an NBA announcer. Here are two examples from the past week, where the San Antonio Coyote popped up behind Spurs radio broadcaster Bill Schoening, and then in Chicago, Benny the Bull does something similar to Hawks announcers Bob Rathbun and Dominique Wilkins. So NBA broadcasters, watch your backs. The mascots are coming for us all!

VIDEO: Coyote surprise

Benny the Bull steals Celtics fan’s girlfriend

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — If there’s anything we’ve learned from closely watching NBA mascots through the years, it’s that you never want to mess with Benny the Bull. Which may explain the passive reaction we see from the Celtics fan in the video below. During the “kiss cam” segment during this weekend’s Bulls/Celtics game, the camera landed on two Celtics fans (who may or may not have been planted there just for this purpose) just long enough for Benny the Bull to step in and steal her heart.

VIDEO: Benny’s Steal

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The Chicago Bulls present The Gift of the Game

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Every year about this time, we start to see the same movies airing on TV over and over, the holiday classics: Christmas Vacation, Miracle on 34th Street, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, Elf, etc.

Now the Chicago Bulls have created a new video to add to the holiday classics canon. Their video, The Gift Of The Game, which tells of a Christmas miracle involving Benny the Bull and a Bulls team that understands teamwork is the key to success. Special shoutout to Derrick Rose, Joakim Noah, Jimmy Butler, Pau Gasol, Doug McDermott, and Mike Dunleavy for their narrating skills.

VIDEO: Bulls Gift

Rajon Rondo debuts as TV analyst

By Lang Whitaker,

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — As Celtics guard Rajon Rondo continues his comeback from last season’s knee injury, he still is building up his strength and endurance, so he still sits out the occasional second game of back-to-back games. Last night the Celtics had the second game of a back-to-back against Chicago. But instead of staying home, Rondo decided to try watching from the TV broadcast booth, as he spent the first half of the game working as a color analyst. (Benny the Bull was thrilled to see him.) Pretty cool to hear him explain plays and the thought behind the play design…

VIDEO: Rondo as analyst

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Man Proposes To Bulls Dancer During Time Out

VIDEO: Bulls Proposal

ALL BALL NERVE CENTERBenny The Bull, the mascot in Chicago, has historically been one of the NBA’s best mascots. So during last night’s TNT game, when Benny sat a Bulls dancer in a chair at halfcourt, she appeared to have no idea what was happening but she went with it because, well, what else are you going to do?

What she obviously didn’t expect? For her boyfriend to pop out of the Inflatable Benny costume and propose at midcourt. She said yes, by the way, despite (as Reggie Miller points out) her fiance putting the ring on the wrong hand.

From everyone at, congrats!

Benny The Bull Gets Jumped By Brooklyn Nets

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — One of the NBA’s most venerable mascots is Benny the Bull, Chicago’s longtime fuzzy cheerleader. And as part of being an NBA mascot, it is important to have no fear of the opposition, as saw earlier this season with Denver’s Rocky and Russell Westbrook.

Just because we’re in the postseason, the mascot’s responsibilities don’t change. With the Brooklyn Nets in Chicago over the weekend for Game 4 of the Playoffs, Benny the Bull wandered onto the Nets’ end of the floor during pregame warmups. We’re not sure what Benny was doing out there, but if he was looking for a rumble, he found one at the hands of Brook Lopez and several of his teammates…