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NBA mascots are running wild

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Let’s agree on this: Someone needs to do something. Because NBA mascots seem like they’re starting to get a little full of themselves. They’re running wild, their behavior unchecked, and we don’t know where they will strike next. Well, actually, we have a pretty good idea where they may turn up next — messing with an NBA announcer. Here are two examples from the past week, where the San Antonio Coyote popped up behind Spurs radio broadcaster Bill Schoening, and then in Chicago, Benny the Bull does something similar to Hawks announcers Bob Rathbun and Dominique Wilkins. So NBA broadcasters, watch your backs. The mascots are coming for us all!

VIDEO: Coyote surprise

Harry Caray Night In San Antone?

By Jeff Case

Ever since actor Will Ferrell broke out his classic impersonation of legendary Chicago Cubs play-by-play man Harry Caray on “Saturday Night Live” in 1996, it’s become a popular impersonation to take a stab at. Most times, people end up doing an impersonation of Ferrell than Caray himself. But the spirit of the mimicking is often in the right place: random baseball facts, oddball questions and more that make you realize just how hard it is to entertain an audience throughout a baseball season as Caray did so well for years.

Longtime Cub-now-turned-Red Sox (in the offseason) Ryan Dempster had a couple of funny Caray impersonations the last few years. Another notable baseball player to pick up the Caray mantle lately is Texas Rangers pitcher Derek Holland. A couple of the Rangers attended last night’s Hornets-Spurs game in San Antonio — one of whom was Holland — and so San Antonio’s radio play-by-play man Bill Schoening (an amateur Caray impersonator himself) sat down with Holland to do an all-Caray interview. Check it out below:


Our review?: Some pretty funny moments, but overall, it’s not on the level of Ferrell (or even Dempster’s for that matter). Still, it’s good for a little late-week chuckle.