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‘Mini-Boomer’ loses his head (literally)

By Jeff Case

By now, you know we love/pride ourselves on the latest NBA mascot news around these parts. The preseason has 10 days left in it and teams are working out the kinks, tightening the rotations as they getting ready for 2015-16. The same can (mostly) be said for the NBA’s mascot friends.

At last night’s Pistons-Pacers game from Bankers Life Fieldhouse, a smaller version of the Pacers’ Boomer — called ‘mini’ Boomer — lined up to do a trampoline dunk stunt. As he made his approach (he’s the guy that hits the trampoline second in the video) to flip off the trampoline and catch the ball and dunk it … well … his head fell off.

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Poor guy lost his head #boomer

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Points to ‘big’ Boomer for playing off the mishap with a bit of levity.

(h/t Indianapolis Star & Bryan Leach via Instagram )

Boomer Brings Down The House

by Micah Hart

Shattered backboards are always awesome, right? Here is the Pacers’ mascot, Boomer, rocking the rim during a halftime performance at a local high school game over the weekend:

Way to go Boomer, eh? Well, yes, everyone in attendance loved it, but it wasn’t quite as awesome as one might think. You see the New Palestine HS gym they were playing in doesn’t have an unending supply of basketball backboards, so the game had to be moved elsewhere. Fortunately they have an auxiliary gym, so everyone moved over and the game resumed from there.

So, they don’t have any backup backboards, but they do have a backup gym?

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