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Kobe Bryant Goes Back To School

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Lakers guard Kobe Bryant famously went directly from Lower Merion High School to the NBA back in 1996. But that apparently hasn’t slowed his interest in learning, as last night Kobe showed up at Boston College to a few classes. With the Lakers enjoying a night off in Boston before playing the Celtics tonight, there was suddenly a flurry of social media activity from BC students in international marketing and product management classes when, randomly, one of the greatest basketball players of all time decided to pop in and take some classes. Hey, you’re never too old to learn, right?

(via HP)

Daniels connects from distance

by Micah Hart

No one loves half-court heaves (or longer) more than me. Here’s Marquis Daniels nonchalantly draining one from just inside midcourt at the end of the first quarter in Friday night’s Raptors-Celtics preseason game.

Count it!

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