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Which Nickname Would You Want On An NBA Jersey?

'Pistol' Pete Maravich of the New Orleans Jazz

‘Pistol’ Pete Maravich wore this jersey during a 1971 game as a member of the New Orleans Jazz.

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — News broke last night that the NBA was considering allowing some players to wear nicknames on their jerseys. Now, before the Fun Police show up and try to ruin this for everyone, let’s make clear that according to the story, this is just a one-time thing — one game, two teams (Miami and Brooklyn), for only one night. But it’s clearly indicative of an idea that the NBA is at the very least open to considering, even if only on a limited basis.

Nicknames on jerseys has happened in other sports — soccer players around the world do it now, and closer to home, former Braves owner Ted Turner once tried to give pitcher Andy Messersmith the nickname “Channel” so that his jersey would read “Channel 17,” a free ad for Turner’s nascent broadcasting business.

This has also taken place in the NBA and ABA, back in the day, as seen in the photo of “Pistol” Pete Maravich up top on this post. But as the NBA has grown in popularity and become more corporate, the wiggle room for fun stuff like nicknames on jerseys has been squeezed out.

As a person who is an avowed opponent of the Fun Police, I am one-thousand-million percent in favor of this idea, if only because I’m sure fans of different players would love to rock jerseys with nicknames on the back. Above and beyond the jerseys we night see in a Miami/Brooklyn game — KING JAMES, for instance — off the top of my head, here are some nicknames that would be neat to see on the back of official NBA jerseys…

BIRDMAN BIRDMAN — Chris Andersen

BIG SHOT — Chauncey Billups

BONES — Brent Barry throwback edition

MAMBA — Kobe Bryant, or…

VINO — Kobe Bryant

BIG BABY — Glen Davis


MANIMAL — Kenneth Faried

BOOBIE — Daniel Gibson

AK-47 — Andrei Kirilenko

LINSANITY — Jeremy Lin

KRYPTO-NATE — Nate Robinson

Now you tell us, which nickname jerseys would you like to see?

Brent Barry Has A Basketball Jones

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Basketball fans around the world know about The Basketball Jones, the pioneering NBA-related podcast and blog coming straight outta Toronto. And if you don’t know, you should. Tas Melas, JE Skeets, Trey Kerby and a collection of supporting characters pump out quality NBA content on the daily, and through the years they’ve done more than their fair share to popularize podcasting not just within basketball but sports as a whole.

Today we will see their 1,000th episode drop, a mind-boggling number (especially considering I’ve been podcasting with Sekou Smith for years and we’re only up to episode 119). To celebrate the 1000th episode of The Basketball Jones, Turner Sports colleagues Ernie Johnson, Charles Barkley and Brent Barry put together a fantastic video tribute.

Congrats, fellas!

Brent Barry’s Alter-Ego Bids Farewell To 2011-12 Regular Season

by Micah Hart

You can always count on Brent Barry to bring the funny on NBA TV, like he does here with his musical ode to the recently concluded regular season:

Bones, you taking requests? Free Bird!

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Best of Five: Who deserves the “Jet” nickname?

by Micah Hart

NBA TV analyst Brent Barry has offered his humorous take on many different subjects this season, and he’s back with a Finals edition of “Best of Five”, as he looks to determine once and for all, who deserves the nickname “Jet” — Jason “Jet” Terry, or TNT’s Kenny “the Jet” Smith?

Hmmm, tough call.

Bones picks Terry (spoiler alert!) as his winner, so I’ll assume he moves on to the next round to face Benny “The Jet” Rodriguez?

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Chuck vs. Chuck — who you got?

by Micah Hart

If you haven’t been tuning in to’s The Jump on Tuesday afternoons, you have been missing out on some fine work by Brent “Bones” Barry (in addition to my man Sekou, 3-D, and Kyle Montgomery). Over the course of the season Barry has brought out a segment from time to time called “Best of Five”, where he breaks down a hypothetical match-up between two entities in (you guessed it) five different categories.

Today’s Best of Five featured arguably the two most famous Chucks on the planet (sorry Klosterman, E. Cheese), with a heavyweight bout between Charles Barkley and Chuck Norris. Take it away, Brent:

Ah, the Chuck Norris is awesome meme. One of the first worldwide smashes of the Internet era, and still eliciting chuckles (no pun intended) to this day. Nicely done, Bones.

It does raise an interesting question though. In a Chuck-a-Chuck battle, who would come out on top?

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Never gets old…Dikembe Mutombo impressions

This is a couple of years old, but it never fails to get a laugh from me. A lot of competition for the best Deke impression, but I’m tempted to give it to Aaron Brooks.

I don’t know if I can think of another player over the past two decades that people delight in imitating more than Mutombo. Avery Johnson? This guy? Am I forgetting someone?

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