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That time when Jason Kidd was a rapper

By Lang Whitaker,

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Last summer, Jason Kidd made the rare move of going from being an active NBA player to an NBA coach. And while there were some bumps in the road, overall Kidd has done a nice job, being named Eastern Conference coach of the month for both January and March.

As it turns out, Kidd’s non-traditional route to becoming a coach had one mostly-forgotten detour through hip-hop music. Back in 1994, Kidd was part of a compilation album called B-Ball’s Best Kept Secret, which featured several NBA players — including Shaquille O’Neal, Cedric Ceballos, Dana Barros — showing their skills as rappers. (Funnily enough, Brian Shaw, who is also in his first season as a head coach this season, also had a track on the record.)

The New York Times caught up with Kidd this week to talk to him about his experience recording, “What the Kidd Didd.” As Kidd told the Times, “That’s something on my bucket list that I can say I’ve done, because I’d never do it again.” The whole story is a fun one, well worth a read.

And as for the song? Well, you be the judge…

VIDEO: What the Kidd Didd

Denver Nuggets forever

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — It has been the season of their discontent in Denver. After finishing last season 57-25, but also making their fourth consecutive first round exit, the Nuggets parted ways with reigning coach of the year George Karl and embarked upon a new campaign. But after injuries sidelined JaVale McGee and Danilo Galinari for basically the entire season, and new coach Brian Shaw butted heads with Andre Miller, the Nuggets have basically stumbled into rebuilding mode.

They aren’t far from being back and contending — time and health and the Draft should make huge differences next season — but in the meantime, Denver poet Ken Arkind has written and narrated a tribute to the history of the Nuggets that is a lot of fun to watch. Well done, Denver…

VIDEO: The Scripture Of The Mile High

Denver Continues Its Obsession With Food

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — A few weeks back, we noted that since Denver coach Brian Shaw banned junk food from the Nuggets’ locker room, the Nuggets had gone into a tailspin. Of course, since that post they’ve gone 6-3 and apparently turned things around. There is no official word on whether the junk food ban has been lifted or not, but judging from the recent culinary focus of some of the Nuggets’ social media accounts, it seems food remains on their minds.

JaVale McGee, for instance, recently celebrated a birthday, and at his party he was presented with a birthday cake. But not just any cake — this one has a mustache on the side, as well as a jug of water, since we all know Javale is about that #juglife.

And then going one further, at least when it comes to using food as a personification device, is Nate Robinson, who got a pizza with his face on it. Amazing …

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Nuggets Struggling Since Switching To Healthy Diet

Indiana Pacers v Denver Nuggets

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — I’ve spent a large portion of my life in NBA locker rooms and around NBA players. I’ve also spent a large portion of my life eating, so if anyone is qualified to, ahem, weigh in on this next story, it’s probably me.

At the beginning of December, Nuggets coach Brian Shaw was searching for an excuse for the Nuggets consistently getting off to slow starts in games. According to this story, filed about a week after the incident, Shaw came through the locker room before a game and saw the players indulging in what some may consider an unhealthy diet. So he banned it.

Last week, he walked through the locker room, saw players eating pizza and nachos and believed the poor diet to be the cause. So he picked up all the junk food and threw it in the trash.

The Nuggets had fresh salads with chicken breast and cold cut sandwiches before Monday’s game. The sluggish result was the same.

So what we learn from this is that eating poorly before games was not the reason the Nuggets were starting games poorly. I’ve been in hundreds of NBA locker rooms before games, and if I had to pick the pregame meal I’ve seen consumed most often, it would probably be chicken fingers. I believe this is because while teams often have large (and nominally healthy) meals catered following games, before games players usually have to send a ballboy to a concession stand to get them food, and chicken fingers are sold in almost every arena around the league.

(Granted, pizza and nachos are probably even less healthy than chicken fingers, I think? Not sure. I better eat all three to find out.)

Bigger picture, however, this has not been a fruitful move for the Nuggets. As the sleuths at Reddit did the detective work, the Nuggets have been in a tailspin since Shaw turned into Richard Simmons. From Reddit’s deductions, the Nuggets have gone 1-8 since going healthy.

Now sure, part of that might be because they played some tough opponents over that stretch (Miami, Golden State, Oklahoma City, etc.), but there definitely seems like a pretty clear line between pizza and nachos and losing.

The only obvious solution: A pregame pizza and nachos feast before the next game. And if they lose that one, just ban food altogether.

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Kenneth Faried Is Excited About The Return of Wilson Chandler

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — The Denver Nuggets have had a rough start to the season, going 2-4 out of the gate in coach Brian Shaw‘s first season. Part of the problem has been injuries, with JaVale McGee being the latest to hit the chilling list. On the bright side, Wilson Chandler has been cleared to make his season debut tonight after missing the beginning of the season to treat a hamstring injury.

And when Chandler stopped to tell about his return, his teammate Kenneth Faried couldn’t contain his excitement upon hearing the news…

VIDEO: Kenneth Faried Welcomes Wilson Chandler

Nuggets Coach Brian Shaw Leads By Example

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — It’s easy for a coach — in any sport, not just basketball — to talk tough. In some ways, it’s part of the job: You tell the players how to execute your game plan, and if you don’t at least sound like you know what you’re talking about, how do you get them to buy in? Sometimes you reach deep to find ways to motivate. In Denver this season, Brian Shaw is just months into his first NBA head coaching gig, but he’s already showing that he’s not afraid to get out on the court with his players and mix it up. And considering Shaw played a decade-plus in the NBA and won three Championship rings as a player and two as an assistant coach, he’s probably worth listening to.

The Nuggets have been releasing short videos from their practice sessions, and Shaw’s physical involvement seems to be a recurring theme. In the videos below, he bangs in the post with big men like Kenneth Faried and JaVale McGee, and in another video gets involved in a shoot-out with guard Randy Foye. His post defense is actually pretty effective for a guard trying to stop a big…

VIDEO: Brian Shaw post defense

VIDEO: Brian Shaw shooting drills

Ball Don’t Lie?

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — It all started, and of course it did, with Rasheed Wallace. In the second quarter of Game Two of the Heat’s series against Indiana, Pacers F Sam Young was T’d up after getting tangled with LeBron James following a play. It was the kind of play where throughout the postseason we’ve seen a double technical called, just to settle everyone down. But in this case, Young was singled out, and Pacers assistant coach Brian Shaw got pretty upset about it. So upset that he, too, was called for a technical foul.

And when Ray Allen missed the technical free throw, Brian Shaw said the only thing he could say:


Ball Don’t Lie isn’t just the name of a terrific basketball blog, it’s a phrase introduced to the hoops lexicon by the imitable Rasheed Wallace. Sheed’s been saying it at least since 2006, and probably well before that. It’s a clever way of saying, “I told you so,” after a missed shot. Of course, it usually comes after a foul or technical foul call, which is why Rasheed was the perfect person to popularize the phrase.

For what it’s worth, Shaw’s usage didn’t go forgotten: His family couldn’t have been more proud…

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