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Cam Newton dances courtside at Hornets game

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — The Carolina Panthers have been one of the NFL’s surprise teams, as QB Cam Newton has put up an MVP-type season. He’s also drawn some criticism for his on-field celebrations, criticism he’s laughed off. So when you’re courtside at a Hornets/Cavs game and it’s time for the Dance Cam, who better to feature than Newton? Look at his dab!

Stephen Curry attends Carolina Panthers home opener

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — The Carolina Panthers hosted their home opener yesterday, with a 24-17 win over the Houston Texans, running their start to 2-0 on the season. And to get the crowd fired up, the Panthers brought in the NBA’s reigning MVP, Golden State guard Stephen Curry, who grew up in North Carolina and is a big Panthers fan…

Usain Bolt does LeBron James victory celebration

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — As I’m writing this, it strikes me that I don’t believe we have as yet an official name for LeBron James’ celebratory dance. You know the one I’m talking about, where LeBron takes exaggerated big steps and holds his hands out, palms down, and pretends to push down against the court. He’s been doing it for years, in games and commercials, but I don’t think it has a real name attached to it.

Because if it did have a name attached, it would be easier when doing posts like the one last week, where Carolina’s Cam Newton did LeBron’s move to celebrate scoring a touchdown. Or this post you’re reading, where we check out Jamaica’s Usain Bolt, who hit LeBron’s move after anchoring Jamaica’s recent win in the 4×100-meter relays at the World Championships in Beijing.

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Cam Newton pays tribute to LeBron James with TD celebration

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton has had a signature celebration for a while now: He stands tall and pretends to rip open his jersey, as if he were Superman. But this weekend in a preseason game against the Miami Dolphins, Newton broke out a new wrinkle: He added LeBron James‘ hand-pumping/high-knee move to the Superman…

And LeBron, a noted football fan, took to Twitter to express his support for Newton as well as the impending return of the football season…

Jabari Parker, Usain Bolt, Cam Newton want to be like Mike

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Gatorade has been celebrating the 23rd anniversary of their iconic “Be Like Mike” ads with remixed versions of the original ad. But now they’ve dropped a new version of the ad featuring a ton of current athletes, including NBA players Jabari Parker and Zach LaVine, along with Mia Hamm, Bryce Harper, Usain Bolt, Cam Newton, Abby Wambach…and Michael Jordan himself…

VIDEO: Be Like Mike