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Carlos Boozer explains the “shoe polish” game

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — There are things that have happened in NBA games that have never gone explained — fragments of history, bits of myth and legend that, perhaps one lucky day, will finally be explained.

One of those happened yesterday, as longtime NBA forward Carlos Boozer was a guest on ESPN’s “Highly Questionable,” and he was asked about the “shoe polish” game. What was the shoe polish game? Back in 2012, when Boozer’s Bulls were playing the Boston Celtics on national television, Boozer showed up with his hair looking like, well, shoe polish.


At the time there was no real explanation. Yesterday, Boozer finally set the record straight in the video below around the 3:30 mark…

Chris Paul nutmegs Carlos Boozer

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — There’s a term in soccer called a “nutmeg,” where a player with the ball kicks it through a defender’s legs, either as a pass or a shot. It’s equal parts embarrassing and impressive, and if you’re on the receiving end of the nutmeg, you’re left feeling pretty much helpless.

In last night’s Clippers/Lakers game, Chris Paul grabbed a ball and took off on a fast break, only to find Carlos Boozer blocking his way. What to do? How about this…

Pau Gasol screams a lot

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — For many years, Bulls forward Carlos Boozer was known for his willingness to yell “AND ONE” pretty much any time he shot the ball near the basket, whether or not a foul actually occurred. Boozer may be gone to Los Angeles, but he’s been replaced by Pau Gasol, who, it turns out, has his own vocal theatrics. Check out this video from Bulls fan Dylan Connolly, who cut together Gasol screaming from a few games. AHHHH!

VIDEO: Pau screams

Ronnie Price whiffs on dunk attempt

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Last night’s Lakers/Pacers game featured a few odd moments, including a “fight” between Roy Hibbert and Carlos Boozer that was more shoving match than anything else. That battle resulted in Hibbert shooting free throws while Kobe Bryant reacted in the background…

The game ended with Hibbert attempting a game-winner that probably didn’t go as it was drawn up…

And if all that wasn’t enough, don’t miss Ronnie Price, who had a wide-open look at a dunk that got the Lakers bench on their feet…but ended up being a Shaqtin’ A Fool nominee…

VIDEO: Price Whiffs

NBA players struggle with luxury cars

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — We all know that NBA players can be well-compensated for the work they put it, and one of the more visible ways they tend to reward themselves for their hard work is by buying really nice cars. But with great vehicles come great responsibilities, as we saw through a few social media posts this week.

First, Bulls forward Carlos Boozer went to a dealership to check out a Lamborghini and posed for a photo inside the car. But as he discovered, it wasn’t the being inside the car that was a problem — it was getting out of the car…

Meanwhile, somewhere along a highway yesterday, Evan Turner‘s Ferrari ran out of gas. Luckily, one of his former Ohio State teammates was there in another car to not only get him some more gas (in one of those little red plastic containers), but also to document the incident on Instagram…

(via TNLP)

NBA Players Display Multi-Armed Offense, Defense In NBA Store Ad

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Here’s the latest spot for, where you can order all kinds of gear and, if this commercial is correct, team up with your favorite players — such as Brandon Jennings, Chandler Parsons, Carlos Boozer and Andre Iguodala — to create huge mythological figures that apparently make scoring impossible.

VIDEO: New NBA Store Ad

The All Ball Posterized Poll (Vol. 2)

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — If you’re into the NBA’s most devastating dunks, we’ve got you covered over at the new-and-improved Dunk HQ. But because we’re the All Ball blog and we like to look at the NBA from non-traditional angles, we will focus on the flip side of the NBA’s best dunks: What we want to know is, who got got?

So welcome to Volume Two of The All Ball Posterized Poll. We will check in from time to time and examine the worst of the best, and use a highly scientific polling method to determine which NBA player got dunked on (a.k.a. posterized) the most egregiously. And at the end of the season all of our winners will battle it out to determine who it is that most belongs on a poster.

The winner of Volume One was New Orleans’ Jeff Withey, who was placed on a poster by Lakers’ wingman Xavier Henry, his college teammate. (You can see the offending dunk at this post.) Voting at Volume One is now officially closed.

But can anyone top Withey? We have four new nominees. We checked in with’s own slam dunk specialist, LeMont Calloway, for his informed perspective on the matter. “What I’ll say most about these defenders is that at least they’re trying to show help-side D,” LeMont notes. “There’s a defender or two around the league who wouldn’t even dare, let alone probably couldn’t even make the proper rotation. (Calling you out Boozer!) But, it’s like Bill Walton used to say: What are big men doing trying to take charges anyway?”

1. Chris Bosh (as nominated by Josh Smith)
LeMont’s Take: “It’s got to be fun for Brandon Jennings to play with several front-line bangers on his team. He’s dropped a few passes behind to his big men on fast breaks, and this time it’s J-Smoove’s turn to finish it off.”

VIDEO: Josh Dunks On Bosh

2. Al Horford and Paul Millsap (as nominated by Victor Oladipo)
LeMont’s take: “Any dunk that can get this kind of response out of announcer Dominique Wilkins, one of the godfathers of the dunk, has to be something special. On his visit to the Hawks, I guess Vic wanted to pay tribute to Atlanta rapper Future. Two at the same time indeed.”

VIDEO: Oladipo Dunks On Hawks

3. Carlos Boozer (as nominated by Rodney Stuckey)
LeMont’s Take: “Booz, you brought this one on yourself. One more of these and maybe he’ll consider playing actual NBA-caliber defense.”

VIDEO: Stuckey Dunks On Boozer

4. Darren Collison (as nominated by Ben McLemore)
LeMont’s Take: “This is my pick for the new bunch. You’ve got Big Ben flying with authority and a competent attempt to make a defensive play. Just not enough lift for Collison. The rook’s making me a fan, that’s for sure.”

VIDEO: McLemore Dunks On Collison

These are your nominees for Volume Two. Vote for the winner below…


Watch Out Ref!: Marc Gasol Edition

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — We have nothing against referees here at the All Ball blog, but for whatever reason this blog has been the home of a few cases of anti-ref basketball activity. Just within the last few weeks, there’s been a spate of bad times. For instance:

Unfortunately, we need to check back in with Kennedy, who got jacked up yesterday during the Grizzlies/Thunder game. While chasing after a loose ball, Grizzlies center Marc Gasol grabbed the rock and accidentally plowed into Kennedy…

Say this for Kennedy: He gets knocked down, but he gets up again. You’re never going to keep him down.

Watch Out, Ref!: Milwaukee Edition

By Jeff Case

Only two days after Carlos Boozer accidentally popped official Dan Crawford below the belt after Boozer’s and-one layup, we’ve got another ref taking a hit.

Maybe accidentally bopping officials is something limited to Midwest teams, because the Bucks have gotten themselves in the mix after (literally) rising big man Larry Sanders tagged Bill Kennedy in the face last night. Unlike the Boozer-Crawford hit, which took place late in the second quarter, this incident happened during the jump ball (!!!) of the Bobcats-Bucks game from the BMO Harris Bradley Center, as you can see below:


As the Associated Press tells it (and the clip above shows), Kennedy went down to one knee for a couple of minutes, but ended up staying in the game — much like Crawford did on Saturday when he got hit by Boozer.

What do these incidents all mean? Apparently, NBA officials are a group you can’t keep down for very long.

Boozer Hits Below The Belt

By David Lundy

Good thing official Dan Crawford has a sense of humor.

Carlos Boozer’s exuberance at getting a layup to go while being fouled by the Mavericks almost caused a smashing scene Saturday night.

Check out the highlight as the Bulls’ bruising big man fist pumped right into the, um, shall we say, sweet spot of Dan Crawford as he was making the foul call. The crowd gasped, but Crawford shrugged off the inadvertent foul play, merely grinned and play continued. No real harm resulted from the hoop and low blow.