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Sacramento Kings break out the ugly sweaters

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — The holiday season is generally sweater weather, and what’s a holiday season without an ugly sweater to really celebrate the season? Last year the Sacramento Kings were on the forefront of the NBA’s ugly sweater movement, and it appears this year they’re at it again. Check out some of these pictures they’ve posted of their retro collection, including some awesome holiday sweaters, which are available here




Caron Butler Hits The Deck

Aside from a good facial, a good 1-2 to embarrass a defender is the best experience in basketball.

The crowd oohs and aahs. The broadcasters barely contain their excitement. The benches react: one going crazy with reckless abandon (hello Kent Bazemore) and the other exchanging “did you see that?” looks while trying not to show up their fallen teammate. In the midst of all this, head coaches barely break stride on the sidelines as they stay tuned in to the next play. It’s a beautiful thing.

This season has seen plenty of ankle breakers. Out of this plenty, some have even managed to send a defender stumbling as if he was just learning how to walk.

Last night in the Garden, J.R. Smith gave Tristan Thompson’s talocrural region a reason to get some extra tape after the game. Tonight’s moment came in Orlando, when veteran Caron Butler ventured out to guard Maurice Harkless on a pick-and-roll switch and his feet wouldn’t quite cooperate:

VIDEO: Caron Butler falls to the ground trying to defend Maurice Harkless

First rule of defense: Stay on your feet.

This probably won’t make a Top 10 countdown tonight, but it is notable nonetheless. For one, Harkless didn’t set Butler up with an elaborate dance before making his move. It was a simple quick crossover the way you were taught in grade school. And it didn’t end in a step back jumper by the offender. It resulted in Harkless hitting the open man as the grizzled Butler, whether he slipped or not, got caught on the wrong end of a highlight reel.

Giannis Antetokounmpo Will Teach You How To Dougie

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — On this week’s episode of the Hang Time Podcast, we were joined by veteran Bucks forward Caron Butler. Among other things, I asked Caron about Bucks rookie Giannis Antetokounmpo. More specifically, How do you pronounce his last name? Butler’s response: He didn’t know. “I just call him rook,” Butler said. While we learn how to pronounce Antetokounmpo, Giannis is becoming a bit of an internet favorite. His latest hit: An Instagram video via by my main man Zaza Pachulia in which Giannis teaches us how to Dougie …

(via HP)

NBA Style: Spotlight On Trends

By The Style Crew —

While many NBA players have brought their unique style to the podium during the 2013 playoffs, some trends have popped up multiple times throughout the first week.

DENIM: This postseason, players have embraced the utilitarian fabric to make bold statements. In the gallery below, Blake Griffin and Raymond Felton wear tailored denim button down shirts, while James Harden has an edgier take with a distressed shirt and plaid vest. Brandon Jennings looks summer-ready with a faded chambray shirt and white ankle pants, while LeBron James mixes it up by pairing a crisp denim button down with a black tie under a shawl collar sweater.

PINK: The color has range. Brandon Jennings spruces up a classic tan blazer with a warm pink button down, and Deron Williams wears the same shade under his gray jacket. For bolder variations, Caron Butler’s pink shirt pops under a gray suit and muted blue tie, while Matt Barnes pairs mauve pants with a black jacket and tie.

Let us know who wore these trends best, and if you could imagine them in your closet, tell us about it on Twitter using the hashtag #NBAStyle…

NBA Style: First Week Playoff Fashions

By the Style Crew

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER Part of the fun of the NBA Playoffs is that everything is amplified, from the intensity to the passion to the very stakes everyone is playing for. it is win or go home, and frankly, win or go home, NBA players want to look as sharp as they can while doing either.

Check out some of the looks these NBA stars put together over the first week of the Playoffs, from the fashion forward styles of guys like Russell Westbrook and James Harden, to LeBron James‘ sweater/blazer combo, to the classic suits on players like Harrison Barnes and Andre Iguodala. Skinny ties are worn by several players, and dudes like Mike Conley (cardigan) and Harden (plaid vest with a pocket square) displayed popular recent trends. And also, Russell Westbrook wore a leather shirt.

All these players and more are featured in the gallery below. Who wore it best? Give us your thoughts in the comments section, and keep the conversation going on Twitter by using #NBAStyle.

Three for all: L.A. Clippers

by Micah Hart

As everyone knows by now, the compressed NBA schedule will force every team to play three games in three nights at least one this season (42 times in total). With only 66 games to stake a claim to a playoff spot or seed, how teams perform during these killer slates could have a large impact on how their seasons turn out.

With that in mind, we’re going to keep track of each of the 42 three-plays to see which teams take advantage and which teams fall apart. Up next, the L.A. Clippers, who played three straight from Jan. 16-18.

The Clippers have been the biggest story of this young season what with their acquisition of Chris Paul. So isn’t it ironic that as they enter their toughest stretch of the season to date that they’d have to do so without CP3, who strained his hamstring against the Lakers this past Saturday?

Game 1: Clippers 101, Nets 91 – No Paul no problem when your opponent is the Nets. Chauncey Billups slid nicely into the starting PG role and scored 20 points. Also, Blake Griffin did this to Kris Humphries, easily the most embarrassing thing to happen to Humphries in the last few months. Cough. 2 points (1 for win, 1 for +10 margin)

Game 2: Jazz 108, Clippers 79 – No real surprise here, as the Clippers have lost 16 straight in Salt Lake City. No Clip scored more than Caron Butler‘s 14 points. -1 point

Game 3: Clippers 91, Mavericks 89 – This is why the Clippers picked up Mr. Big Shot when the Knicks put him on waivers, to take and make shots like the game-winner against the Mavericks. Tough week for Dallas in the City of Angels; they lost both games at Staples on a last-second three-pointer. 5 points

A final total of 6 total points for LAC, which isn’t too shabby considering they were playing without Mr. Paul. Oh, and they were also without my fellow Murrah HS alum Mo Williams, which I expected to hurt them way worse. But I’m a homer like that.

Up next: The New Jersey Nets play three straight Jan. 21-23 when they host Oklahoma City and Charlotte, then hit the road to face the Bulls in Chicago.

Three for all Scoreboard:
Chicago Bulls (13 points)
OKC Thunder (12 points)
Atlanta Hawks (8 points)
Houston Rockets (7 points)
L.A. Clippers (6 points)
Philadelphia 76ers (6 points)
Denver Nuggets (6 points)
Orlando Magic (5 points)
L.A. Lakers (3 points)
Charlotte Bobcats (3 points)
Sacramento Kings (2 points)
Minnesota Timberwolves (2 points)
Toronto Raptors (1 point)

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Tough Juice knocks down routine shot

by Zettler Clay

Just a day at the office for new Clipper Caron Butler:

Normally, we get these kind of plays later in the season. But Caron went the early route, placing his name at the top of the ballot for “Insane Shot of the Year” out the gate. Not even mad at it.

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Conventional wisdom: May 19th

by Micah Hart

Each day until the end of the NBA Finals, we’ll be taking a look at the conventional wisdom of the moment — which team is currently the favorite to win it all, and which team should be ashamed to still be putting on its jerseys.

Here’s how it looks on the morning of Thursday, May 19.

Start planning the parade:

Dallas Mavericks

Dirk Nowitzki‘s not bad, is he? Here are some fun stats from his 48-point explosion in Game 1 the other night:

– Dirk’s 15 shots were the least amount of FGs to get to 48+ points in NBA playoff history, and by a wide margin. The previous record was held by Bob Cousy, who needed just 22 shots to score 50 points on March 21, 1953, in a game that went four overtimes.

– Not only did Nowitzki set a new playoff record with 24 FTs without a miss, but it also bested the regular season record as well. Dominique Wilkins holds that mark, as he went 23-23 from the line in a game against the Bulls in 1992.

All the focus is on No-miss-ski, and rightfully so, but he’s not the only reason the Mavs are rolling right now. The Dallas’ bench is killing it in these playoffs, and seems to be getting better with each series. After putting up 48 ppg against the Lakers in the Western Conference semis, Mavs reserves chipped in 53 points in Game 1, mostly thanks to Jason Terry (24 points) and playoff-revelation J.J. Barea (21 points – in 16 minutes no less).

Add in the fact that Dallas is doing all this while down a man thanks to Caron Butler‘s injury and it looks even more impressive.

Give it up already:

Chicago Bulls

It doesn’t matter how good your defense is if you can’t put the ball through the cylinder.

Shaun Powell pointed something out today on, and it’s worth mentioning here. Check out these numbers:

11 for 25.

4 for 18.

6 for 22.

10 for 27.

12 for 32.

11 for 24.

Those are some individual shooting stats for Derrick Rose in several of this year’s playoff games, of which the Bulls have only played 13. So basically, the guy the Bulls’ entire offense revolves around turns into Antoine Walker roughly every other night.

Both the Heat and the Bulls play outstanding defense, but when it comes down to brass tacks, Chicago only has one player it can rely on offensively, while the Heat have two. Ultimately, that will make the difference in who moves on to the NBA Finals.

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Bragging Rights Bracket: No. 1 UConn vs. No. 4 USC

by Micah Hart

For the complete Bragging Rights rules and to vote for other matchups, click here. In this matchup the UConn Huskies, a top seed with 11 NBA players to choose from, take on the USC Trojans. Veal Scalabrine for everyone!


UConn Huskies

Starters (all stats per 48 minutes):

Ray Allen, Celtics: 23.0 points, 4.7 rebounds, 3.7 assists, 0.2 blocks, 1.4 steals
Ben Gordon, Pistons: 21.5 points, 4.5 rebounds, 3.9 assists, 0.4 blocks, 1.1 steals
Emeka Okafor, Hornets: 15.8 points, 14.6 rebounds, 0.8 assists, 2.8 blocks, 0.7 steals
Rudy Gay, Grizzlies: 23.8 points, 7.5 rebounds, 3.4 assists, 1.3 blocks, 2.0 steals
Rip Hamilton, Pistons: 24.7 points, 3.8 rebounds, 4.9 assists, 0.0 blocks, 1.2 steals

Missed the cut: Caron Butler, Mavericks (injured); Charlie Villanueva, Pistons; A.J Price, Pacers; Hilton Armstrong, Hawks; Hasheem Thabeet, Rockets; Jeff Adrien, Warriors

Team synopsis: Wow. A dynamite scoring team for the boys from Storrs. This team is sort of the anti-LSU — all guard play with only Emeka there to patrol the paint. No real headaches in trying to determine their best lineup, though I suppose one could argue a spot for Charlie V due to UConn’s lack of size. Caron Butler would be in over Ben Gordon if healthy, but he’s missed too much time this year to be eligible. How you would stop Allen and Hamilton, two of the best shooters of all-time coming off screens, is anyone’s guess.  (more…)

Last night in a … photo

by Micah Hart

The Mavs’ Caron Butler reminds the home crowd how many games the team has won consecutively after Thursday night’s 102-89 win over the Nets at the American Airlines Center. One more win for Dallas and they’ll tie San Antonio for the longest winning streak of the young season.

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