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LeBron James Wins Halloween

By Nick Margiasso IV

A picture really is worth a thousand words.

But a moving picture of Cavaliers star LeBron James mimicking legendary musical artist Prince for Halloween? Well, that’s worth about a gazillion.

So, without further ado…

Yes there’s more…

Last night in a … fan’s dream come true

by Micah Hart

Why do you go to sporting events? If you are like me, it’s because you root for your favorite team, or because you enjoy the natural drama and entertainment that sports provide. Or, because you secretly wish you’ll get picked to participate in one of the many on-court contests and promotions that most teams do during timeouts and period breaks*.

* I once won a 100-pound chocolate bar at a minor league baseball game in Jackson, MS as part of a between-inning promotion. While that sounds like it would be the greatest thing ever for an 8th grader, it was the kind of chocolate that kids sell for their school raffles, with the crunchies in it. I hate those chocolate bars.

Last night at the Thunder-Cavs game, Oklahoma City fan Robert Yanders lived out the ultimate fantasy, nailing a half-court shot to win $20,000 dollars. For realz – it wasn’t a prank or anything! Roll it!

Awesome. I love Yanders’ confidence, pumping up the crowd before he takes the shot too. Also, where does Cam from Modern Family find time to emcee OKC Thunder home games?

After making the shot, Yanders took time to re-hash his incredible evening with

The Thunder beat the Cavs, by the way, in case anyone cares.

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Mo Williams, how do you rate on the Horry scale?

by Micah Hart

Well that didn’t take long. After Rudy Gay hit the NBA’s first game-winning buzzer-beater last Saturday, it only took four more days before our next entry into the 2010-11 ledger. Mo Williams, step right up to claim your prize:

A refresher — any time there is a GWBB, we will examine its bonafides  in the categories of difficulty, game situation (was the team tied or behind at the time), importance (playoff game or garden-variety Clippers-Nets game), and celebration, and give it an overall grade on a scale of 1-5 Robert Horrys.

Let’s see how this one rates:

Difficulty: It’s a nice shot, no doubt, and Brandon Jennings does all he can to bother Williams. However, this isn’t that hard a shot for an NBA player to make, a face-up jumper from just left-of-center.

Game situation: Tie game, so no harm no foul if it’s a miss.

Importance: In the early season, neither the Bucks or Cavs are doing much to make themselves look like contenders, but I’ll say this — given their summer, I have to think every win feels just a little bit sweeter for Cleveland this year.

Celebration: Mo Williams jumps on the scorer’s table as the crowd in Cleveland goes wild. That’s quite a little Thanksgiving present for the Cleveland fans.

Grade: Three Horrys. Thought about giving it a 2.5, but I bumped them up an extra half-an-Horry for being an antidote to the Cavs’ fans misery.

How do you rate it?

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Did Isiah Thomas just one-up Dan Gilbert?

by Micah Hart

You may recall earlier this summer, a certain member of the Cleveland Cavaliers decided to ply his trade elsewhere. You may also recall that the owner of said franchise did not take it too kindly, and made a bold prediction as to the championship prospects of both the Cavs and Heat, like so:


Surely that would be the most ludicrous championship guarantee this calendar year, yes? Not so fast, says Isiah Thomas.

In an interview with Ian O’Connor for today, the former Knicks exec and current coach at Florida International discussed his tenure in New York, which according to him may not be entirely over. The relevant text:

Isiah believes that, with or without James, he will someday help the Knicks win their first NBA title since 1973.

“I want to be on the float and I want to get my ring,” Thomas said.

Hmmm, Isiah coming back to run the Knicks. What say you, Knicks fans?

Whose proclamation is more likely to come to fruition’?

On the one hand, the Cavs seem pretty far from a title right now after the LeBron devastation. They are old, they don’t have a lot of cap space, and the Heat could win a title as early as this season. Things look pretty bleak.

On the other hand, the sheer audacity of the notion of Isiah coming back to run the Knicks after the tattered mess he left during his previous tenure is staggering. Say what you want about Dan Gilbert‘s statement, but at least he has a team. If New York let Isiah so much as run their fantasy league, I think Knicks fans would seriously consider moving to New Jersey.

What do you think?

Vote now — and give your opinion in the comments after.

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Last night in a…haiku

by Micah Hart

Cleveland Fan Edition

What should LeBron do?
Losing to the Celtics is
a great place to start.

UPDATE: And there’s always this, which about sums things up.

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Central Division Preview: Animated GIF Edition

by Kevin McCormack

With a giant hat tip to the Web site, here’s a look at the upcoming season, gif-style. Today we’ll take on the Central Division, one gif for every team to encapsulate the season ahead. ( Animated GIF Previews: Atlantic | Central | Southeast | Southwest | Northwest | Pacific)

We’re all still reeling from the use of Comic Sans.