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Pistons Play Game With Kyle Singler

by Zettler Clay IV

If there’s one thing preseason basketball is good for (well, outside return of NBA action), it is the rookie initiation rituals. From getting assigned nicknames to singing the birthday song to a vet to toting a Justin Bieber backpack, it is the Association way.

On Saturday night, it was Kyle Singler’s turn to get singled out:

Pretty PG as far as rookie pranks go. Does it beat Charles Oakley hemming up a just-drafted Scottie Pippen on camera? Methinks not.

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If he had to fight, Shaq-fu would take on these NBA players

by Micah Hart

Here is Shaquille O’Neal, calling out five players he’d like to face in the octagon if given the opportunity:

First off, I’d just like to say that there are many reasons why it must be great to be Shaq, but the ability to wear a plain white t-shirt on national television is near the top of the list of things I am jealous of.

Pretty interesting to hear him call out Charles Oakley, who I always considered to be the toughest guy in the NBA in his tenure, and frankly, even if he’s pushing 50, I still wouldn’t want to be getting on his bad side — even as a joke, and even if I were 7-feet 360.

Also, as we all know, Shaq and Charles Barkley famously already scrapped once. My guess is this clip gets played pretty early on in Shaq’s Thursday night career.


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