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The Time Michael Jordan Played Hoops Against Charlie And Martin Sheen

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — There are events that are televised, and then there are events that are made for television. These are generally, at least in hindsight, stranger than reality, or at least lacking in some historical context.

The video we will examine today is certainly from the latter category: A made-for-TV event starring Michael Jordan, Charlie Sheen and his dad, Martin Sheen, and hosted by Dick Van Patten (you know, from “Eight is Enough,” yo).

My fellow ATLien Rembert Browne over at provides the heavy lifting on this video, researching its provenance and explaining its existence. But to be fair, no amount of explanation could ever really explain why this happened. In this case, it’s probably just better to watch.

There is SO MUCH HERE — Michael Jordan drove a Volkswagen Golf? Michael Jordan drove a Volkswagen Golf. — just watch it.

(via Grantland)

Enjoying Heat schadenfreude one last time

by Micah Hart

When LeBron James signed with Miami last summer, leaving Cleveland in the lurch like he did, as a fan I wanted him to feel what Cleveland fans felt. I wanted him to hurt the way they hurt.

As of last night’s title-clinching victory by the Dallas Mavericks, I think it’s safe to say that what the fans wanted has come to pass. Today, LeBron is hurting, and for the haters it is as satisfying as the first gulp of a Coke on a hot summer’s day.

Here is what I wrote right before the start of the season, and it still holds water:

If I am a Cleveland or Toronto fan (but more Cleveland), I don’t want to see Miami struggle through injuries and flame out in the first round because they are at less than full strength. I wouldn’t complain, but it’d still be a disappointment.

If you really want to be spiteful and vindictive (and really, isn’t that what hatred is all about?), you don’t want Miami’s success to be curtailed by a collection of rolled ankles and twisted knees. You want the Heat to be awesome. Devastate the league. Win 70 games. Cruise to the Finals. THEN lose. That is revenge, my friend.

Given the hubris and arrogance exhibited last summer, it’s hard to muster much sympathy for Miami. And while others had a stake in the production, the tab will be paid going forward by LeBron and LeBron alone.


Ron Artest joining cast of Two and a Half Men, announces Ron Artest

by Micah Hart

There is a question that has been on the lips of many, many Americans ever since Charlie Sheen bought a one-way ticket aboard the Crazy Train: who will take his place on TV’s top-rated sitcom*, CBS’ Two and a Half Men?

* I weep for our future

Well, the news broke today, and people can wonder no more: the new sex-crazed, cracker-of-wise misanthrope on the hit show will be … Ron Artest!

At least, so sayeth Queensbridge’s finest:

I guess Ron-Ron saw how successful Lamar Odom has been in his move to the small screen** and decided he needed to get in on the action. I can easily see him getting a rise out of Jon Cryer.

** I have no idea how Khloe and Lamar performs in the ratings – are people tuning in?

I’ll say this. I’ve never seen a single episode of TAAHM, but if Artest was on it, I’d probably give it a shot. At least for an episode or two.

Obviously Artest is kidding, but who knows? Maybe he’ll preview a taste of what the show might look like at his comedy showcase this summer.

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