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Camper asks Dwyane Wade why he flops

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — One thing pro athletes get involved with in their off-season are camps for kids — just recently we saw Damian Lillard throwing down dunks at his camp in Portland.

Miami Heat guard Dwyane Wade hails from Chicago, so he returned home this week to co-sponsor a camp with Chicago Bears wide receiver Brandon Marshall. And in a press conference at the camp, Wade shared what happened when he took questions from the campers. And you know, kids say the darndest things…

VIDEO: Wade flops?

House Hunters: Michael Jordan Edition

ALL BALL NERVE CENTERMichael Jordan last played in an NBA game in 2003, over a decade ago. But his absence hasn’t seemed to dull fan’s appetites for all things MJ. Just a few weeks ago, it was announced that Michael Jordan’s flu game shoes would be going up for auction, and collectors are expected to push the price terribly high.

Now, for the right price, a collector can own the ultimate Jordan collectible: His house. Valued at over $20 million, the Chicago-area home will be up for sale as part of a live auction on November 22. The Today Show’s Willie Geist recently visited the 9-bedroom, 19-bathroom, 56,000-square-foot mansion and got a first-hand look at the place…

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VIDEO: Today Show at MJ’s Home

Also, here’s another look at the property, complete with a guest appearance by former Bulls guard Randy Brown

VIDEO: MJ’s Residence

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Won’t someone please talk to Patty Mills?

by Micah Hart

Patty Mills of the Portland Trail Blazers seems like a very nice guy. He’s got that Aussie charm and confidence that seems to be instilled in the entire continent at birth.

That friendliness may play well in the Pacific Northwest, but how would it play on the mean streets of Chicago? Let’s find out:

Ouch, babe. I really felt for Mills there — all he wants is to ask a few simple questions! What happened to good ole’ American friendliness and good ole’ American insane thirst to be on TV?

As I said, Mills is a likable chap (and not for nothing, still a pretty nice prospect in my opinion), and I hope his Chicago experience won’t deter him from making future episodes of Patty Cakes. But I’d definitely recommend losing the hoodie. It’s got a little too much unabomber feel to it.

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