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Miami Heat throw it back to the 1990s

By Jeff Case

Last night, the Miami Heat hosted the San Antonio Spurs in a TNT showdown on national TV. As such, the Heat decided this would be a “throwback” game and sported uniforms the team wore during the franchise’s 1990s era. But they didn’t stop there with the historical stuff.

They had a throwback “I Love This Game”-themed commercial, playing off the popular advertising campaign the NBA used in the 1990s …

VIDEO: Miami Heat “I Love This Game” commercial

… there was a throwback player introduction before the game …

VIDEO: Heat’s throwback player introductions

… and perhaps the best part, they had the players do a 1990s-style infomercial featuring Amar’e StoudemireDwyane Wade, Tyler JohnsonGoran Dragic and Chris Andersen dancing to hits from Bobby Brown (“Every Little Step”), Kris Kross (“Jump”), Tom Jones (“It’s Not Usual”/The Carlton) Los Del Rio (“The Macarena”) and M.C. Hammer (“Can’t Touch This”).

VIDEO: Miami Heat infomercial

Aaron Gordon loses a shoe

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — It’s unclear exactly what has happened in this clip. I’ve watched it in slow motion about five times and am still unsure how this happened. Either way, Orlando’s Aaron Gordon is out on the perimeter when all of a sudden his right shoe shoots off his foot and flies from the three-point line, into the paint and ends up down under the basket. While the shoe is doing its thing, Gordon drives into the paint wearing one shoe and takes a shot. And as Gordon is driving, Miami’s Chris Andersen delivers a swift kick to Gordon’s bouncing shoe and boots it out of the lane. Crazy play.

(via SB Nation)

Meet the Li’l Birdman

By Jeff Case

Shortly before Monday’s Game 4 between the Miami Heat and Indiana Pacers, the Heat got word that shot blocker/fan favorite ChrisBirdmanAndersen would miss the game due to a thigh contusion. For one young, loyal Miami fan, that news had to be a little bit of a letdown … especially considering he went for the full-on “Birdman” look — including drawing on virtually all of Andersen’s trademark tattoos — for Game 4:

(h/t SBNation)

An Interactive Guide To NBA Tattoos


ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — I do not have any tattoos. Years ago, this may have put me in a societal majority, but these days I’m not so sure. Today tattoos are common, and particularly in professional sports. In the NBA, where guys run around with most of their bodies exposed, the art is particularly visible.

And in some cases, even when it isn’t visible, guys are still inked out. If you’re interested, Slate put together a pretty amazing interactive compendium of NBA tattoo art that you can get lost in.

Worth noting: After free agency, there’s going to be a lot of re-formulating to be done.

The Birdman Knows NBA Style

NBA Style

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — On days during the NBA Finals when there are no games being played, the NBA organizes what is called Media Availability. Basically, each team takes a turn facing the assembled media, answering a similar gauntlet of questions about the game that just happened or the game that is about to occur.

One day last weekend in Miami, I decided to ask Chris Andersen, the Birdman, about his take on NBA style. We’ve seen how he’s evolved, but we haven’t really heard him speak on it. So I sidled up to him during media availability, asked him a few questions, had a laugh, and moved on. It was a short exchange, basically a minute long, so I wasn’t really sure what to do with the video. Post it? Or just forget about it?

I ended up forgetting about it until this morning, when I was perusing Getty and came across this photo of the Birdman’s arrival to Game 5…

2013 NBA Finals - Game Five

I guess this conforms to the NBA Dress Code? Actually, it reminds me of my favorite reality star on TV, Uncle Si from “Duck Dynasty.” (Hey!)

Either way, I guess we call the look “cool…cool.”

The Evolution Of Birdman

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — The Miami Heat have received an unexpected boost this season from Chris Andersen, aka The Birdman, aka Birdman Birdman. For a team that won a title last year while constantly shuffling their center rotation, Andersen has given them a stable option off the bench, always energetic and frenetic and moving and contesting. He may not be the most skilled player in the paint, but he always plays hard and comes to play, which is more than you can say for a lot of NBA bigs.

Of course, a large part of the Birdman package is his look — Birdman is The Illustrated Man, covered with colorful tattoos, right up his arms and up to his chin, like a turtleneck of ink. This is topped off by an aggressive mohawk that somehow stays vertical throughout an entire NBA game.

But it wasn’t always this way. When Birdman broke into the NBA’s professional ranks, playing in the NBA D-League in the 2001-02 season, his skin was relatively undoctored, his head shaved. But since then, as this tweet from Nicki Jhabvala shows, Birdman has undergone quite an evolution…

Check it out up close. Fly, Freebird.



ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — One of the great new memes of the playoffs has come courtesy of our cohort Shaq over on “Inside the NBA.” It began with a discussion of Heat center Chris Andersen, who has long been known as “Birdman.” During a highlight featuring Andersen, Shaq Diesel, in an inspired reference to the (corporate synergy alert) Adult Swim program “Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law,” began shouting “BIRDMAN, BIRDMAN!

And it now has officially become a thing. Here’s a quick supercut of Shaq mentions:

I can’t say that I mind, because Shaq yelling this out always cracks up Ernie Johnson. And that’s always a great thing.

Interestingly, Birdman wants to trademark the “Birdman” nickname and use it to raise money for children’s charities.

Seems like there’s a certain attorney at law out there who’d be perfect to offer Andersen some legal advice.

UPDATE: Shoutout to Trey Kerby at TBJ, who uncovered the BIRDMAN BIRDMAN remix…

(h/t r/NBA)

LeBron, Wade & Heat ‘Sing’ The Hits

By Jeff Case


Two weeks ago, videos like the one above touting Battioke began circulating the NBA blogosphere. What exactly is Battioke? It’s a Jan. 21 event at Miami’s Eden Roc Hotel on Miami Beach, hosted by none other than Heat forward Shane Battier as part of his Take Charge Foundation, which helps furthering education for at-risk students.

Nothing quite like watching your favorite Miami Heat stars belt out the hits, especially after last season’s event which saw LeBron James sing (and we use that term loosely) Rick James‘ “Superfreak” as well as a truly eardrum-shattering version of The Temptations’ hit, “My Girl,” by Heat boss Pat Riley.

Welp, this year’s Battioke has come and gone and the videos are starting to pop up. James gets into the act this year by trying his hand at Michael Jackson‘s “Rock With You”. As a bonus treat, a fan gets serenaded by both he and fellow Heat star Dwyane Wade (replete with shades and fake sideburns a la Elvis) as they try their hand at Shai‘s “If I Ever Fall In Love”.

If that’s not enough for you, we’ve also got newly signed center Chris Andersen and 3-point shooter Mike Miller giving it the old Battioke try on Vanilla Ice‘s 1990s classic, “Ice, Ice Baby”:

These vids likely won’t sway your opinion of the Heat one way or the other, but one thing is certain: these guys are awful singers.

The Birdman is rocking a sweet beard to go with his tats

by Micah Hart

As players report back to their teams, we get a glimpse and some of their offseason handiwork. Like Chris Andersen’s chin beard, for example:

via @denvernuggets

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Fly Birdman, Fly

by Kevin McCormack

In the annals of athletes referring to themselves in the third person, Chris Andersen — aka “The Birdman” — has to rank pretty high, no? Anyway, here’s a video of The Birdman driving around in a superhero car called Black Beauty, which is really all you need to know:

Also, All Ball is contractually obligated on any reference of Chris Andersen to play this clip. Roll it: