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The Milwaukee Bucks visit the State Fair

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — The Wisconsin State Fair just came to an end — yet they’re already counting down until the 2016 State Fair on their website. But before the Wisconsin State Fair was over, a couple of members of the Milwaukee Bucks paid a visit. In the first video, Jabari Parker plays game show host and quizzes a bunch of fans about which Bucks player wrote various tweets. And then in the second video, new Bucks forward Chris Copeland works the counter at the milk house (and an employee throws some shade at Parker along the way).

VIDEO: Jabari Tweets

VIDEO: Copeland Milk

NBA Style: Spotlight On Round Two

NBA Style

By the Style Crew —

With the Conference Finals underway and the NBA Finals around the corner, let’s take a look back at the fashion of Round Two. Carmelo Anthony made the hat his wardrobe staple, Mike Conley continued to experiment with a spectrum of different styles, and Stephen Curry kept his look simple, letting his spectacular performances on the court do the talking. As always, keep up with the conversation on Twitter using #NBAStyle.

Carmelo Anthony pairs his signature hats with different outfits ranging from a colorful printed shirt to a maroon blazer. After Game 6, he loses the hat and dons a printed blue tee.  [PHOTOS 1-4]

1_Carmelo Anthony Rd2Gm3

2_Carmelo Anthony rd2gm4 (more…)