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Cleveland’s belief finally pays off

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — The city of Cleveland had gone 52 years without winning a sports championship…until last night, when the Cleveland Cavaliers did the impossible and came from behind to beat the Golden State Warriors in the NBA Finals. It wasn’t always easy to be a Cleveland sports fan, but last night all the years of waiting and wishing became worth it. And in this new commercial from Nike, Cavs fans find out exactly how great it feels to be a champion…

What should he do, MJ?

by Micah Hart

LeBron’s new Nike commercial takes a little jab at a few different players, most notably Charles Barkley and Michael Jordan. Ever wonder how MJ might respond to LBJ’s ad? Roll it!

Job well done, YouTube user MoneyChaserTV. We’ve now seen responses from Cleveland and His Airness. Someone want to see what Chuck would have to say?

H/T NBA Facts and Rumors

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Who’s on the Cavaliers 2011 calendar? Oh, that’s unfortunate

by Micah Hart

Alright, the new 2011 Cavaliers calendar is here! Who will be on the cover – Mo Williams? Antawn Jamison? Oh, LeBron James, that makes sense. Wait a minute…

The best part of this story is the name of the company who produced the calendar – a Wisconsin company called Perfect Timing.

Perfect timing indeed.


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