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Robin Lopez takes out Clutch the Bear

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — For all the ways we have seen Robin Lopez tangle with mascots around the NBA, a tip of the hat to Houston’s Clutch the Bear, who waited until halftime the other night and then went after Lopez with a novel approach: Clutch sprayed him with a fire extinguisher.

You can guess how that turned out…

Rockets mascot gives Spurs fan cake in the face

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — With the NBA season winding down and several playoff matchups still to be determined, tensions are running high. So perhaps we can forgive Houston Rockets mascot Clutch, who saw a Spurs fan at a Rockets game and greeted him in a less-than-friendly way. Oh sure, it was probably just a “mistake,” that Clutch just happened to fall into a Spurs fan while he was carrying a cake. But he did hit the man square in the face…

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Dwight Howard Loses Halfcourt Trick Shot Contest To Rockets Mascot

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — We established just yesterday that if you’re looking for someone to hit a shot from halfcourt, your best bet may be to go to Oklahoma City and randomly pull someone out of the stands. Because for whatever reason, people at Oklahoma City Thunder games seem to be incredibly good at halfcourt shots, at least when there’s some cash on the line.

Barring a trip to OKC, however, your best option when it comes to finding a halfcourt chucker might be using an NBA mascot. Particularly if you’re taking the shot backward, over your head. Check out the vid below, where Houston’s Dwight Howard tries to take on Rockets’ mascot Clutch in an impromptu trick shot contest …

VIDEO: Clutch gets better of Dwight Howard

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