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Kobe, Melo, Porzingis ain’t afraid of no ghosts

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — A modern reboot of the classic movie Ghostbusters is on the way, and to celebrate the new flick, last night new trailers dropped featuring several NBA players. In the first spot, set in New York City, Carmelo Anthony and Kristaps Porzingis team up with Spike Lee and Walt “Clyde” Frazier to vanquish the ghosts of Madison Square Garden. Meanwhile, in Los Angeles, who you gonna call? That’s right, Kobe Bryant.

The NBA on Christmas Day: Talking with John Leguizamo

Portland Trail Blazers v New York Knicks

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — The holidays are not only a time of being with friends and family, they also bring about one of the marquee moments on the NBA calendar: Christmas Day, when the NBA is giving us five big match-ups to keep you glued to your couch all day long.

To celebrate the upcoming day, we’re talking with a few famous NBA fans about what the NBA and the Christmas Day games mean to them. Today we check in with the multihyphenate (writer-actor, producer-director, and on and on) John Leguizamo. Though he was born in Colombia, Leguizamo’s family moved to New York soon after, and a lifelong love affair with basketball and the New York Knicks began. His latest project is the loosely-autobiographical film Fugly!, out now on demand and on iTunes.

ME: I’ve seen you at lots of Knicks games through the years. Did being a fan of the Knicks start as soon you and your family moved to New York?

LEGUIZAMO: Yeah, definitely. I love basketball — that’s what I played growing up. You know, the sport you play is the sport you end up loving to watch. Somehow, it’s reliving the childhood and the life you never had. So yeah, I was a big Knicks fan back in the day — Clyde and up to Patrick Ewing, Sprewell, Starks, LJ, and up to now, the triangle offense, I’m here.

ME: Even these days, when the franchise is rebuilding, are you still fully invested?

LEGUIZAMO: It’s tough. The triangle offense is a tough thing to figure out. I mean, I guess it worked for Phil Jackson in Chicago and L.A., but how is it going to work on these cats who’ve played so differently all their lives, man? I don’t know, it’s a tough thing to watch. It’s like…(laughing) sending troops into war without weapons. I don’t know. It’s like, “Try and use your fist this time instead of a bayonet!”

ME: Also, to be fair, Phil had Jordan and Pippen in Chicago and Shaq and Kobe in L.A. So there may be a bit of a personnel issue with this Knicks team.

LEGUIZAMO: You mean you don’t think Carmelo is Kobe Bryant? (laughs) I mean, who was Michael Jordan anyway? No athlete will ever equal the excellence of that cat, but Kobe was pretty close, man.


ME: Let’s get your predictions for the Christmas Day games. First up is your Knicks hosting the Washington Wizards.

LEGUIZAMO: Aw man. I mean, the Knicks will surprise you out of nowhere man, and maybe this is the time they’ll all come together — J.R. Smith and Shumpert — and maybe they’ll still come together for that. So I’ll give it to the Knicks. I mean, they come out of nowhere sometimes and they figure it out, and somehow the triangle offense comes together and somehow they’re loose and free. Or they get totally shut down, I don’t know.

ME: Right, sometimes it’s more like the Bermuda Triangle offense.

LEGUIZAMO: (laughs) Definitely the Bermuda Triangle. I think the Aztecs used The Triangle when they fought the Conquistadores. And what happened to the that empire?

ME: Yeah, didn’t work out so well. What do you do on Christmas Day? Will you watch games, or what’s your plan?

LEGUIZAMO: Well, we travel far. Our families are gypsies, so last year we went to Peru, and this year I’m going to be in Africa on a safari, not a shooting safari but shooting with my camera.

ME: Sounds amazing. OK, next up is the San Antonio Spurs at the Oklahoma City Thunder.

LEGUIZAMO: Thunder didn’t show up the other night. I mean, Kevin Durant is back, but I’m gonna go Spurs.

ME: Yeah, it’s hard to pick against them. Cleveland Cavaliers at the Miami Heat.

LEGUIZAMO: Aaahhhhhh! Oh dear, that’s gonna be wild. I love LeBron now that he went to the Cavs; somehow he regained my respect and love. But that’s gonna be tough, Look at Dwyane who came in the other day with crazy points. I don’t know, I’m gonna go with the Heat.

ME: Two more. Lakers at the Bulls.

LEGUIZAMO: Bulls. Derrick Rose. That’s all I gotta say, two words: Derrick Rose.

ME: Last one, Los Angeles Clippers at maybe the surprise team of the season, the Golden State Warriors.

LEGUIZAMO: Wow, that’s a tough one. I mean, I love the Clippers, man, I love CP3, and after all they went through, I’m going to do the emotional choice instead of the smart choice (laughing), I’m going to go Clippers.

It’s hard being a rookie

by Micah Hart

It’s a hard life, being a rookie. There is a lot to adjust to in the NBA, from learning complex offensive and defensive systems to dealing with the constant travel and increase in games. Add in a language barrier, and sometimes you might find yourself forgetting which way is up. Or, if you are Wizards rookie Kevin Seraphin, which way is front. Observe:

Clyde Frazier knows what I’m talking about: “At least he has them on!”

What would a good Clyde-ism be for this situation? Dressing and stressing? Changing and arranging? I got nothing.

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Last night in a … photo

by Micah Hart

Clyde Frazier was a stylish dude back in his playing days. And even though the 1970’s have come and gone, it doesn’t mean Clyde can’t still rock some threads that would have brought the house down back in the day.

Above is Frazier’s outfit from Sunday night’s Knicks-Lakers showdown in L.A., and from podcast friend Alan Hahn‘s twitter feed we get the scoop on it’s origin:

@alanhahn: Some background on Frazier’s suit: he said he was furniture shopping and saw the print. Wanted it. Bought the material and had suit made.

Yeah, that’s probably what I would have guessed. Better this ended up a suit than a couch anyway.

H/T Basketball Jones

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Love’s 30-30 told by Walt Clyde Frazier

by Adena Andrews

Kevin Love‘s 30-30 night was truly historical but what made it even more enjoyable was narration by the league’s most eloquent color analyst, Walt “Clyde” Frazier. If you watched on NBA League Pass (which is still available for a low, low price, BUY NOW!), the game was called by Frazier and you probably had to pull out your thesaurus to understand what was going on. We here at All Ball thought we’d give our vocabulary a work out and recap last night — Frazier style.

In a truly serendipitous night, Kevin Love conveyed a grandiloquent, slam-tastic presentation of 30-for-30 (31 points and 31 rebounds) in front of a boisterous Minnesota multitude. New York’s defense was hushed and crushed by Love, who seized approximately 1.29 rebounds for each minute of participation.  An omnipotent performance of this temperament has not occurred since 1982 by Moses Malone.

“My dad always said if you can’t get close enough to the basket throw it up there and get the rebound like Moses Malone,” Love declared.

In factual Knickerbocker methodology, New York permitted a 21-point third-quarter lead to dissipate. In all actualization, Love pontificated his individual astounding rebounding evening.

“K-Love just whispered in my ear and said, ‘I’m going for 30 tonight.’ I was like 30 what? I didn’t know he had 18 at the time,” Minnesota bruiser Michael Beasley affirmed.

Scintillating, smoldering presentations of this nature should be no revelation for the ostentatious center of Minnesota, who dispatched a 23-point, 24-rebound contest three nights ago against the reigning champion Lakers.

Not to be deprived of his appreciation, dedication and admiration, Beasley perpetuated a sizzling, scorching and slashing scoring streak by dropping 35 points subsequent to a career-high 42-point deed against the Kings on the left coast.

The dynamic, dishing and dunking duo of Love and Beasley will make its next manifestation on the hardwood of the Highlight Factory in Atlanta on Sunday.

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