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Pacers to appear on ‘The Bachelor’

The Indiana Pacers will appear on a future episode of 'The Bachelor'.

The Indiana Pacers will appear on a future episode of ‘The Bachelor’.

By Jeff Case

One of the most popular reality TV shows over the last 20 seasons has been ABC’s “The Bachelor”. This season’s eligible guy is Ben Higgins, a software salesman who lives in Denver, but hails from Indiana. He attended Indiana University. where he hung out with the stars on the team back then, future NBA first-round draft picks Victor Oladipo and Cody Zeller. 

(According to the Indianapolis Star, Higgins and Zeller became friends and are still pals today).

As part of the show, Higgins is traveling back to his home state and the Pacers will be a part of an upcoming episode. has more on why Higgins is back in his native state and how the Pacers got into the episode, which will feature George Hill, Paul George and coach Frank Vogel (and they’ve got a photo gallery from the taping, too):

Pacers fans will see some familiar faces on the next episode of “The Bachelor.” Paul George, George Hill, and Coach Frank Vogel are special guests on next Monday’s episode on ABC.

Current Bachelor Ben Higgins is a Warsaw, Ind. native and filming for this particular episode took place in his hometown. Ben’s date for the episode was Lauren B.

This isn’t the first time a member of the Pacers Sports & Entertainment family has appeared on a show from “The Bachelor” franchise. Indiana Fever All-Star forward Tamika Catchings appeared on an episode of “The Bachelorette in 2014.

The Charlotte Hornets perform “Piano Man”

ALL BALL NERVE CENTERBilly Joel will be performing a show in Charlotte in the Time Warner Cable Arena. To “welcome” him to town, several members of the Charlotte Hornets — Cody Zeller, P.J. Hairston, Jannero Pargo Brian Roberts and Noah Vonleh — put down a karaoke version of the song. I’m not sure if Billy Joel will carry on as planned after listening to this…

VIDEO: Hornets Sing

Cody Zeller Pays Greg Monroe Back

Last night, Greg Monroe gave Charlotte’s neophyte big man Cody Zeller a block to remember, or as Lang Whitaker put it, a BLOCK to remember. Tonight during the second of a home-and-home back-to-back, Zells’ memory didn’t fail him and he came out the gates with one thing in mind.

In the first quarter, Cody packed Monroe’s shot not once or twice, but three times. While none equaled the singular ferocity of Monroe’s BLOCK, the basketball lords granted Zeller an opening toward redemption and the rook atoned:

VIDEO: Cody Zeller hustles back for the stuff on Greg Monroe

Greg Monroe Destroys Cody Zeller Shot Attempt

VIDEO: Monroe’s Block Against Zeller

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — There are blocked shots, and then there are BLOCKED SHOTS. This from Greg Monroe last night against Cody Zeller is definitely a BLOCKED SHOT. I think Zeller should have let go of the ball a bit sooner. Looks 2014 just isn’t Zeller’s year so far.

All this play was missing was the finger wag after the block…


Cody Zeller Has Rough New Year

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — We are not here to focus on anyone’s personal life, but when you post your business on Twitter, it sort of feels like it’s fair game. Which is why we turn our bleary eyes toward Bobcats rookie center Cody Zeller, who had a rough New Year’s Eve/Day. To begin with, Zeller celebrated New Year’s Eve while on the road with the Bobcats. Unfortunately, Zeller celebrated alone on Twitter. And from what he posted, a lonely New Year is nothing new…

(Maybe it’s just me, but it fells like a “frowning”/”crying” emoticon would have been a solid choice at the end of that tweet.)

Then the next day, the Bobcats took on the Clippers, and Zeller’s attempt to fly in and dunk past Blake Griffin was rejected…by the rim.


Those guys on the bench in the background feel his pain.

(GIF via SBNation)

Rookies Hold Awesome Impromptu Dunk Contest

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — I blogged earlier about the Rookie Photo Shoot we attended yesterday, and as the day wore on, it became clear that more and more of the same was awaiting us — photos to be taken, interviews to be conducted, with what looked to be like some significant standing around time in between. And then what often happens in a basketball gym when really good basketball players are hanging around started happening: Dunks and trick shots, which were luckily all captured on the NBA’s Vine account.

It began with Peyton Siva going through the legs and around the back to throw an alley-oop to Shabazz Muhammad


Victor Oladipo Posterizes His Fellow Rookies

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — I spent all day yesterday at the Panini NBA Rookie Photo Shoot, a circus of an extravaganza of an event, in which 36 NBA rookies show up in uniform and spend the day being poked and prodded by various outlets from various forms of media. It’s a bit of a head-spinning experience: so many rookies, so many cameras, so much happening, all while the great DJ Neil Armstrong was spinning tunes in the corner at a significant volume.

We’ll have more from this day for some time to come, but there was one moment that stood out which we should get to first. I was there along with my main man Dennis Scott, as we taped interviews with dozens of the players for use here on and on NBA TV. A few hours into the morning, as we were talking with OKC rookie Steven Adams, Bobcats rookie Cody Zeller approached from one side holding a trash can. Before we could even think about what was happening, Zeller’s college teamate Victor Oladipo sprinted in from our blindside and dunked on Adams. (You can see me and 3D make an appearance at the :28 second mark, as we join everyone else in laughing at Adams.)

Today the video has emerged, as Oladipo and Zeller were apparently working at the behest of Adams was not the only victim for this dastardly duo, as they spent a while going around posterizing their fellow rookies. We brought you the debut of posterizing a few months ago, and now it has made its logical progression into the NBA. When Oladipo’s around, watch your back.

(via Dan Devine)

Draft Diaries: Cody Zeller

Cody Zeller (Pete Monsanto photo)

Cody Zeller (Pete Monsanto photo)

By Cody Zeller, for

Livin’ The West Coast Life

Hi, everybody! Last time I blogged I was finishing up classes and finals at Indiana University. Today, I’m blogging from the comfort of my temporary home in Los Angeles. About a month ago, I moved in with my agent and his family, and I’m living here while I train for the upcoming NBA Draft.

It’s going great living here in LA! I’ve made myself at home, and I feel like I’m part of the family! I was even helping my agent’s daughter with her math homework the other night. Let’s see, I believe we were learning about obtuse and right angles. I’m trying to help out where I can! Since I like things to be neat and organized, I’m making sure my room is clean.

I usually work out in the morning, so I have the night pretty open. I’ve been hanging out with one of my buddies who used to play at Indiana and recently got a job in Los Angeles as a video coordinator at UCLA. We’ve seen a couple movies — Great Gatsby and Iron Man 3. Between my friends and living with my agent and his family, I always have the open invite to tag along with someone!

Another thing I’m loving about this city is In-N-Out burger! We don’t have that where I’m from! I’ve been there about three or four times since I got to town — and come to think of it, I really need to go more often! I usually order a couple double cheeseburgers and a shake. It sounds like a lot but I’m a big boy, I can handle it!

Working Hard

Don’t get me wrong. While I really like it out here, I’m also extremely focused on basketball and working really hard to prepare for the Draft. I’m living about 20 minutes from the practice facility, but with this crazy traffic, I leave early so I don’t get stuck in it. I’m working out with Ed Schilling, a trainer from Indiana that I’ve worked out with before. My brother Luke also worked out with him when he was in Indiana. Ed is also training fellow Draftee Allen Crabbe, and he does a great job helping to prepare guys for the Draft.

I’m continuing to work hard and get better every single day!

 Rewind to Chicago

The Chicago Pre-Draft Camp was fun and went well for me. It was a very busy week with a lot of interviews, but I knew what to expect since my brother Tyler went to the camp last year and I asked him a lot of questions about it.

The interviews were a big part of it for me. I interviewed with 14 NBA teams within a couple days, and each interview was about 30 minutes long. It got pretty intense! They asked me a number of different things — from my strengths and weaknesses on the court to my personal life. Each team pretty much asked the same thing, so by the 14th time, I knew all the questions and the answers!

I didn’t participate in the skills section (based on my agent’s recommendation), but I did do the weight testing, agility drills and vertical measurement. I saw a stat that my standing vertical of 35.5” was the highest ever recorded for a player 6’9” or taller in the last 10 years or so. Some people seemed pretty excited about that. For me, I am always striving to get better, so I won’t settle for those numbers.

Chicago was a great experience and it was also fun to hang out with the other guys attending the camp. We all know each other pretty well from playing against each other in AAU, high school and college. I roomed with Reggie Bullock, who was a familiar face. This class is a great group of guys!

Thanks for reading. I’m sure I’ll have more to tell you next time!. It’s all about hoops for me, so make sure to track my journey to the 2013 Draft on and follow me on Twitter @CodyZeller.

Draft Diaries: Cody Zeller

Cody Zeller averaged 16.5 points and 8.1 rebounds a game for IU in 2012-13. (Courtesy Indiana University)

Cody Zeller averaged 16.5 points and 8.1 rebounds a game for IU in 2012-13. (Courtesy Indiana University)

By Cody Zeller, for

College Convo

I’m still here at Indiana University, living in a house with some of my teammates, finishing up my classes for the semester. I have had a busy week doing a lot of studying. I had two finals on Monday (in my public policy and management classes) and another on Thursday morning in accounting. I also finished and turned in my criminal justice paper last week so I’m all done!

In the midst of studying, I’ve also maintained my workouts. Having worked out for the last two years while in school, I’ve always had to find time for schoolwork. My workouts are just a little different now because I’ve shifted more toward preparing for the NBA Pre-Draft Camp coming up in Chicago. That basically means I’ve been training for the different drills they do there, like vertical leap, agility and the 75-foot sprint. It has also been a lot of shooting and court work.

Cody Zeller during a photo shoot in Times Square. (Photo by Pete Monsanto)

Cody Zeller in Times Square.(Photo by Pete Monsanto)

As for what’s ahead, I’m excited. At this point in my life, I decided that declaring for the Draft was the best thing for me. I’m 35 credits away from graduating, which is about two summers worth of school, and I do plan to come back to graduate from the Kelley School of Business with a degree in management. I would also like to finish up those credits as soon as possible because the longer I wait, the tougher it will probably be to go back.

As for my team, I am really going to miss them. We are such a tight-knit group. Playing at Assembly Hall, our basketball arena, is unbelievable! The fans are unbelievable! We have the largest student section in the country, and I’m going to miss playing in front of a sold-out crowd like that.

What’s Next?

The process leading up to the Draft has been fun so far, but there are a lot of unknowns, like not knowing what city I’ll be living in next year. It’s been helpful, though, because I’ve been asking my brother Tyler, who was drafted last year, a lot of questions about all of this. We talk a couple times a week, and I’m always picking his brain, especially about Draft workouts. So, I kind of know what’s coming, but it’s something I need to experience for myself. It was a big jump going from high school to college, and I know it will be a big adjustment from college to the NBA.

It’s really neat that I’ve got a bunch of teammates going into the Draft with me. There are not that many college teams who have two high draft picks, and maybe up to four players getting drafted. It will be fun for us to share stories with each other, like about our agents or where we’ve worked out. I am very close with fellow Hoosier Victor Oladipo, and it’s cool that we are both going through this at the same time. We’ll be very competitive, especially if we’re working out together, but at the end of the day, we want the best for each other. We’ll be cheering each other on the whole way.

A Man of Distinxion

I’m looking forward to getting involved with my family’s non-profit organization, Distinxion, which combines basketball training and character building. Due to NCAA regulations, I have been unable to be involved with Distinxion so far. My first way of helping out was to drive traffic to the Web site ( by posting my press release announcing my decision to enter the Draft on the homepage. We received a lot of page views, which was great.

There are a lot of Distinxion basketball camps coming up this summer. I’m not sure where I’m going to be, but if I’m around, I’ll definitely go help out and I’ll also help spread the word whenever I feel the opportunity is right.

New York, New York

I took a fun day trip to New York last week. I had the chance to meet everyone at my agency’s office, and then I had a photo shoot in Times Square, which was cool. I also was fitted for a suit at Alton Lane. There’s nothing like getting fitted for a suit in New York City! I had no idea how many options you can have with one suit! I already have a black one, so I got a dark blue suit this time. I might wear it on Draft night, but I’ll probably decide that once I get it.

I’m an avid Tweeter, so follow me @CodyZeller!

To learn more about Distinxion or see where we are hosting camps this summer, visit and follow @DistinXion

The NBA Draft is June 27 in Brooklyn at the Barclays Center.