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LeBron shows off impressive (vocal) range

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — We all knew LeBron James had great range, but who knew that also extended to his vocal cords? Last night on “Conan,” director Judd Apatow brought along a clip from his new movie Trainwrecked, which features LeBron. And as we see in the clip, LeBron shows off some impressive versatility, and an ability to go high or low…

VIDEO: LeBron Apatow

Clippers unveil new logo for 2015-16

VIDEO: Owner Steve Ballmer unveils the Clippers’ new look unis on ‘Conan’

By Nick Margiasso IV,

In the NBA world, it’s time to already start turning toward next season. And while prospect and player news begins trickling in as both the 2015 NBA Draft and free agency period are, respectively, on their way, the summer also means new logo season is here.


So — although the Milwaukee Bucks already got a jump start on revamping their gear — the Los Angeles Clippers decided to use the first day after The Finals to show the world their own big makeover. Oddly enough, Conan is where owner Steve Ballmer showed off the new wears … with an official announcement to follow shortly thereafter.

VIDEO: Clippers unveil their new logo and unis


Barkley vs. Shaq heats up

By Lang Whitaker,

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Last week during the NCAA Tournament broadcast, which featured Charles Barkley as an analyst, Chuck’s colleague Shaquille O’Neal sent out a tweet poking fun at the Chuckster…

This got noticed, of course, and the folks on the CBS set decided to allow Charles the chance to respond. And Charles definitely responded…

VIDEO: Chuck on Shaq

That clip of Charles went viral, so a few days later, Shaq responded…

Charles doesn’t use any social media, so he was unaware of this until last night when Conan O’Brien showed it to him. This set Charles off on another terrific rant (I love Conan’s reaction)…

VIDEO: Chuck on Shaq II

And just in case you weren’t sure how Charles felt about Shaq, check out Charles hitting golf balls with Shaq’s face on them…

VIDEO: Golf Chuck

Dirk Nowitzki gives Conan O’Brien Texas citizenship test

By Lang Whitaker,

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — This weekend the NCAA Tournament will follow in the steps of the 2010 NBA All-Star Game and be held in Dallas, at the gargantuan AT&T Stadium. So while the eyes of the sporting world pay attention to Texas, Conan O’Brien moved his late night show to the Lone Star State for the week. Last night, after Conan mentioned how well he felt he was getting to know Texas, Dirk Nowitzki popped out to quiz Conan on his Texas knowledge…

VIDEO: Dirk on Conan

Will Forte Tells Conan About His Gross L.A. Clippers Superstitions

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — You probably know the actor Will Forte from his time on “Saturday Night Live,” or his roles in movies such as “MacGruber.” But Forte is taking a dramatic turn in his newest film, “Nebraska”, which is out now, and last night he paid a visit to Conan O’Brien to talk about the movie. If you watch the clip below you’ll see the conversation pretty quickly turns to talk about superstitions, which leads to a conversation about the Los Angeles Clippers, which then veers to talk about fingernails … and, well, I don’t know what else to say about this. Just watch …

VIDEO: Will Forte On Conan

Conan O’Brien’s NBA Mascots That Should Never Dunk

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — A few weeks ago we checked in with Conan O’Brien, who gave us his skewed take on NBA Style and postseason news conferences. This week, Conan went back to the NBA to talk about NBA mascots that should never attempt to dunk. I’m not sure which team “Guy Trapped In A Folding Bed” is the mascot for — the Kings, since they play in Sleep Train Arena? — but these are pretty terrific…

NBA Style: Conan O’Brien Edition

ALL BALL NERVE CENTERConan O’Brien has the height to make it in the NBA — he’s 6-4 — but from an early age O’Brien focused on comedy and entertaining, making any sporting dreams irrelevant. This has not stopped him from having dozens of NBA players on his shows through the years, from Charles Barkley to Kobe Bryant to Carmelo Anthony.

(There was also an NBA/Conan appearance that I have been actively trying to find video of now for over a decade. Back when he was a member of the Atlanta Hawks, Dikembe Mutombo visited Conan’s NBC show, sucked helium from a balloon and attempted to speak. It was just as amazing as it sounds. And yet there is no visual record that this happened. I know it happened because I watched it live on TV. I’ve spoken with Hawks staffers who were there at the show with Mutombo. I have made official and unofficial pleas to NBC to find this tape. Yet this video is not on YouTube or Hulu or anything else. Mutombo’s second appearance is online, but not the helium-fueled first visit. So I throw it out there into the public domain occasionally in the hope that someone, somewhere, can dig this video up and make the world a better place by uploading this seminal moment in NBA comedy history.)

Anyway, we’ve talked a lot about NBA Style here on the All-Ball blog, and now Conan O’Brien gives us his own take on press conference style. You can check out a slideshow of ridiculous press conference garb here, or just check the videos below…

Online Gold: The Reggie Miller Show

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Last night on “Inside the NBA,” we saw a brief clip of an appearance Charles Barkley once made on a program called “The Reggie Miller Show.” The guys on “Inside” used this as a jumping off point to pick on Chuck, but the clip got me curious about “The Reggie Miller Show.” I started googling and found there was not a lot of information about this program on the internet. Buried in a 1991 Sports Illustrated profile of Miller, I found this…

Miller’s newfound popularity in Indianapolis comes, in part, from a weekly bit on WFBQ-95 FM during morning drive time that is one of the highest-rated radio shows in the country in its time slot and for its market size. And there also is the Reggie Miller Show, which is entering its third season and possibly moving soon from cable TV to the Fox network. About once a week after the NBA season starts, Miller will skitter down a wrought-iron spiral staircase, greet 200 woofing teenagers and tip off a half-hour program that deals with everything from sex to drugs to pick-and-rolls. Celebrity guests have ranged from Larry Bird to the New Kids on the Block, but the show also examines tough issues, with Miller asking questions and working his knee-high audience with the authority of an Oprah or a Phil.

The story also notes that Miller was interested in doing the show because it served an altruistic purpose…

At times, the show can be moving. A 16-year-old girl once told how she had slugged down five beers at lunch and then crashed her car into a sedan with a family of four, killing the mother. The image of her crying as she told her story stayed with Miller for weeks. “If that helped one person in the audience or at home, then that’s one less person I have to worry about—because I worry about them,” he says. “The show is for them; it’s not for me. The kids come to learn the topic. And to see all of them out there looking up at the stage and paying attention and raising their hands, asking questions, I like that.”

This sounds like a truly interesting show, and it’s too bad the show does not exist online.

Wait, what? Oh right, I didn’t try actually searching YouTube for this show. Because then I did, and look what turned up: REGGIE MILLER SHOW 1. That’s right, there’s an entire episode of “The Reggie Miller Show” on YouTube.

If you’ve ever wanted to see Reggie Miller and Conan O’Brien play charades, this is the show for you! Aside from VHS tracking issues — something you digital kids out there might not be familiar with — the show’s in good shape (complete with local ads!). The show is announced by famous “Saturday Night Live” emcee Don Pardo, and house band Alligator Brothers keep things moving throughout.

As I mentioned earlier, Reggie’s guest on this episode is his future Turner co-worker Conan O’Brien, who is introduced replete with marching bagpipes. Their discussion touches on everything from the attractiveness of late night talk show hosts to Conan’s workout routine.

BTW, my favorite moment might be when a kid from the audience asks Conan, “Why would you come all the way out here and see Reggie’s show?” (Conan’s response, “Well, that’s a terrible question.”)

Metta World Peace Visits Conan

by Micah Hart

With his presence not required at Lakers games for at least one more night, Metta World Peace visited Conan Monday night, and of course the topic of his elbow to the dome of James Harden was still on everyone’s mind:

Interesting logic from MWP — if he calls him to apologize, he’s giving up an advantage for the playoffs. Can we get a ruling on this from the old school? Someone get Larry Bird on the phone.

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Turner’s shiniest new toy talks with Turner’s second-shiniest new toy

by Micah Hart

Turner scored a major coup getting Shaquille O’Neal to join the networks’ NBA coverage for the coming season. Shaq is a instantly recognizable figure, known for his offbeat charm and sense of humor. In some ways he is not unlike Turner’s previous big-name acquisition, Conan O’Brien, a man known for similar things, and who with his notorious pompadour is nearly as tall as Shaq himself.

Now that the two are co-workers, it was definitely time for them to cross paths, which they did last night on Conan. Check it out:

Outstanding. Shaq, like his new teammate Charles Barkley, is a terrific sport, and not afraid to poke fun at himself or do things that might embarrass others, which is why the two of them (with an assist from EJ, Kenny, and C-Webb) will make beautiful music together on Thursday nights.

Keep trying for the White House Big Fella, you’ll get there someday.

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