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NBA Style: Why Style Matters

NBA Style

by Damaris Lewis

I’ve been modeling in the fashion industry for almost eight years now. That said, I fully appreciate the importance of appearance. When I have a day off you can usually find me in bland, all-black clothing. But when I’m in work mode, you can be sure that I’m paying close attention to my attire.

WadeTangoThis is exactly what’s happening today in the NBA: the good, the bad, the ugly, the confused, and the I-just-don’t-cares. No, I am not talking about style of play, I am referring to style of dress.

When I think of seasons past, I don’t recall an abundance of people caring if Dwyane Wade’s pants were long enough or if Russell Westbrook’s bag was a real bag or a makeup bag. But now? Times have changed. Many people are just as concerned with whether or not a player has lenses in his frames as they are with his thoughts on losing Game 5.

Truthfully, I love a man in a suit. There are many players who are still wearing suits to the games, and they look just as stylish. When a player is injured, what is he usually wearing? No, not Shaq’s costume from “Kazaam,” but usually a clean-cut, well-tailored suit. It’s classy, and it also conveys, “even though I can’t be on the floor playing with my teammates, I came to work today.”

Then there are the risk-takers. Wade recently wore an all-orange outfit that he said was a color called “Tango.” When I first saw what he had on, I couldn’t help but ask, “Orange you glad he didn’t say banana?” I’d wear that outfit if it was Halloween and I was attempting to dress up as a Spalding ball.

You also have a color-coded risk taker like Paul George, who opted for a shade of green on May 22nd when the Pacers were beat by the Heat by a point in Game 1 of the Eastern Conference finals.

Indiana Pacers vs Miami Heat - Game OneThe true question here is, why the sudden care? Should we be intrigued or furious over their outfit choices? Will the air that hits Dwyane’s ankle due to the shortness of his pants mess up his jump shot? NO, NO and NO. Personally, I enjoy seeing what crazy style some of these guys are going to throw on before a game, but how different is a crazy style than a crazy dunk?

If LeBron James hits a simple jump shot from inside the 3-point line, it’s two points. If Roy Hibbert takes a shot from the same point that ends up beating the buzzer and making the crowd go wild, it’s two points.  That’s how we should look at NBA style. LeBron could show up to the game in a plain black suit, and Roy could walk off the team bus in scuba gear, it won’t matter because at the end of the day it’s about those two points.

So Russell, you wear that man purse. Dwyane, you Tango your way down to the press room. And Paul, you dress like that superhero you embody on the court. These men are making the statement that they are not just playing cards, but individuals who do not care if someone does not like their outfit.

And I love that. If everyone loved the same clothes, designers would not have jobs, catwalks and runways would not exist. As long as their focus never strays from the game, being athletic fashion ambassadors is fine by me.

But remember fellas, a lady will always love a man in a suit.

Damaris Lewis is a model from Brooklyn, NY. You can follow her on Twitter here.

Day 3: NBA Style With Damaris Lewis

damaris-lewis-mughsotBrooklyn native Damaris Lewis has appeared in the 2009, 2010, and 2011 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issues. In 2012 she toured with famed musician Prince as his muse / dancer, all the while keeping up with the happenings of the NBA.  She’ll be reporting on all things NBA Style during 2013 NBA All-Star in Houston.

All-Star Saturday | Style Guide
By Damaris Lewis

Photo 1: Kobe Bryant

  • Kobe got tired of telling people everything he’s accomplished so he put it on his jacket.
  • What happens when Kobe tries to type all of his NBA titles and medals into a tweet and they can’t fit.

Photo 2: Joakim Noah, Russell Westbrook, Kevin Durant

  • Now THIS is what I’m talking about. Cool, calm and collected. I love the burgundy pants on Joakim, Russell Westbrook decided to get on my good side by wearing suspenders, and Kevin Durant in that plum suit is the definition of dapper.
  • I kind of wish that Joakim Noah had on longer socks, it would have made this look a tad more formal. All-Stars is like the Oscars of basketball, but I love the look nonetheless.

Photo 3: The All-Star newcomers…and Luol Deng

  • Jrue Holiday, Brook Lopez, and Paul George look great. I love the bowtie on Holiday. George could have lost the scarf to make his outfit a little neater, but his copper tie is my favorite accessory in that elevator!

Photo 4: Dwight Howard, Zach Randolph

  • Trying to figure out if Dwight is about to head into the All Star Game or a T-mobile commercial audition.
  • Z-Bo is auditioning to be his understudy.
  • I didn’t know they made pink pants in size “Giant.”

Photo 5: Chris Paul

  • I loved this look until I looked down and saw his “Russell Westbrook Jurassic Park pants” socks!!!! I’m going to have to give State Farm a call to fix this.
  • Take note fellas: If you are going to wear a full collard shirt, tie, and vest, do as Chris does and tuck in your tie.

Photo 6: Tim Duncan

  • Tim Duncan, like Kobe, probably told himself yesterday morning “I don’t care about fashion, I’m here to play.” What happened next? This outfit.

Photo 7: Westbrook, Durant, David Lee, Howard

  • I want you to take a good look at Westbrook, Durant, and Lee’s faces. I’m pretty sure they all wanted to ask Dwight why he’s wearing the 2011 All Star Game’s Pink Carpet on his legs.

Photo 8: B.o.B.

  • I don’t have to squint and ask myself what he’s wearing today so I’ll just leave it at not squinting. Even though I’m sure he is with those sunglasses on inside the arena.

Photo 9: Westbrook’s new Jordans

  • Because it’s MJ’s birthday I won’t go in TOO much on these sneakers. I will say that if someone ever decides to make a movie called “Crouching Dinosaur, Hidden Fashion” that these need to be on the poster.

Photo 10: Beyonce

  • It’s Beyonce, she can do no wrong. *drops mic*

Photo 11: Kevin Hart

  • Wondering if Kevin Hart had to get this green jacket tailored because the size small was too big for him.
  • Sunglasses. Indoors. #YOUKNOWYOUCANTSEE.

Photo 12: Ke$ha

  • Ke$ha thought she was performing on Dia de los Muertos, not on All-Star Sunday Night.
  • Somewhere in the world a kid has just picked their Halloween costume for this October.

Photo 13: Ludacris

  • I can’t tell if that’s a picture of Kobe, Chuck, or a life-size portrait of a bald Kevin Hart on his shirt.

Photo 14: Diddy and Jay-Z

  • All Black Everything!!! Nothing bad to say here, two pioneers of hip-hop looking very clean cut as always.

Photo 15: Gloria Reuben

  • *singing* You are my sunshine, my only sunshine, you make me happyyyyy when skies are grey.

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Day 2: NBA Style With Damaris Lewis

damaris-lewis-mughsotBrooklyn native Damaris Lewis has appeared in the 2009, 2010, and 2011 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issues. In 2012 she toured with famed musician Prince as his muse / dancer, all the while keeping up with the happenings of the NBA.  She’ll be reporting on all things NBA Style during 2013 NBA All-Star in Houston.

All-Star Saturday | Style Guide
By Damaris Lewis

Photo 1: Carmelo and Dwyane Wade

  • Where do I begin? Love Carmelo’s outfit, the suit fits great and the shoes are spot on, but the sunglasses on the court GOTTA GO.
  • I preferred Dwyane’s cow shoes outfit from Friday, but this will have to do.

Photo 2: Kevin Durant

  • Yesterday on, Kevin Durant shared his opinion on style and stated “I choose inspiration over imitation every time.” I personally wouldn’t have chosen the fedora with this look, but that’s what makes it individual. This look surely has not been seen before and for that he gets a plus in my book.
  • Anybody else curious about what the pins say?

Photo 3: Kevin Garnett

  • If there was a race for best style this weekend I’m shocked to say that Kevin Garnett might just be at the top of the list.  Clean and sharp with a great pair of Jordans will always be a style win……unless there are camouflage pants around (cc Russell Westbrook).
  • Is it cold in Texas?

Photo 4: Maya Moore

  • I approve of Maya’s corporate style.  The WNBA players have been coming out in very non-tomboy looks which I think is great.  Keeping it classy at all times.

Photo 5: Kyrie Irving

  • This is what happens when the Cleveland Cavaliers jerseys all get thrown into the wrong washing machine.
  • I can’t be fully mad since he had these on during the 3-point contest that he DOMINATED in and won.
  • Tony the Tiger wants his socks back.

Photo 6: B.o.B.

  • If I have to squint my eyes and ask myself “what is that?” regarding someone’s fashion choice , it could only mean two things…..1. I need new glasses or 2. You need a new outfit.

Photo 7: Spike Lee and Alicia Keys

  • Besides the fact that Spike looks like he’s imitating Alicia playing the piano, I have nothing negative to say about either of their style choices.  I’m happy to see Spike in something other than head to toe Knicks gear.

Photo 8: Kiyan Anthony (‘Melo’s son) and Jeremy Lin

  • Did anybody see when Kiyan caught the ball and rebounded it back to one of the player’s during All Star Saturday night?? Just because of that kind gesture he get’s an A for Style AND Character.  Jeremy gets an A by association.

Photo 9: Russell Westbrook

  • NOW WE’RE GETTING SOMEWHERE!…………Don’t get too excited, I didn’t say we’ve reached our destination yet. Much better outfit than Day 1’s Jurassic Park pants in my opinion.
  • Russell is doing the indoor sunglasses trend that I noted on Carmelo as well.  We want to see your eyes!

Photo 10: Drake

  • Drake is yelling……I’M FROM TORONTO TOO!!!!!.  I’m pretty sure he was just super excited for Raptors guard Terrence Ross, who won the Sprite Slam Dunk competition.  He’s also dressed in head to toe Raptors colors, so I can’t fault him on that either.

Photo 11: Chris Paul, Nick Cannon, Dwyane Wade

  • Nick Cannon is probably asking Dwyane if Chris borrowed some of the leather from his pants and put it on his blazer.
  • Nick Cannon is also asking Dwyane Wade, “Gagnam Style or Hammer Time?”
  • Nick Cannon’s pop of color brightened up this photo

Photo 12: Kobe

  • Kobe said to himself that morning “I’ve been here 15 times, I’m too old for  this young folk fashion trend.”
  • Kobe’s thoughts “You kids can have your fashion, I want my ring.”
  • I ask again….is it really that cold in Houston?….Inside an arena?

Photo 13: LeBron

  • LeBron and Dwyane Wade should have been wearing these outfits for their karaoke event last month, and at the end of the night busted out singing CAN’T TOUCH THIS.
  • I like this outfit……on a female…or Kanye.


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NBA Style With Damaris Lewis

damaris-lewis-mughsotBrooklyn native Damaris Lewis has appeared in the 2009, 2010, and 2011 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issues. In 2012 she toured with famed musician Prince as his muse / dancer, all the while keeping up with the happenings of the NBA.  She’ll be reporting on all things NBA Style during 2013 NBA All-Star in Houston.

All-Star Friday | Style Guide
By Damaris Lewis

Photo 1: James Harden, Russell Westbrook

  • James Harden looks very dapper in his blue suit. I would comment on Westbrook’s pants, BUT I commend him for his ongoing fashion statements. We know these players for their uniforms, not their street style. Totes to RW for making us talk about more than his game.
  • Harden is asking Russell Westbrook why he has turned the Raptors’ camouflage jerseys into pants.

Photo 2: Westbrook on court

  • Fitted blazer, camouflage pants, yellow Air Jordan V “Tokyo 23” kicks, and stylish frames. If you ask me, I think Clark Kent is making a futuristic comeback…..and I like it.
  • If you look closely, Russell Westbrook matches perfectly with the basketball court.

Photo 3: Harden on sidelines

  • If Russell Westbrook can wear camouflage pants to coach, James Harden can wear pink socks, too.
  • I can’t lie, I did NOT see those coming when he walked out in his suit, but who doesn’t love a man bold enough to rock pink and not care?

Photo 4: LeBron’s portrait

  • It’s always nice to see a player dressed down, without a ton of clothes on that they are obligated to wear. One of the gems of All-Star Weekend is that it’s truly about the players and their individuality.

Photo 5: Swin Cash

  • Representing for the ladies!!! Loving this leather jacket look on Swin. It shuts down the stereotype that woman in the WNBA aren’t as stylish as those who work in fashion. She looks great!

Photo 6: Chris Bosh

  • Looking very dapper if I may so my self Mr. Bosh. If you regularly follow NBA style off the court you know that Chris Bosh seldom disappoints.
  • Fellas take note, his blazer is the perfect fit. Not too tight, and not too loose.

Photo 7: Anthony Davis’ shoes

  • This is what happens when a Hornet and a Pelican make a baby.
  • Would Chuck say these socks are turrible or turrific?

Photo 8: Dwyane Wade

  • Once upon a time an NBA player tried falling asleep by counting sheep, but instead started counting cows, and then put them on his shoes.
  • You can never go wrong with black and white, and I love that he added a hint of grey to the mix.

Photo 9: Blake Griffin

  • Cue Kia Optical Grand Opening commercial.
  • I will always be pro-nerdy look. I’ve worn prescription glasses since I was 7 years old.

Photo 10: Tina Thompson

  • My favorite part of this look is Tina’s shoes. She could have thrown on a heel to make it super sexy, but instead opted out and threw on a Military boot. It screams, I’m a woman, I’m fly, but don’t mess with me.
  • Spalding is being accompanied by some serious WNBA style.

Photo 11: Kevin Garnett

  •  Are those slippers?
  • All black everything, my favorite.

Photo 12: Paul George

  • Another all black look that I agree with. What I REALLY want to know is who’s teaching these players how to pose? Don’t steal my day job please.

Photo 13:  Tyson Chandler

  • Tyson Chandler or 007?

Photo 14: Damian Lillard

  • Trailblazer or lumberjack?

Photo 15: James Harden

  • I am a sucker for leather accents on clothing! This look is totally different from his coaching look. I love that! It shows variety in his wardrobe and that he can clean up well whether he is dressed up or dressed down.


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