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Watch Out, Ref!: Milwaukee Edition

By Jeff Case

Only two days after Carlos Boozer accidentally popped official Dan Crawford below the belt after Boozer’s and-one layup, we’ve got another ref taking a hit.

Maybe accidentally bopping officials is something limited to Midwest teams, because the Bucks have gotten themselves in the mix after (literally) rising big man Larry Sanders tagged Bill Kennedy in the face last night. Unlike the Boozer-Crawford hit, which took place late in the second quarter, this incident happened during the jump ball (!!!) of the Bobcats-Bucks game from the BMO Harris Bradley Center, as you can see below:


As the Associated Press tells it (and the clip above shows), Kennedy went down to one knee for a couple of minutes, but ended up staying in the game — much like Crawford did on Saturday when he got hit by Boozer.

What do these incidents all mean? Apparently, NBA officials are a group you can’t keep down for very long.

Boozer Hits Below The Belt

By David Lundy

Good thing official Dan Crawford has a sense of humor.

Carlos Boozer’s exuberance at getting a layup to go while being fouled by the Mavericks almost caused a smashing scene Saturday night.

Check out the highlight as the Bulls’ bruising big man fist pumped right into the, um, shall we say, sweet spot of Dan Crawford as he was making the foul call. The crowd gasped, but Crawford shrugged off the inadvertent foul play, merely grinned and play continued. No real harm resulted from the hoop and low blow.