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Dante Soars For One Sweet Chasedown

In the third quarter of tonight’s matchup against the mighty Kevin Durant and the Thunder, Timberwolf Dante Cunningham demonstrated what a poetic block looks like:

VIDEO: Dante Cunningham glides to pin Reggie Jackson’s offering

Three reasons why this rules:

1) Cunningham and Reggie Jackson were completely in sync from blast-off to the point of contact. The distance he — and Jackson — covered alone is enough athleticism to make your head spin. Do yourself a favor and click pause five seconds into the video.

2) He had to time his jump perfectly to avoid missing the block or fouling Jackson. Speaking of which…

3) How does Cunningham avoid the foul?

For Wolves fans, this high-wire maneuvering is nothing new. Cunningham has shown Tyreke Evans and Kemba Walker a thing or two this season about his proclivity to ping shots from out of nowhere. And he has no problem lowering the boom on the unsuspecting while they’re in the paint.

As for Jackson, he collected some sound get-back in the fourth quarter, driving right by Cunningham for his close-up at the tin:

VIDEO: Jackson goes through lane for thunderous jam on Timberwolves

A Wild Block Party

by Zettler Clay

The Association has a tendency to use a lull as bait; just when you think the cadence of the season is figured out, something happens to heighten — or floor — the senses. On a 10-game Saturday night, copious highlights are a given. But what made last night unusual was the swat party invites.

Twenty-one players recorded two or more blocks. Twelve players rejected three or more shots, to wit:

Three Blocks
Tayshaun Prince
Timofey Mozgov
Tyson Chandler
Jared Jeffries
Elton Brand
LeBron James
Joel Anthony
Kris Humphries
Tyrus Thomas

Five Blocks
Serge Ibaka

Six Blocks
Marc Gasol
Samuel Dalembert

Without further ado, here are Saturday night’s top five stuffs:

5) Mozgov and ‘Melo

Apparently — maybe — Mozgov reads All-Ball, because a day after being framed as an early candidate for posterdom by yours truly, he posts a season high in points (16), along with a couple of highlights. One is here. Way to go, Tim. Nothing like a quick retort to silence the critics.

4) Serge “Iblocka” and Deron

OK, so Deron Williams‘ hops aren’t Derrick Rose’s. But clean blocks off dunk attempts aren’t as easy as it appears. You get the feeling that Ibaka gets out of bed for these moments.

3) Derrick Favors waits on Nikola Pekovic

Pekovic didn’t have much momentum and Favors had the angle. Plus he was preying on that play as soon as the screen was set. Just mean. And impressive.

2) Yi meets DaJuan Summers at the rim

Talk about full steam. Summers had a good four steps before he took off, but couldn’t avoid the tentacles of the mighty Yi Jianlian. Note the quick sidestep to the left by Yi before launching. Decent degree of difficulty.

1) Dante Cunningham crashes DeMarcus Cousins’ party

My favorite for a couple of reasons. One, it was excellent help-side defense (not to mention footwork) by Cunningham to get to the spot in time. Two, it was a total collaborative effort by the Grizzlies. Gasol shows on the screen, hustles back to Cousins, helps off to cover Francisco Garcia, which leaves Cousins momentarily open. Seventy-five percent (armchair estimate and all) of the time … that’s either a bucket, foul or both. Cunningham, all of 6-foot-8, puts the coup de grace to the Kings’ possession.

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