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Andre Drummond Channels Bill Russell

Doc Rivers recently said that his starting center DeAndre Jordan carries qualities of legendary center Bill RussellThough it’s no surprise for coaches to veer into the realm of hyperbole to unlock potential of their players (think of Mark Jackson’s declaration of Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson being the best shooting backcourt in NBA history), Rivers isn’t wrong. DJ is springy, he lives on the glass and deters weak and strong forays to the basket alike.

There was another element about Russell. The Lord of the Rings is praised for his ability to turn a block into a turnover, making defense offensive and piling on assists from the defensive end. More than anybody, in the process of altering shots his own way, Russell altered the way practitioners and fans viewed defense on the hardwood.

On Monday night, there were plenty of stout rejections, but it was the Pistons’ young pivot Andre Drummond who demonstrated to a new generation the art of turning a block into a quick two:

VIDEO: Andre Drummond swats Nando De Colo’s attempt to the running Brandon Jennings

Clippers/Pistons Matinee Turns Into Epic Dunkfest

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER –Today’s Clippers at Pistons game ended up with Los Angeles taking the win, 112-103. But what the score doesn’t show was how much of the game was played above the rim. Perhaps this is not a surprise, considering how many above-average dunkers were involved, from Blake Griffin to Josh Smith, from DeAndre Jordan to Andre Drummond, and on and on.

In all, there were 19 dunks in this game. When Lob City meets Motor City, here’s what happens…

VIDEO: Clippers/Pistons Dunkfest

DeAndre Jordan Makes ESPN’s Top Ten Club

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — ESPN’s “This is SportsCenter” series of commercials are always funny, as athletes and people associated with sports are placed out of their element. In this latest spot, Clippers center DeAndre Jordan shows what it’s like when you’re a member of SportsCenter’s exclusive Top Ten Club. (Also, shoutout to Dot Com from “30 Rock” for the doorman cameo.)

VIDEO: DeAndre Jordan SportsCenter Ad

NBA Players Observe Pranksgiving


ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Halloween may be in our collective rear view mirror, but looming ahead is Thanksgiving. And to celebrate it in their own special way, several NBA players will be popping up on Disney XD beginning today and again over the new few weeks as part of something called Pranksgiving. According to a release from Disney…

A specially drafted NBA pranking crew — Tyson Chandler (New York Knicks), Stephen Curry (Golden State Warriors), Kenneth Faried (Denver Nuggets) and DeAndre Jordan (Los Angeles Clippers) — get in the pranking game with the comedic and unpredictable puppet Crash (of the sitcom “Crash & Bernstein”) and together, they pull fun and over-the-top tricks on Disney XD’s biggest stars.  Each Monday, a new fan-voted prank will be revealed on Disney XD along with new prank-themed episodes including Dwight Howard (Houston Rockets) guest starring in the new comedy series “Mighty Med.”

Curry said of his involvement, “Getting to be a part of Disney XD’s ‘Pranksgiving’ allowed me, and the other players, to connect with kids and families in a different way and show them a side of us they don’t usually see. I love to do fun things like this with fans and giving back to the community is something I’m committed to. I also loved that my family got to be there with me when we shot it, and when my daughter gets older and is watching Disney XD, I can tell her all about it.”

Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at the NBA’s involvement…

VIDEO: Pranksgiving

The Clippers Visit Jimmy Kimmel

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — In terms of popular culture impact, guests on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” last week had their work cut out for them trying to make more noise than Kanye West. So when DeAndre Jordan, Blake Griffin and Chris Paul paid a visit last week, they might not have received as much attention as Yeezy, but they had an entertaining visit and talked about everything from leather jogging pants to “Scandal” to getting calls from new Clips coach Doc Rivers.

DeAndre Jordan Wants To Know What You Smell Like

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Here’s a video of DeAndre Jordan going up to a random woman in a store and smelling her. She seems as confused about this as the rest of us.

DeAndre Jordan’s Superhero Costume Party

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — When we last saw Clippers C DeAndre Jordan, he was getting punched in the face in preparation for Comedy Central’s roast of James Franco. In much more sedate off-season news, Jordan recently held his second annual costume party, this year with a superhero theme. Here we see a photo Jordan posted of his crew, including Jordan himself in costume as Captain Planet.

He also posted some more photos that show how he got into costume, as well as a better look at the outfit…

Other Clippers getting in on the action included Blake Griffin, who dressed as Bane…


And also, Oklahoma City’s Ryan Gomes was ready to help, as Captain America…

(via TNLP)

DeAndre Jordan Gets Punched In Face

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — By now it seems pretty obvious that Clippers C DeAndre Jordan likes to have fun and likes to get involved in unconventional things. The video below qualifies as the latter, I suppose, at least moreso than the former.

In this video we see Jordan getting punched in the face in super slow motion. Why? I’m not exactly sure. I believe it has something to do with Comedy Central’s upcoming roast of actor James Franco, because there are a bunch of similar videos on the YouTube page. There were no other videos, however, that I noticed starring an NBA starter.

So, here’s DeAndre Jordan getting punched in the face in super slow motion…

(via TBJ)

DeAndre Jordan’s Mom Has Fashion Suggestions For Him

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — It’s always a winning move when you get invited to a huge awards show, and you bring along your mother as your date. Clippers C DeAndre Jordan recently scored an invite to the ESPY’s, and he invited along his mother as his date. His Mom was only too happy to accept the invitation…until DJ explained what he was thinking about wearing…

Later, Jordan’s Mom responded to him publishing their text exchange…

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DeAndre Jordan Tries Lacrosse

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — I have often wondered if perhaps my sporting destiny still awaits me. For instance, I’ve played basketball my entire life, and I now know for certain that I have at some point maximized my potential. I will never be Michael Jordan. But what if there is some sport that I have never played, at which I just might be not only a natural, but the greatest to have ever played? What if I tried hockey and it turned out I was an incredible goalie? What if I went out and gave curling a shot, only to find that I was the greatest to have ever curled? I am in no way suggesting these sports are easy, rather that maybe there is a secret talent inside of me just waiting to be unlocked.

My theory loses some steam when you see Los Angeles Clippers center DeAndre Jordan give lacrosse a shot. Even while being tutored by lacrosse dude Brendan Mundorf, it is apparent that Jordan, a highly skilled and trained athlete, can not just easily take to lacrosse. His 17 mph shot might work as a nice change-up though.