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Delonte West Reminds Gordon Hayward of 8th Grade

by Micah Hart

The NBA is a tough, physical game, and as the season winds down and playoff berths are at stake, it shouldn’t be a surprise to see tempers flare a bit from time to time. Usually that means a little pushing and shoving, maybe some jawing, or a staredown. Or, if you are Delonte West, maybe a shove to the ear:

Yeah, that just happened — and it earned Mr. West a technical, too. It’s a good thing Gordon Hayward took the high road, or things might have escalated and West might have snapped him with a wet towel.

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Your NBA-related entries in the top sports gifs of 2011

by Micah Hart

Jon Bois over at SB Nation has compiled the Top 50 sports gifs from 2011, and I can’t recommend highly enough checking out the whole list. But in case you are only interested in the NBA-related entrants, here are five of the best:

Most excited Nets fan ever

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