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Shaq says all-time Lakers would destroy Bulls greats

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — It’s always fun to argue about NBA history. Who is the greatest player of all-time? What is the greatest team ever? Could this guy beat this guy? Would this team be able to beat that team?

As it turns out, even former NBA players enjoy being part of the conversation, like how Shaquille O’Neal recently took to Instagram to stir things up. What would happen if a team of former Lakers greats (Magic Johnson, Kobe Bryant, Elgin Baylor, Shaq and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar) faced off against a team of Chicago Bulls greats (made up of Derrick Rose, Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, Dennis Rodman and Horace Grant)?

According to Shaq, the Lakers great would “beat em by 50.”



Pippen has a different opinion:


Update II:

Shaq responds to Pippen:


What do you think? Is Shaq right?

Dennis Rodman dresses like Dennis Rodman in legends game

By Lang Whitaker,

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — There is apparently a tour currently going on through South America called “Legends of Basketball,” where a bunch of former NBA players partake in exhibition games. I watched the video clip below of a recent game in Argentina, and spotted a few players I recognized, including Gary Payton, Jason Williams, Latrell Sprewell and Vin Baker.

Also there is Hall of Famer Dennis Rodman. And perhaps in completely unsurprising news, Rodman showed up dressed in full make-up and a blonde mohawk.

VIDEO: Legends in Argentina

(via CBS)

Kyrie Irving, Dennis Rodman Celebrate Foot Locker Week of Greatness

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Foot Locker’s Week of Greatness is a way for the kicks store to celebrate some of the coolest shoes on the market, by releasing some of “the most premium” shoes all within one week. In this new commercial, Cleveland guard Kyrie Irving celebrates the Week of Greatness by imagining some of the things that would just make the world seem right. Let’s see those suits burn, Sager

VIDEO: Foot Locker Week Of Greatness

Dwyane Wade’s Light-Up Shoelaces

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — One of the biggest news tidbits in the last few years, at least in the shoe world, came when Dwyane Wade left Jordan Brand and signed with the Chinese company Li-Ning. His first signature shoe with Li-Ning was last season’s Way Of Wade (or WOW), and over the weekend Wade posted a photo on Instagram of a shoe he’s never worn in a game: A Way Of Wade with what appears to be light-up shoe laces…

Couple of things here:

1. There’s a reason Wade’s nickname is/was Flash.

2. Nice Dennis Rodman Stance socks, Dwyane.

3. I don’t know if these laces would be considered OK by the NBA or not to wear in a game, but seems to me there would be all kinds of opportunities to make your laces flash — after a bucket, after a steal, etc. Or what about in the middle of a crossover? Would there be any better way to distract your opponent?

Either way, I think we have to respect Wade’s innovation here.

So how about it: Would you wear a pair a shoes of light-up laces?

(via TNLP)

Dennis Rodman watches a boy become a man

by Micah Hart

Why couldn’t I have thought to invite a former rebounding champion and five-time NBA champion (that’s all Dennis Rodman is known for, right?) to my bar mitzvah? Recently the former Bad Boy was spotted by the omnipresent TMZ cameras noshing on some pigs-in-a-blanket and other hors d’ oeuvres at a Bar Mitzvah party, surrounded by what appears to be a sea of just-hitting-puberty guys and gals.

No word on whether or not he won Coke/Pepsi, but with his length I definitely like his chances.

Rodman goes on in the video to talk about a new reality show he has coming to MTV. With the high quality television that network produces, I feel certain it will be worth watching.

By the way, you may be wondering if this is the first bar mitzvah Rodman has ever attended, but I’d be willing to bet he was there for this one too:

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