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Dennis Schroder is really into video games

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Here’s a fun video from the Atlanta Hawks, where their new starting point guard Dennis Schröder takes a trip to GamesCon in Cologne, Germany. Not only does he get to mess around with a “Star Wars” VR experience, but he plays NBA 2K and meets people dressed like Transformers…

Dennis Schroder plays in 3-on-3 tournament wearing disguise

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Atlanta Hawks point guard Dennis Schröder has one of the NBA’s most unique looks, with a signature patch of his hair bleached bright gold. So when Schröder decided to play in a three-on-three tournament in Germany over the weekend, he showed up wearing a disguise — a huge wig and glasses. And while the disguise eventually came off, Schröder still dominated against a bunch of unsuspecting competitors…

The Atlanta Hawks are perfecting their videobombing

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — A few seasons back the Miami Heat pioneered videobombing during their postgame interviews, with Chris Bosh in particular being a trailblazer in the medium. But all good things come to an end, and videobombing seemed to have exited the NBA’s collective consciousness.

Until now. The Atlanta Hawks are one of the NBA’s hottest teams of late, moving into the fourth seed in the Eastern Conference and winning 8 of their last 10 games. And perhaps it’s no coincidence that their terrific play coincides with a recent foray into videobombing. After a win earlier this week against the Pacers, Kent Bazemore went to work…

And last night, after beating Detroit, Baze was joined in his gaze by Dennis Schröder

Dennis Schröder loses tooth, puts it in sock

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Hawks guard Dennis Schröder has submitted several breakout performances this season. During last night’s game against the Portland Trail Blazers, it was Schröder’s tooth that made a run for it. And it didn’t slow down Schröder one bit.

You can see all the gory detail in the video below: As Schröder hit the floor to grab a loose ball, he went mouth-first into Meyers Leonard‘s knee. That’s when his tooth got loose and actually bounced off the court a few times. Schröder’s solution? Well, he picked up the tooth, stuck it in his sock, and kept right on playing. Now that’s toughness…

VIDEO: Schröder tooth

Dennis Schroder stars in new commercial

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Atlanta Hawks guard Dennis Schröder had a breakout season in 2014-15, his second NBA campaign. And now, while he’s playing for his native Germany in Eurobasket 2015, he’s making a star turn in a new commercial for a German shop. Pretty cool stuff…

VIDEO: Schröder commercial

(via Hawks)

Dennis Schroder has improved his range

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — NBA players work on their games in the summer, and try and find ways to be better than they were when the season ended. Last season, Atlanta Hawks guard Dennis Schröder had a big campaign, becoming the Hawks’ back-up point guard and getting regular playing time. Schröder shot 43-percent from the three-point line on the season, well above the league average of 35-percent. But Schröder apparently wants to extend that range.

How far? To about the sixth row…

Giannis, Schroder show off soccer skills

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Besides being two of the best younger players in the NBA, Milwaukee’s Giannis Antetokounmpo and Atlanta’s Dennis Schröder both grew up in Europe, where soccer is a big part of everyday life. And even though they both grew up to have careers in the NBA, Giannis and Dennis both have soccer skills that they like to show off when they have the chance…

Here’s Giannis recently in China…

VIDEO: Giannis soccer

And here’s Dennis, I guess back in Germany, showing off what he can do with no hands…

Dennis Schröder mixes soccer and hoops

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Atlanta Hawks guard Dennis Schröder is a native of Germany, where despite the best efforts of NBA players like Dirk Nowitzki and Schröder, soccer remains king. After all, Germany won the 2014 World Cup. So leave it to Schröder to figure out a way to combine soccer and hoops in this Instagram video, where he shouts out German National Team member Jerome Boateng

Atlanta Hawks launch emoji keyboard

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — If there’s any NBA team that should be embracing emojis, those little pictures you can use on your phone when texting and emailing, it’s the Atlanta Hawks. After all, Hawks forward Mike Scott has dozens of emoji tattoos. In fact, Scott recently did an interview where he responded only using emojis.

Today the Hawks released their very own emoji keyboard as well as an app, which is available for free in the iTunes store. Via a release from the Hawks…

“Connecting with our fans is extremely important and our new app and keyboard will allow us to build an innovative bridge to reach tech-savvy Hawks supporters, giving them around-the-clock access to team-related information at their fingertips,” said Hawks CEO Steve Koonin. “The custom emoji keyboard will change the way our fans communicate, enhancing text conversations by enabling users to speak the language of the Hawks.”

The downloadable custom keyboard, developed by Snaps, includes Hawks-themed emojis ranging from electronically-generated images of player logos and gear, to distinguishing features of players and Harry the Hawk. In addition to the exclusive Hawks emojis, the keyboard gives users the ability to send animated GIF files to friends through text messages. Snaps, the creator of a unique content management system for messaging, is the first end-to-end platform for brand marketing across messaging applications and devices.

“A major way that my generation communicates and expresses itself is through emojis. This keyboard will add some fun, new options to my text game. I love it,” said Mike Scott, Hawks forward and emoji expert.

The “Hawks High Flyers” contest is a game-by-game competition through the app requiring fans to predict which players will lead the team in specific statistical categories. Throughout the season, prizes will be awarded to fans who accurately predict team leaders. Other prominent app features include: an interactive amenities map, giving fans locations and descriptions of food and beverage options in Philips Arena; and traffic alerts, providing information and navigation assistance to fans traveling to the arena.

Here’s a look at how it works. (The Schröder hair is my favorite.)

Social App Release

The Atlanta Hawks go showtime

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — On Sunday afternoon, the Atlanta Hawks hosted the Washington Wizards, in a game between the best teams in the NBA’s Southeast Division. Going in to the season, the Wizards were tabbed by many to win the division, but while their start has been slowed by an injury to Bradley Beal, the Hawks have surprisingly turned into one of the best teams in the NBA. I know, it’s shocking, but it’s real and the Hawks just keep on rolling — heading into yesterday they had won 21 of their last 23 games and lead the Eastern Conference with a 28-8 record.

So yesterday’s match between the Hawks and Wizards had some ramifications. But the Hawks took control from the start, weathered a run from the Wiz, and won it going away, 120-89. And it wasn’t just that the Hawks won, it was how they did it — the Hawks had a bunch of pretty cool highlight reel plays.

Let’s start with Kyle Korver, who is having an historic season shooting the ball. He leads the league in three-point percentage, shooting over 52-percent from beyond the arc. So when Korver has the ball, defenses pay attention. Which gives him the opportunity to do stuff like this…

VIDEO: Korver Pass

And then there’s second-year point guard Dennis Schröder, who has had a breakout season. With the shot clock running down at the end of the game, Schröder took a three to beat the buzzer, and he pulled a Nick “Swaggy P” Young…although Schröder had better luck at it…

VIDEO: Schröder Shot