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The Knicks play Secret Santa

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — It’s the gift giving season, and decided to find out what gifts the Knicks players would like to give to their teammates. What better way than by a “Secret Santa” drawing, where you blindly lift a name from a stocking and are then on the hook for getting that person a gift. Some of the presents the Knicks would buy? Everything from hair dye to Star Wars comic books, and even a nice suit…

Steve Kerr, fan, are equally in shock

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — At some point during last night’s 96-91 win by the Cleveland Cavaliers, something happened on the floor that left Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr in shock. Kerr expressed this by registering a pretty impressive look of awe on his face, which mirrored that of a Warriors fan perfectly. It was almost like the reverse of Lance Stephenson videobombing Derek Fisher.


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Talk Show: Hailey Clauson

Hailey Clauson 2

photo credit Getty Images // Michael Stewart

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — With the NBA All-Star Weekend about to tip-off in New York City, we decided to talk to some celebrities who know both basketball and New York, to chat about what’s happening in the NBA, their advice for people visiting New York, and whatever else happens to come up in discussion.

Today we catch up with the model Hailey Clauson. A native of Los Angeles, Hailey has been the face of several brands, and she’s about to make her rookie debut in the new Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. You can keep up with her on Instagram.

We spoke last week during a snowy day in Manhattan…

HAILEY: I just got to New York late last night, and I just went outside to walk my dog and it’s pretty rough.

ME: Yeah, I just went outside a little while ago and it’s pretty brutal today.

HAILEY: It’s quite a shock for me.

ME: Right, because you’re from California, right?

HAILEY: Yeah, and I just got back last night from California, and I’ve been gone for like a month-and-a-half.

ME: You must travel a lot, right?

HAILEY: I do, I’m all over the place. I’m actually back and forth to L.A. a lot, which is nice but yeah, I’m all over the place.

ME: Were you a basketball fan growing up?

HAILEY: Yeah, I was always a Lakers fan. My dad was always super into basketball, so when I was a kid that’s all we did was watch Lakers games.

ME: Wait, you must be relatively tall if you’re a model. Did you ever play basketball?

HAILEY: I did play basketball. I played for five years. I’m six feet tall and I’ve been six feet since I was twelve.

ME: So you were like the Shaq of the league you were in?

HAILEY: Pretty much (laughs). I was towering over all the other girls. I had long arms.

ME: Did you like playing basketball?

HAILEY: Yeah. I was definitely a good defensive player, but wasn’t that good on offense. I was good at blocking… (her phone cuts off; we reconnect a few minutes later).

ME: You OK?

HAILEY: I’m sorry. My phone is all messed up, and when my face touches it, it hangs up. So now it’s on speaker so that won’t happen again.

ME: It seems like being able to touch someone’s face should be one of the main jobs of a phone.

HAILEY: Well, it’s because I dropped it in the toilet and somehow it’s still working.

ME: You were saying you were a defensive specialist when you used to play. When did you stop playing basketball?

HAILEY: I stopped when I was about 13, which was when I started modeling. So I started to use my tallness for something else.

ME: At least you’ve always been able to put it to some use.

HAILEY: I know, I took advantage!

ME: So when you were growing up back then in L.A., did anyone like the Clippers? They weren’t as good then as they are now.

HAILEY: No. I mean, we would go to Clippers games because the tickets were reasonable. No the Clippers are killing it, and that’s cool. I’m kind of sad for the Lakers, but everyone has their moments.

ME: Were you Team Kobe or Team Shaq with those Lakers teams?

HAILEY: I was Team Kobe And Shaq. We had a signed Shaq jersey framed in our house. My Dad washed cars and he washed Shaq’s car, and Shaq gave him the signed jersey, which was pretty cool.

ME: Who was your third-favorite player on those teams?

HAILEY: Um, Derek Fisher probably.

ME: OK. I co-host a podcast with Rick Fox so I was going to see if you happened to mention him. I’m actually glad you didn’t choose him.

HAILEY: I liked Rick Fox! He was always like, in movies and stuff, too, so I thought he was cool.

ME: So are you still a Lakers fan now even thought you moved to New York?

HAILEY: Yeah, I’m still a Lakers fan. I’ll always be a Lakers fan.

ME: If somebody was coming to New York for All-Star Weekend, where would you tell them to go visit?

HAILEY: I feel like New York’s known for its good restaurants. My favorite restaurant is called Lovely Day, and it’s a little hole-in-the-wall Thai restaurant. When it’s not snowing, New York is super fun to walk around, and the Highline and everything is super cool.

ME: Last thing before I let you go, who will win a championship first, the Lakers or the Knicks?

HAILEY: Um…Lakers? Yeah, Lakers. I had to think about it but I have to stick with the Lakers.

We see you, Lance Stephenson

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — The New York Knicks lost their first game this season, 104-80, at the hands of the Chicago Bulls. Since then, however, they’ve been rolling, knocking off the Cleveland Cavaliers, and then last night squaring off against the upstart Charlotte Hornets. They played a close game against Charlotte and ultimately hung on for the win. And as the clock was winding down, as Knicks coach Derek Fisher was strolling the sideline, Charlotte’s Lance Stephenson decided to pop up for a visit.


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The Thunder visit the zoo

By Lang Whitaker,

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — You’re an NBA player, it’s the middle of a long NBA season, and you have a day off. So what do you do? If you’re Russell Westbrook, Derek Fisher or Kendrick Perkins, over the weekend you visited the Oklahoma City Zoo to lend a hand at the sea lion exhibit. There’s a lot to like here. My favorite part might be where a sea lion kisses Kendrick Perkins and he says he’s hopeful he can get a picture of the moment to put up in his office.

VIDEO: OKC’s day at the zoo

Timberwolves Make Alley-Oop Buzzer-Beater On Wrong Basket

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — The Minnesota Timberwolves were hoping that this season would be when their young core would finally come together and establish themselves as contenders in the Western Conference. Instead, while they’ve been competitive, they’ve struggled to win close games, taking just one game all season that was decided by four points or fewer.

Part of that has been due to struggles to score down the stretch in the fourth quarter. Another pat of that might be scoring baskets for the wrong team. Last night against the Thunder, as the third quarter wound down, Oklahoma City’s Derek Fisher fired up a contested three-pointer from the corner. Rookie Timberwolves center Gorgui Dieng went up for the rebound, but somehow ended up accidentally tapping the ball in to the wrong basket, just before the halftime buzzer. I think there’s not much to say here other than #shaqtin.

VIDEO: T-Wolves Score On Wrong Basket

OKC Thunder Demonstrate Rare, Perfect, Synchronized Flop

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Is it a flop or a foul?

On my initial viewing, I thought this was one of the greatest flops of all time: TWO people flopping, at the same time, at the same rate, with the same result (a charge is called on Omer Asik). After all, we’ve seen some pretty remarkable flops this season.

But when you see the overhead angle, I think it’s actually just really good defense by the Thunder, with a result that displays the terrific comedic timing of Kevin Martin and Derek Fisher…

Three For All: Los Angeles Clippers II

by Micah Hart

As everyone knows by now, the compressed NBA schedule will force every team to play three games in three nights at least one this season (42 times in total). With only 66 games to stake a claim to a playoff spot or seed, how teams perform during these killer slates could have a large impact on how their seasons turn out.

With that in mind, we’re going to keep track of each of the 42 three-plays to see which teams take advantage and which teams fall apart. Up next, the L.A. Clippers, who played three straight from Mar. 20-22.

Some teams, when faced with the three-for-all challenge, choose to look big picture and not worry so much about the individual outcomes of such a difficult stretch of games. And by some teams, I mean the Dallas Mavericks.

The Clippers? Something tells me that will not be the case with them as they embarked on their second threeplay of the season. With rumors of unrest and discord swirling around them, how they performed over this span could end up shaking the team to its core:

Game 1: Pacers 102, Clippers 89 – A bad start for the Clips, but a loss to the Pacers isn’t the worst thing in the world. Blake Griffin had 23 points and 10 rebounds, but was 2-7 from the foul stripe. BG, you have got to work on your free-throw shooting dude. It pains me to dislike a single part of your game. -2 points

Game 2: Thunder 114, Clippers 91 – LA gave up 66 first-half points to Oklahoma City, which I’m not sure is a great recipe for success in this game. This was the first outing for Derek Fisher in a Thunder uniform after being unceremoniously dumped by the Lakers at the deadline. Maybe it wouldn’t have been such a big deal if he’d been ceremoniously dumped? -1 point

Game 3: Hornets 97, Clippers 90 – This one hurt. I don’t care if it was their third-in-three, you can’t let Chris Paul lose his first game back in New Orleans. Yeah this was the Super Bowl for New Orleans (Even Jason Smith played like a Saint — too soon?), but no amount of motivation should be enough to overcome the talent differential between these two squads. For shame, LAC, for shame. 0 points

Interestingly enough, there have now been four teams to go undefeated (Heat, Bulls, Thunder, Suns II), and four to go defeated, as the Clippers put up -3 points and join the lowly ranks of the Mavericks, Suns I, and Pistons in the winless column.

Nothing of note came out of the previous three teams putting up a bagel. Will that be the case for Vinny Del Negro and the Clippers?

Up next: The Bucks and Pacers both play three straight Mar. 22-24.

Three for all Top Ten:
Miami Heat (15 points)
Chicago Bulls (13 points)
OKC Thunder (12 points)
Phoenix Suns II (10 points)
New Jersey Nets II (8 points)
Atlanta Hawks (8 points)
Houston Rockets (7 points)
Portland Trail Blazers (6 points)
L.A. Clippers (6 points)
Philadelphia 76ers (6 points)

Full Three for all standings

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Pau To Save A Life

By Jeff Case

It’s been good last 24 hours or so for Lakers All-Star big man Pau Gasol. First, after hearing his name bandied about in trade rumors for months, he didn’t go anywhere during yesterday’s trade deadline (though the same couldn’t be said for Derek Fisher). Then, as we mentioned here last night, Gasol took to the Interwebs himself and sent out a YouTube message to his fans to recap the trade deadline and express his happiness to still be a Laker.

Yet neither of those things seemed to properly encapsulate just how happy Gasol might be about staying in L.A. When the Internet can’t make you happy, what do you do?

You sing, of course. Specifically, you sing for a charitable cause.

Gasol, an ambassador for UNICEF, performed on stage Thursday at the El Rey Theatre where he belted out his own version of The Fray’s “How to Save a Life” at a charity event.

The Orange County Register was on hand for the event — which was also attended by Tom Hanks, Don Chedale and several other Hollywood A-listers — and has a report and some great photos.

H/T PBT & Got ‘Em Coach

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Pau Gasol Reacts To Staying With Lakers

by Micah Hart

An interesting day for the Lakers — after months of speculation about the futures of guys like Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum, both of them stayed put, while seemingly Laker For Life Derek Fisher was somewhat unceremoniously shipped out in what was essentially a cost-cutting move.

After Dwight Howard, it’s possibly no other player was the subject of more speculation about his future than Gasol, famously prompting Kobe Bryant to call out Lakers management to poop or get off the pot, if you will.

The deadline passed today at 3 p.m. ET, and with Gasol still safely ensconced in Purple and Gold, he took to YouTube to address his situation, and you can feel the relief just pour out of him:

Classy guy. Like many, many players, I imagine he is very happy to have this day behind him.


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