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Who’s Got Hops? Nate vs. Deron

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — If you haven’t been able to tell, things are a little slow around NBA circles right now. Franchises are set to go, player movement is mostly done, and now we’re basically just waiting for training camp to start.

But that doesn’t mean NBA players are just sitting home on the couch doing nothing. In fact, thanks to the guys from The Basketball Jones, here are two vids of NBA players getting funky on the trampoline.

So let’s do what we do best and have a contest: Who has more skills on the trampoline, Deron Williams or Nate Robinson? Check the vids and then vote down below…



(via TBJ)

NBA Style: Spotlight On Trends

By The Style Crew —

While many NBA players have brought their unique style to the podium during the 2013 playoffs, some trends have popped up multiple times throughout the first week.

DENIM: This postseason, players have embraced the utilitarian fabric to make bold statements. In the gallery below, Blake Griffin and Raymond Felton wear tailored denim button down shirts, while James Harden has an edgier take with a distressed shirt and plaid vest. Brandon Jennings looks summer-ready with a faded chambray shirt and white ankle pants, while LeBron James mixes it up by pairing a crisp denim button down with a black tie under a shawl collar sweater.

PINK: The color has range. Brandon Jennings spruces up a classic tan blazer with a warm pink button down, and Deron Williams wears the same shade under his gray jacket. For bolder variations, Caron Butler’s pink shirt pops under a gray suit and muted blue tie, while Matt Barnes pairs mauve pants with a black jacket and tie.

Let us know who wore these trends best, and if you could imagine them in your closet, tell us about it on Twitter using the hashtag #NBAStyle…

NBA Style: Spotlight On Accessories

By the Style Crew

While a basketball game can be won and lost based on the details, many players bring those same intricacies to their wardrobes. And when the tunnel becomes a runway, and the press conference podium becomes a stage, suddenly NBA players are the ones starting trends.

Here are some well-coordinated recent looks from around the League. As we continue to keep tabs on Playoff fashion and the new trends that arise during the NBA’s second season, use #NBAStyle on Twitter to communicate your thoughts.

Russell Westbrook always chooses bold accessories, sporting clear frames and a gold medallion necklace on Sunday after OKC’s Game 1 win against the Rockets…



NBA Rooks: Diaries … Tyshawn Taylor

By Tyshawn Taylor, Brooklyn Nets

 A Chance to Shine

It felt really good to have a big game and an opportunity to show what I could do right before All-Star. Since Deron Williams was out for two games, I had an opportunity to play. In one of the games, I played 34 minutes (the whole fourth quarter and all of overtime) and we beat the Indiana Pacers at Indiana in a real close game.

I am confident in my game and it felt good to remind myself I can play this game and I can do it in this league. My teammates and coaches got the chance to see that I could really play, especially in an environment like that, and handle it well. I felt really comfortable out there on the court, and my teammates did a great job of helping me out. I was smiling the whole game. I also got a lot of good feedback on Twitter. Of course though I realized when I watched the game tape that I could have made better plays.

 All-Star Activity

I felt good going into All-Star break because of our win against Indiana, and I wanted to enjoy the time off with my family and friends. I went to Kansas for Mario Chalmers’ jersey retirement. We both went to the University of Kansas, and even though we never played together, we have worked out a lot together and are good friends. Some of my college teammates came out for the jersey retirement too, and it was good to chill with them. We all went to the game to watch Mario get honored. When you go to Kansas, and learn about all of the tradition that comes before you, it’s cool to be at something like that, especially since Mario is one of the better point guards to come out of Kansas. Maybe they will retire my jersey one day.

NBA Season: Act II

It was right back to business after All-Star. D-Will was back playing after the break, but I’m still working hard to improve and observing really good basketball from up close. I’m also getting the inside scoop on how to be a professional in this league. Most of my teammates have been in the league for double-digit years, and I really learn from them. When you come into the NBA, you think talent is enough, but it takes a lot more than that. It’s really good for me to be around all these veterans.

Family Roots

February, Black History Month, has always been very important to me. I can remember that while we were growing up, in February, we always learned about Martin Luther King, Malcolm X and Rosa Parks in school. Black History Month is especially important to my family because my great uncle, my Mom’s uncle, was one of the original Tuskegee Airmen. I don’t know the whole story behind it, but my family always talks about it, and it’s a cool thing to have in your family. As a young African-American man, I think it’s very, very important to know our history.

 A Real Honor

A couple Saturdays ago, I was honored at the 14th Annual Richard Hicks Black Youth Empowerment Luncheon at the Boys and Girls Club in Hoboken for my work with the kids there. It was really cool, especially because it came from the people in Hoboken, where I grew up. That made me feel good because it’s important for me to show people that even though I’m in the NBA, I’m still around and do what I can to help. Like I’ve said before, when I found out I was playing in Brooklyn, I never thought of moving anywhere but Hoboken.

I really try to help out there. I did a back to school giveaway during training camp. I also go to the basketball games and hang out with the kids whenever I can. I hear the kids are running around the gym at the Boys and Girls Club saying they are Tyshawn Taylor when they shoot the ball. It’s cool to hear that, but I also want them to know that Tyshawn Taylor worked very hard.

The biggest inspiration I can give them is for them to see that I’m a real person and that I grew up in the same neighborhood as them with the same chance and opportunities. And even though there were plenty of times I had my back up against the wall, I figured out a way to make it and they can too. I tell them ‘If I can do it, you can do it.’ For me, and for a lot of people in this neighborhood, it’s a big deal to graduate from college. It’s very important for me to talk to them about that, and explain that even if I didn’t play basketball, a college degree gives you something to fall back on. I want to empower them. Even if my message sticks with just one kid, it’s worth it.

Follow me on Twitter @tyshawntaylor or in Instragram at TEE_Y.

Tyshawn Taylor, a 6-foot-3 point guard from Kansas, was the 41st player taken in the 2012 NBA Draft. He was selected by the Portland Trail Blazers and traded to the Nets on Draft night. You can follow him on Twitter @tyshawntaylor.

Check All Ball throughout the season for more NBA Rooks: Diaries …

Horry Scale: Joe Johnson Sinks Pistons

by Zettler Clay IV

When it rains Horrys, it pours.

At the end of a thrilling double OT affair against the Detroit Pistons, Joe Johnson took matters in his own hands and sent the Brooklyn faithful home with elation. The game-winner was nailed with right foot on the 3-point line and was set up by Kyle Singler’s lay-up to tie the game at 105 with 5.8 seconds left. Johnson (28 points) also sent the game into a second overtime with a tough floater in the lane. Suffice it to say, it was just his day.

For those that are new around these parts, the Horry scale examines a game-winning buzzer-beater (GWBB) in the categories of difficulty, game situation (was the team tied or behind at the time?), importance (playoff game or garden-variety Kings-Pistons game?), and celebration, and gives it an overall grade on a scale of 1-5 Robert Horrys, the patron saint of last-second daggers.

How does Johnson’s shot Friday night stack up? Let’s take a look.


This shot looked destined for the bottom of the net as soon as it left Johnson’s hands. He inbounded the ball to Deron Williams, who immediately gave Johnson back the ball. Johnson was well-defended on this one…initially. Tayshaun Prince offered some long-armed resistance, but was lost seemingly easy on a nifty stepback. But this is where Johnson earns his keep — he isn’t called ‘Iso Joe’ for nothing. If there is one thing he excels at, it’s getting enough space to knock down a jumper. It’s the type of shot he makes when in a groove. Give him credit for making the long jumper look easy, considering he played almost 52 minutes.

Game Situation

Game knotted at 105 in double overtime. A miss extends game past the 60-minute marker and into another extra period.


The Nets had lost five of six games heading into Friday night’s game. A loss to the Pistons before hitting road to face Chicago Saturday night would have invited minor panic in Brooklyn. With the Knicks in Madison Square Garden looming next Wednesday, the Nets needed this win badly. Williams wasn’t at his sharpest (17 points, 7-of-17 shooting, five turnovers). So it was Joe who was needed to step up.

It was Johnson’s first such shot in a Brooklyn uniform. What better way to ingratiate yourself with the home crowd than to nail a smooth buzzer-beater on a Friday night?


This is Joe Johnson, so don’t expect him to channel Ronny Turiaf. After launching the shot, Johnson already started his victory trot toward his bench. A hop, a run and bump with a teammate and an understated mob later…and we have our celebration. He isn’t owed $89 million over the next four years for his excitability.


3 1/2 Horrys. As far as game-winners go, this had all the style you wanted. Pretty move. Pretty shot. Great game. Great game where the guy nailing the game-winner carried the offense late. If Brooklyn was down prior to this bucket, we’re looking at 4 Horrys easy.

What sayeth you?

NBA Rooks: Diaries … Tyshawn Taylor

By Tyshawn Taylor, New Jersey Nets

Taken By Storm

Nov. 5, 2012 — I guess I have a pretty interesting story this week. Sandy hit really close to home. It’s been a different experience for me because I grew up in the Hoboken, NJ housing projects. And since I play for the Brooklyn Nets, I am still able to live in Hoboken. My entire family and closest friends were affected by the storm.

I underestimated the storm a little bit. My power went out at about 2:30 a.m. It didn’t rain that much, but the wind pushed the water from the Hudson River on to Hoboken. My building was surrounded by five to six feet of nasty water on all four sides. My family lives about four blocks from me in the housing projects where I was raised. They don’t have power, and they had flooding, too.

Hoboken is in bad shape. There is still no power, and it’s pitch black. The streets are full of branches, dirt, trees, garbage cans. A lot of the buildings are flooded. All of the stores are closed, and the restaurants aren’t serving. There’s no school. They are starting to get help, but it took a while for the help to get to the projects. The Red Cross is out there giving away blankets and food now, which is very much needed.

Our team was supposed to practice on Tuesday, but practice was canceled. On Wednesday morning, I woke up wondering if we were going to have our home opener against the Knicks on Thursday. I got a text saying that we would still be playing as scheduled. Then, about an hour later, I received another text saying that it was canceled. It was bittersweet. We were so excited for our first game, but I obviously understood the circumstances. It was the right decision to cancel it. (more…)

All Ball Fave Five: Best Last Name Teams

by Micah Hart

You may have noticed it’s the offseason, which means we have plenty of time to sit around and think about many of the things that make it fun to be an NBA fan. Here at All Ball, we’ll be passing the time until the start of the season with a new series, the Fave Five. Each week will count down a list of the five best, or worst … somethings. We’ll try to get creative with it. Plus we’re taking requests! If you have a suggestion for a Fave Five post, give us a shout and you may see it appear in this space over the next several weeks.

Remember last year when the Nets had four Williams on their team? Crazy right? Maybe not, actually. As it turns out, Williams is the most populous last name in professional basketball history, with 69 players.

Williams is the most popular surname — but is it the best? For this week’s Fave Five, we took a look at the history books to pull out the five best teams by last name.

A couple quick notes: This list is entirely subjective, but there was a little method to the madness. First off, given the sheer mass of players who have competed over the years in the NBA and ABA, we narrowed the list to last names with at least 10 players listed in the Basketball Reference database.

Then, to help whittle down the contenders even more, we used Win Shares (if you are unfamiliar with them, here’s a brief description) as a baseline for judging performance. With a few exceptions, the five players we chose for each team had the most career Win Shares within each last name. To help further guide our hand, we then averaged the win share totals per starting five. I’m sure anyone with basic skills in statistical analysis could poke any number of holes in this methodology, but like I say, this list is ultimately subjective. So too bad.

Also — we used statistics to help frame the debate, but ultimately the rankings came down to answering this question: If these teams played each other head to head, with each player in their individual primes, who would win?

Here we go!

5. Miller


Total Millers:
16 (including 2012 Draft picks Quincy and Darius)
Starting Five: Reggie Miller (174.4), Andre Miller (90.1), Brad Miller (76.5), Mike Miller (53.5), Oliver Miller (21.1)
Hall of Famers: One, as of Friday
Average career WS of starting five: 83.1

The Miller name is pretty top heavy. Reggie, making his way into the Hall of Fame this weekend, is 15th on the all-time list in Win Shares, while Oliver has the least amount of any starter in the top five. In fact, only one other Miller (Larry, a G/F who played seven seasons in the ABA from 1968-75), has put up even double-digit career WS totals*.

*Quincy and Darius, you have your work cut out for you.

This isn’t the flashiest bunch of players, Reggie aside, but the rest of this lineup put together a fine collection of NBA careers in their time. And yeah, Oliver is the weak link here, but the dude — when he was fit enough, which perhaps wasn’t so often — could ball.


US Olympic Team Tracking London Experience Through Instagram

by Micah Hart

Being a part of the Olympic Games is a special experience that must be hard for any participant to explain to someone who hasn’t been through it. Fortunately, through the wonders of technology and social media, the fans can at least get a glimpse of life from the inside looking out. Many of the members of Team USA have been documenting their time in London with the popular photo-sharing app Instagram, giving a nice little peek behind the curtain. has compiled a nice photo gallery of some of the team’s best images so far – definitely check out the whole thing as they take in the tourist sites, mingle with their fellow Olympians (like Deron Williams goofing off with U.S. track star Lolo Jones above), and prepare for the task of bringing home a gold medal for the second straight Olympiad.

I haven’t seen any Instagram photos from the Nigerian basketball team, but I imagine they look a lot like this.


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Wanna see the Blake Face? It’ll Cost You

by Micah Hart

You may recall Chris Paul‘s son went viral back during the NBA Playoffs with his famous Blake Griffin impression.

Chris Jr. has become something of a celebrity ever since, and with his talents increasingly in demand, Papa Paul was required to teach his youngster his first lesson in economics — there is no such thing as a free lunch:

Get paid, young fella.

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The Nets Have A Birthday Wish For Deron Williams

by Micah Hart

Back at the 2011 trade deadline, you may recall that the New Jersey Nets swung a deal to acquire Deron Williams from the Utah Jazz, with eyes on bringing the All-Star guard with them to Brooklyn when the team moved there this fall. There was just this slight little complication with that plan, which is that Williams’ contract expired at the end of this past season and he is free to shop his wares to the highest bidder.

In a related story, today is Deron Williams‘ 28th birthday (Happy bday big guy!), and the Nets have taken the opportunity to wish him a happy and a healthy, in a way that does not seem at all desperate to remind him of how much they have riding on his upcoming decision about his future.

Given that there have been reports of Williams shopping for houses in Dallas, I shudder to think what their personal billboard might say on his 29th birthday should he decide to change teams.

H/T @johnhschumann

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